Joey Sapphire wakes next to a dead man, the son of the American Ambassador to Trinidad, in a boat at anchor. It quickly dawns on her that she has to get rid of the body, because it looks like she did it and they hang murderers in Trinidad. So she weighs it down and drops it overboard. But she knows she's not safe, because the killer knows about her.

She finds out her husband Mick is blackmailing the daughter of the President of the United States and that the dead ambassador's son was Mick's partner. Now some very bad men think she is in on the plot.

Joey is in trouble and she has nowhere to run. 

Suave and sophisticated Mick Sapphire is a lowlife bigamist and he's blackmailing the President of the United States, but the president doesn't know it. Mick's demands got as far as the first lady and she called on veteran CIA agent Paul Snelling to handle it for her, telling him she wants it kept of the books. Her husband is not to know.

Scared 1

Sapphire has gone to ground somewhere, so Snelling is in Trinidad, watching his wife Joey, who lives on a sailboat in the Marina there. Also he's hired contract agent Clay Clayton to track down Sapphire. Clayton finds Sapphire in Brazil where he's just married a local girl. He tries to apprehend him, but Sapphire gets away and Clayton flies to Trinidad to report his failure to Snelling, just in time to see the new wife show up and confront the old one.

Snelling expects the women to fight, however they team up instead and decided to run Mick down and they believe he is staying in Tobago. Snelling plants sugar in Joey's bag and has her arrested on arrival. He thinks by threatening her with years in a third world prison for drug trafficking that she'll talk and tell him where Mick is. But, Joey escapes, gets back to Trinidad after a harrowing sailboat ride, where she meets back up with Nina and they go to the States to confront Mike's parents with Snelling and Clayton on their heels.

Snelling doesn't believe the girls are in on the blackmail attempt and regrets what he'd tried to do to Joey and this bothers Clayton. He took the job with Snelling for the money, but he doesn't know what it's all about. However, he suspects there is a whole lot more money involved than what he's being paid and since Snelling isn't talking, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

When the girls find a Compact flash memory card in Mick's camera bag, with compromising photos of the president's daughter, they figure out Mick's game and decide to spoil it. Clayton will stop at nothing to get in on the action, but tough as he is, he's child's play compared to Mick, an ex-Navy seal and bomb expert. 

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