Five years ago Katie Sullivan had been raped, tortured and left for dead in the Florida Everglades, the first and only surviving victim of serial killer Ronny Stark. Since that time she's been the most paranoid person on the planet. She's spent endless hours training with a nine-millimeter Beretta. She sleeps in her clothes, gun in hand, waiting for Stark to try and finish what he'd started, because she knows, deep in her soul, Stark isn't finished with her.

NOVEMBER RAIN is a thriller about Katie Sullivan, a woman who'd been victimized by a serial killer. It's a story about Mallory Smith, a woman who may know the secret behind the 2004 presidential election. It's a story about a rogue Homeland Security agent named Danny Sturgeon. It's a story about a serial killer named Ronny Stark. And it's a story about a dog named Thunder.

Katie is asleep at a friend's, when two police officers break in. Katie, who sleeps with her fingers wrapped around her Beretta, shoots them without thinking. She'd been so paranoid since her ordeal with Ronny Stark that she didn't bother with questions before she shot.

November Rain 2

With his dying breath one of the cops wants to know if she's Mallory Smith. They'd attacked the wrong house, they'd done it without backup and now they were dead and Katie has a couple problems. She has to dispose of the bodies and she has to find out why a pair of seemingly rogue cops wanted a woman named Mallory Smith dead.

However, unknown to Katie, Ronny Stark had found her, was only seconds behind the cops when he heard the shooting. Caution being the mainstay of a serial killer, Stark backs off. Also, unknown to Katie, Homeland Security thinks Mallory Smith knows more than she does about the re-election of George W. Bush and they, in the person of Danny Sturgeon, want Ms. Smith dead.

Katie sets out to warn Mallory Smith with both Stark and Sturgeon after her. Along the way she picks up a dog named Thunder, a quarter million dollars and another notch on her gun. But despite her skills, Katie is in trouble deep in this thriller that will have you burning the midnight old, fingers burning through the pages to see what comes next. Katie Sullivan is a brilliant character, Ronny Stark is an evil one and to balance them off there's a dog in the story you can't help but love. 

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