Beth Shannon lives on a sailboat moored in the Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club. She’s married to an older man, has a step daughter eight years her junior, who doesn’t like her, and hasn’t made love with her husband in over a year. When she got the news that she couldn’t have children, that part of their life was over. He just didn’t seem to want her anymore.

Frank Shannon works for Skidmore Oil in Trinidad. He also helps run their illegal diamond smuggling operation and he’s been doing a lot of helping, helping himself to a little off the top and hiding the diamonds in his boat. Since his wife can’t give him children he’s been sleeping in other beds, but not for long, because when his wife and daughter discover a dead body on the beach he recognizes her as his mistress. When he sees that she’s been tortured, he knows the Russians are onto him. He has a heart attack. Bye bye Frank.

Noelle Shannon is Franks daughter. She found the body first. After they buried her father in California, she flew back to Trinidad with Beth. When a lawyer from a local shipyard wants to seize the boat for debts he says her father had added up, she doesn’t believe him and she and Beth sneak the boat out of Trinidad.

Diamond Sky

Billy Wolfe is an American cop investigating the murder of Franks’s boss and his family in Long Beach, California. He’s followed Beth to Trinidad. He falls hard for her and when she steals the boat away, he follows. One problem, somehow he’s been blamed for the murders, so he’s forced to sneak out of Trinidad and the only way is on the boat of a drug smuggler.

T-Bone Powers is the drug smuggler. He’s also a modern day pirate who would do anything for a friend. When Billy Wolfe tells him about two women sailing the high seas with bad men after them, T-Bone is raring to go, ready willing and able to save these damsels in distress.

The Russians are the bad men after the damsels, they are members of the Russian Mafia. They know Frank had been skimming and they know the diamonds are on the boat. So when Beth and Noelle leave, they chase after them. They want their diamonds back and they’re very willing to kill the women to get what they want.

If you’ve got red blood in your veins, DIAMOND SKY will have it pumping to beat the band as your fingers burn through the pages racing toward the end.

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