What would you do if you woke up in the morgue after having been shot through the heart, not only alive, but young again? Would you rejoice in your new found youth? Would you call your friends and celebrate? Or would you wonder what kind of genius, evil or otherwise, was behind your transformation?

Isadora "Izzy" Eisenhower, who finds herself on the slab, alive and well and young again, doesn't have time to do any of the above, because right away there is someone very important, very powerful, who will do anything to find out how it happened, including lock Izzy away. He is Mansfield Wayne and he is dying of cancer. He wants Izzy's secret to save his own life.

Izzy is a former heart surgeon, she's seventy-seven and dying of cancer herself, when she gets a phone call from a former patient, who is the son of one of Reno's movers and shakers. The caller, who is the son of Mansfield Wayne, tells Izzy her granddaughter is about to be murdered.

Death Glitch 1

Izzy rushes to her granddaughter's aide, manages to warn her in time, but is shot dead in the process. She wakes in the morgue, miraculously healed, not only of the wound which killed her, but of the cancer as well. And she's young again. It seems sixty years have falling away like rain.

Security cameras record her in the hospital and you can imagine what happens next. Not only the local powers that be, but Wayne as well, are astounded and everybody seems to want Izzy's secret, but Izzy's no dummy, she realizes right off the bat that if caught, they'll lock her away till they find out how she became young again, then they'll probably dispose of her. So she goes on the lam.

But Wayne has connections and it's not long before he has the police and the FBI on the case. Which means Izzy has almost nowhere she run as Wayne's minions give chase Then Wayne comes up with a better way and has Izzy's granddaughter kidnapped. For her ransom he wants Izzy's secret. The only problem is, she doesn't know what it is.

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