Have you ever been so depressed, not suicidal, because suicide is stupid, but so depressed that you’d do anything to get out of your life, if you only could? Have you ever wanted anything badly enough to walk away from it all?

Maggie Nesbitt has. She’s pregnant and her famous newsman husband isn’t the father of her child. She’s going to get an abortion, but not before she gets good and drunk. Drinking is bad for the baby, but so what? It’s going to be dead in a few days anyway. However a chance encounter in a supermarket leads her to believe the twin she’d thought had died in infancy may still be alive, and living not far away. Curiosity gets her out of the doldrums, she hops a bus, goes to her sister’s and through a seemingly unconnected series of events winds up stepping into her twin’s life.

She did this because while at her sister’s, she sees on the news that Nick Nesbitt’s wife had been found murdered, her nude body discovered behind a gay bar. She quickly figures out that someone has killed her twin, thinking it was her, or maybe it was random, either way, she now has a way out of her problem. She can keep her baby. All she has to do is takeover her twin’s life.

Dead Ringer Web

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Maggie Nesbitt is depressed beyond telling. She’d had a little too much to drink at a party a couple months back and wound up in a motel with a young man vacationing from Ireland. Now she’s pregnant and she’s reasonably sure her TV newsman husband, who’d had the snip, snip operation years earlier, because he’d wanted no children, won’t understand.

While she’s shopping for dinner a couple rough looking strangers mistake her for somebody else. One of them said something about seeing her picture in the paper. Her interest piqued, she goes home and goes through all the back papers her husband had been saving in the garage and sure enough she sees her photo, only the woman on the page has a different. name She’s called Margo, not Maggie and Margo had been the name of the twin sister she’d always believed had perished when she was an infant.

Excited she looks her up in the phone book and miraculously she’s listed. Maggie hot foots it over to Margo’s, runs into her twin’s ex who is a piece of work, he wants to take Jasmine, Margo’s daughter for the weekend, the daughter doesn’t want to go. Both mistake Maggie for Margo. Maggie bluffs, protects the girl and chases away the bad ex-hubby.

Jasmine, who has been staying with a sitter, is surprised to see her mother, as she’s supposed to be on a religious retreat. Maggie plays along, Jasmine goes next door to play. Maggie turns on the tube and sees that Newsman Nick Nesbitt’s wife had been found murdered. Maggie gasps, that’s her, she’s dead, but of course she’s not, it was the twin.



Turns out the rough guys in the store had been hired to kill Maggie’s sister because she’d witnessed a murder. When they saw Maggie in the store they followed her and as luck would have it, the twins paths almost crossed. The killers grabbed and killed Margo and now Maggie who doesn’t know this yet is presented with a unique opportunity. She can have her baby and save Jasmine from going to live with her horrible father, all she has to do is step into Margo’s live, become her twin.

However when Maggie who is now Margo, shows up the next day not dead, the killers are very, very upset.

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