Why You May or May Not Want to Read My Books

But before I get into why you might want to read them or might not, I should tell you that you can check them out individually by clicking on the blue links to the right.

Now I'll get to it.

First off, I’m not a literary genius. I am an artist, but that title comes from my work with a camera, not with a pen, or rather with a computer keyboard. I write to entertain, not to educate. I don’t have a thesaurus or a dictionary at hand when I work. I don’t use fifty or twenty-five cent words when a nickel word will do. I try to write so that the average young teen can enjoy my work as well as her grandparents.

Secondly there are some of the same scenes, but with the character’s names changed, in a few of my books. Here’s why. I wrote my first three books—RAGGED MAN, GECKO and NIGHTWITCH—which are horror stories, before I went agent and publisher hunting. I got an agent who liked my writing, but he didn’t like the books. “Nobody reads horror anymore,” he told me, “not unless it’s by King or Koontz.” He wanted me to write thrillers and to write about something I know.

Since I lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean, I wrote two thrillers—SCORPION and HURRICANE— about a DEA agent named Bill Broxton, which takes place in the Caribbean, and I borrowed some scenes from my first three books. I self-plagiarized, which was okay, I figured, because those first three books were never going to see the light of day.

All the Books

I sent the books off to my agent, who didn’t like the abrupt ending in SCORPION and he hated the hurricane in HURRICANE and he loathed Bill Broxton’s name. Plus, he said nobody’s gonna want to read a book that takes place solely in the Caribbean. “You gotta move some of the action to America.” He was firm about that last one.

So, now I had two more books which were going to live at the bottom of the well forever, destined to never see daylight.

And I was broke.

Try being broke on a sailboat. It’s not very much fun.

So I started writing for sailing magazines, which barely paid the bills and I worked furiously on a thriller called Diamond Sky. Which was basically Hurricane without the hurricane. Plus I started and ended the book in America and I changed the German bad guys to Russians, at my agent’s suggestion. And he loved the book. DIAMOND SKY, he told me, was going to be huge, he was sure of it.

But it wasn’t. He couldn’t sell it, though to his credit, he did try.

He had more ideas for me, but I decided it was time to move on and we parted friends. I never met him face to face, but he seemed like a nice guy.

Then I wrote DEAD RINGERand I sent it out to about a hundred agents. None of them liked the twin who takes over her rich dead twin’s life, who winds up with her dead twin’s crazy killer after her idea. I got enough rejection slips to paper a good-sized living room wall.

Next came DESPERATION MOON and the first agent I sent the book out to loved it. She really did. She told me to keep on working and to get another book out as quickly as possible. So, I wrote RUNNING SCARED and I borrowed a couple scenes from SCORPION, again self-plagiarizing, but again is was okay, because Scorpion was a dead book. Then I followed that up with the awful South Seas adventure, lesbian, romance story called Tangerine Dream.

Sadly, for me, my new agent was not able to sell DESPERATION MOON and she dropped me without ever seeing RUNNING SCARED or TANGERINE DREAM. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe if I hadn’t lived so far away I could have spent some time with her, maybe I’d’ve been able to help. But things are what they are.

Our boat repair bills were way more than the meager monies I was getting from my sailing stories, so we were forced to sell the boat and move back to America. Where I did some ghost writing. But ghost writing didn’t really cut it for me, because my name wasn’t on the writing.

So I started my own publishing company and I put out all my books, the dead ones too. And stupid me didn’t even think about the similarities between the books. I just designed the covers and sent the manuscripts off to the printer.

Some people liked the books, some people didn’t and some were really pissed off about those similarities, especially about the ones in HURRICANE and DIAMOND SKY. And everybody really, really hated Tangerine Dream.

I’ve written two more books, NOVEMBER RAIN and DEATH GLITCH since I’ve been back in America and people seem to like those and I’m glad about that, because I don’t write for the money. I sell my printed books on Amazon for $6.99, which is about about a dime more than I pay for them. Yes, Amazon sells them for $14.99, but it’s their website, their rules. You can buy the books from Mediaspedia, a Marketplace seller, who is me, for the cheaper price.

And I sell my books on Kindle for ninety-nine cents, which is the absolute cheapest price Amazon allows. They do allow me to give them away for free five days out of every three months and I do that. I’d give them all away free forever if they’d let me.

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