Shannon’s Journey 4

Shannon 401

Surgery’s over and Shannon’s awake and having dinner, which she wasn’t eager to attack and I can’t say as I blame her. The food looked good, but she looked done in.

Shannon 402

She fell asleep while talking to us. Well, we were just sitting around and talking to each other too and she just drifted off, sort of like if you were watching a late night movie after a long day with company. You want to stay awake, but you can’t.

Shannon 403

Shannon 404

Shannon 405

Chemo port. I don’t even want to think about it. Shannon had a horrible bout with Chemo the last time. Let’s hope this time it goes better.

Shannon 406

These greet things, which make it look like she’s on the mend from a couple fractured femurs are used to help her with her circulation. I guess they contract and expand a bit to aide in blood flow.

Shannon 407

What I’ve learned after reading more than I ever wanted to about how a woman’s breasts are removed is that the operation should take two to three hours.

Just about all surgeons make an oval shaped incision around the nipple. I don’t know if this was done in Shannon’s case, so I’ll have to ask her and find out.

Anyway, after all the incisions are done, the surgeon separates the breast tissue from the patient’s skin. After the breast tissue has been removed and if, as in Shannon’s case, the patient is going to have her breasts reconstructed, the plastic surgeon goes to work. And that’s more time in surgery.

And during the reconstruction phase, the plastic surgeon inserts the drains. These things are long tubes which the stick into the breast area to drain out fluids. At the end of these drains there are plastic bulbs which make suction. Sounds awful and the drains look awful too.

Shannon 408

Shannon 409

Shannon 410

Shannon 411

They gave her a nightie, with pockets for the drains. Aww.

Shannon 412

A bed without a patient. Shannon had to pee. A complicated process, so for awhile her bed was unoccupied, waiting her return.

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