Shannon’s Journey 3

It’s surgery day and Vesta and I are at the hospital with Shannon and her other daughter, Katlin. And though her name is spelled Cat-lyn. It’s pronounced Caitlin, like in Jenner. Here they both seem so calm on this very cold day.

Shannon 301

We’re in the cancer section of Renown, which is a pretty modern hospital, with a lotta people who all seem to care. And that’s saying something, cuz I’ve been in a whole heck of a lotta hospitals which had a lotta people who didn’t seem to give a shit.

Shannon 302

The weather is cold as all heck outside and the wind is blowing like crazy and it’s snowing. Outside Reno, is not a place to be today.

But inside, it’s calm and quiet and Shannon is smiling, even though in a few hours she’s going under the knife. Any sane person would be asking for drugs, then more drugs.

Shannon 303

In her hospital bed and all ready to go. It won’t be long now and I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous. I don’t know why, it’s just so.

Hospitals are just not a fun place to be. Not at all. But it’ll all be over in a few hours and if everything goes well, she’ll be home by Christmas, which is a couple days away.

Shannon 304

And now, it’s just waiting.

Shannon 305

Shannon 306

Shannon 307

Shannon 308
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