Shannon’s Journey 15

Shannon 15 000

It’s wig day, or at least wig afternoon at Shannon’s as she and her family try different ones on. Personally, I think she looks just fine without wig or hat. She’s got cancer, get used to it, that’s my attitude.

But I can understand why a pretty girl would want to look normal, you know, like a not sick person, when she’s walking down the street or going to the store or going out to dinner or to a friend’s wedding or strolling through the mall or doing her job or even maybe watching TV in her own home.

Shannon 15 001

Here are Shannon and Katlin’s boyfriend Brandon, smiling like coquettes for this selfie and yeah, Brandon looks a little coquettish in this photo and that’s a good thing, cuz cancer doesn’t like humor and if you wanna beat it, laughing helps.

Shannon 15 002

Katlin’s wearing the wig with the band and I really do think it looks real. Still, you gotta admit, real hair is better and Vesta and I hope and pray Shannon gets hers back real soon. Yep that’s our mantra for Shannon, “Real hair, real soon.” I’ll say it again, cuz it’s a mantra, “Real hair, real soon.” And one more time, “Real hair, real soon."

Shannon 15 003

Oh my Lord, what is that thing on Kyle’s head? How many sparrows are nesting in it. I hope his head doesn’t itch, cuz if he scratches, he’s libel to break some eggs, or disturb the hatchlings. My opinion, he better get that thing off, before the momma birds come back with worms for their babies.

Shannon 15 004a

I don’t know if this is a good look for Kyle or not. Probably not.

Shannon 15 005

Here are Katlin an Shelby in wigs. The one on Shelby looks pretty fake, but the one with the band Katlin is wearing, you could wear that and it’d pass for real hair, though like I said above, real hair is better and looks way better two, just look at the photo below and you’ll know I’m telling your true.

Shannon 15 006

Here are Shannon and Katlin in the downstairs Hallway at her Oncologist’s building. She’s wearing a smile, Shannon is. You know, I think if they were going shove a bunch of chemo stuff in my veins, I don’t think I’d be smiling very wide. My first instinct would probably be to run for the hills. But if you don’t get the chemo, the cancer, if there is any, anywhere in your body, could grow and grow and you could die. So not having chemo is pretty much not an option.

Shannon 15 008

In this photo, you can see Shannon’s not smiling wide for the camera and if you look in her eyes, it almost looks like she’s about cry and I couldn’t blame her, because all kidding aside, if you got cancer, you gotta laugh your way through it, like Gilda did in front of us all.

But it’s hard.

Because cancer is serious business. It only wants to do one thing and that’s to make you dead.

Chemo is hard.

But what do you do when they take all other options away?

You fake a smile when you’re feeling shitty. You smile for real when you can. And you do your damnedest to make as many of those real moments as possible, especially if you’re a single mother, cuz you got kids to think of and they’re freaking out anyway, so you smile, for fake if you have to, for real when you can and you do the chemo.

Shannon 15 009

She’s not smiling now and Shannon’s told me she doesn’t like these kinds of photos, where she’s looking like a lost lamb. But at times, she is a lost lamb.

Shannon 15 011

Flashing her port. You know, there they inject her with chemo.

Shannon 15 014

This is not a lost lamb look. It’s more like, “I’ll be getting chemo in about fifteen minutes or so and I’m gonna have a bad week on account of it and I’m gonna lose more hair and I might wanna yell at my kids cuz I’m gonna be so messed up but I’m going to try not to," look.

And it’s a just plain sad look too. Just makes you want to cry.

Shannon 15 013

Baring her port again, now that she’s all set up for the IV.

Shannon 15 015

They’re gonna take blood out of her port.

Shannon 15 016

Waiting for Dr. Reganti.

Shannon 15 017

Here, Dr. Reganti is examining Shannon and afterwards she had questions about her stay in the hospital. She wasn’t on call when Shannon was in Renoun and didn’t know much about her stay there. And, I must admit, I mentally scratched my head when she said the urinary infection (which caused her to go to the hospital) was probably not related to the chemo or the Neulasta drug.

It was a head scratcher for me, cuz one of the side effects of Neulasta is blood in your urine and I don’t believe in coincidence, Shannon’s had cancer and now she’s getting chemo, it messes (polite word cuz I might have younger readers) you up. And, you know, I’ve known a lotta people over the years who’ve had urinary infections, but they never came on like Shannon’s did. And they never needed enough narcotics that would put a horse out cold to stand the pain.

But what do I know? Maybe she just got the mother of all urinary infections at the same time she’s getting chemo and a drug that has side effects that mirrored her condition.

Anyway it’s over now.

Shannon 15 018

In the chemo room.

Shannon 15 019

And here she is, like a lamb to the slaughter, that what cancer does to you.

Shannon 15 020

This is Shannon’s heart shaped box. No candy in this one, just bottles and bottles of pills. Medicine to help her fight the devil that’s invaded her body.

And lastly, these pills aren’t cheap. The chemo isn’t cheap. And even though Shannon’s got great insurance, I’ve never seen someone have to give up her credit card so often. Every time she see’s anybody, they want the card. I just don’t understand why it costs so much when you have good insurance,

Fortunately she can work four hours a day, but still she’s gonna wind up way in debt. She’s lucky that friends, family and strangers have gone to her Go Fund me page and given. But she needs more, so if you can please donate something, even five bucks helps. You can do that by clicking on picture below.

Shannon Go Fund me shot

Please click on Shannon’s pretty face.

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