Shannon's Journey

Life isn’t fair. We wish it could be, but it’s not. Some of us are born with the proverbial silver spoon in our mouths and others of us with cheap chopsticks. Some of us are born in the land of the free and some of us came into this world in war torn Syria.

Some of us are luckier than others, raised to be healthy wealthy and wise. Others of us have middle class parents and lead middle class lives. Some of us have marriages which work and others of us, for various reasons, wind up as single parents.

And some of us get cancer, because, again, life isn’t fair.

Shannon has cancer.

Shannon Square A01

Sadly, she’s a middle class single parent who struggles everyday to make ends meet. Her insurance premiums are an outrageous six hundred bucks a month, but thankfully, because now insurances companies can’t deny people with preexisting conditions, she can have the life saving  health insurance she do desperately needs.

Because she has a preexisting condition. She had breast cancer ten years ago.

And now she has it again.

And this is Shannon’s journey.

I will have quite a bit to say about the journey she’s embarking upon and photos to share, because she’d like her kids and the world to know what she’s going through. Some of the photos I’ll be posting in the future won’t be pretty, but I think the photos and her story are worth telling, becasue she has a hard and horrific struggle ahead of her.

Clicking on any of the photos below will open up a story with photos documenting Shannon’s journey. One in the story, you can navigate forward and backward using the arrows on top of the page.

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