We took Molly’s photos on top off and under a railroad trestle in Victorville, California. She, and two of her friends Courtney and Monique, came up with the idea of having their photos done at the same time and it was a good idea, because they got three senior photo session done for the price of two.

They drove a hard bargain, but we had a fun time doing their photos, so it all worked out in the end.

Molly Square

In the above photo, Molly is on the trestle, with the desert below and the blue sky behind and the sun lighting up her hair.

Molly 001a

Before we went out to the trestle, we did some shots by Molly’s dad’s pool table. She’s quite a player. I guess it helps when you grow up playing everyday.

When I was younger I read Micky Mantel’s biography and I learned how his father put three baseballs in his crib. Micky grew up playing baseball, programed from infancy to be the best he could possibly be and it payed off.

Well Molly grew up playing pool and I guess I’m wondering if she’s gonna be a female Minnesota Fats someday, only not so fat.

Molly 016

In this pose, I’m reminded of Auguste Rodin’s famous stature, “The Thinker,” which I know, because of the sitcom from so many years ago, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” It was a great show and I’ve seen all of the episodes on youtube. I believe that show is where both Tuesday Weld and Bob Denver got their starts. Yep, without Dobie there would have been no Gilligan’s Island.

Dobie was the eternal optimist, not a young man who would ever marry. No walking down the aisle for him, no sir. A groom he would never be.

Molly 020

After leaving Molly’s with her friends, we stopped at a golf course for a few shots, before heading out to the trestle, because we wanted some photos with green in the background. And even in the desert, golf courses are green. There was a wedding going on by the shady trees and we didn’t want to get in the way, so we took a few shots of Molly and her friends, then we left.

Molly 022 Square

Here we’re below the bridge. We decided to take a few shots here for two reasons. One, I liked the woody background and two, a train, off in the distance, was coming our way, so climbing up on the bridge didn’t seem like a good idea, not until the train passed anyway.

Molly 024a

Molly 026

Molly 028

Molly 031

Molly 030

Molly 029

Molly 033

Molly 036

Molly 038

Molly 041

Molly 043 Square

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