At one time John Coffee was a sneak thief, a burglar who slipped into places where he didn’t belong and took things he shouldn’t. When he was on vacation in Trinidad in the Southern Caribbean he broke into a ramshackle unoccupied home and found great wealth. But a sixth sense told him if he stole anything, that it would come back to haunt him in a horrible way. So he backed on out of there, however he couldn’t resist leaving empty handed, so he picked up a worthless looking locket on his way to the door, because it looked like something Carolina, his young daughter, might like.

Unfortunately he delivers the locket to his daughter before he learns the significance of it. It was the charm of the Nightwitch, a soucouyant, second Caribbean cousin to the vampire. It contains a potion that allows her to live forever and she wants it back. Coffee has been living on a sailboat at sea, where the Nightwitch can’t get to him, but when he sees that his ex-wife has been written about in the papers, he knows the soucouyant has seen it too.

Fearing that the Nightwitch will find his daughter, Coffee gives up his life on the run to stand and fight.


Carolina fingers the locket her father had given her as she and her friend Arty are on their way to their first class at RFK Junior High School, when Carolina feels as if someone is watching her. She looks to the moving curtains of an old woman’s house. Someone had been there. That night her mother has a date. Carolina doesn’t like being left alone, but she’s used to it. She’s in her room, about to go to bed, when she hears something outside her window. She tries to put it out of her mind, but she hears it again and she knows for sure there is someone there. She calls Arty, who sneaks out and comes right over. No sooner does Arty gets there when they see a pair of red eyes staring in at them.

All of a sudden her radio turns on by itself, music from the Beatles fills the bedroom and Arty has a quick premonition that those red eyes mean to do Carolina harm. He dives on her, covering her body with his own to protect her from whatever it is that’s out there, when three shots ring through the night and a pain sears along Arty’s back. He’s been shot, but fortunately it’s only a graze. Carolina worries about whether or not they should call the police or the paramedics as she cleans the blood away, but Arty has an abusive father and he’s afraid he’ll get in trouble. He bravely says it’s only a scratch and they go outside and discover a loaded gun on Carolina’s front lawn. Though she hasn’t seen it in years, she immediately recognizes it as her father’s.

It appears as if her father had tried to kill her, but that thought is unthinkable. What the children don’t know is that her father had been doing battle with the thing that had been looking in her window, the Nightwitch.

The soucouyant will stop at nothing to get her locket back. John Coffee will stop at nothing to protect his daughter. Arty and Carolina are just children, but they are about to be caught up in a whirlwind that could very well destroy them and in the end there will be nobody to save them but themselves. 

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There are still those living today that fear the soucouyant. It’s said she lives in that abandoned house at the end of the road, that she comes out after the sun goes down, when the bats replace the birds on the trees. She sheds her skin, turns into a ball of fire as she flies into the dark, descending finally as a blood devouring animal, seeking out young prey. It’s also said that you can keep a soucouyant away from your door by dropping rice in front of it. She cannot enter without counting each and every grain and she’s too impatient to do that, so she moves on to seek a victim elsewhere.

But can you kill a soucouyant once she is on your trail? That’s the question young Carolina and her friend Arty have to find the answer to, because Carolina has something a soucouyant wants, but she doesn’t know it. She knows only that an evil old horror she calls the Nightwitch is after her. And it appears that she and Arty are alone in their stand against it. However, unknown to her, her estranged father, who unwittingly set the beast on her, is doing his level best to draw the thing away.

Will he succeed? Can Carolina and Arty stay alive until he does? Or are the children going to have to deal with the Nightwitch themselves.

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