Zombies In the Train Yard

The Road to Mt. Shasta

We heard, Vesta and I, that there was an abandoned train yard near Mt. Shasta where shapeshifting, green blooded, water mellon eating zombies lived. So we set out to see if it was true.

From this picture of Mt. Shasta, one would think all was well, peaceful and good. But things are not always as they seem.

The Road Goes Closer to Mt. Shasta

Our source told us there was a lake close to the train yard where you could fish, but that at night the zombies came out and fought each other, because if they can’t get red blood, they go for the green. As the mountain gets bigger, we know we’re getting close.

Green Zombie Lake Near Mt. Shasta

And then by George, we saw it. The water looks blue, but in just the right shaded light, you can its true color, green, because it’s tainted with shapeshifting, green zombie blood.

Another Shot of Green Zombie Lake

Those fisherman, they better get out of that water before dark or they’re toast.

To the right, you can see the zombie blood tinted green water.Those fisherman, they better get out of that water before dark or they’re toast.

A Place Where Zombies Live

Our source told us that some of the water mellon eating zombies actually passed as living humans and some of them actually lived on the outskirts of town. We also heard zombies of the shapeshifting kind feared pavement, so we went looking for places with dirt driveways. This photo Vesta took could be one of their places.

A Zombie Shack

This is another of Vesta’s photos and it clearly is a zombie shack.

Trains in the McClous Train Yard

Shape shifting zombies have no power by day. Sunlight makes them very weak. Or so we heard, so we felt safe entering their den. To the left are sleeper cars, where we believed shapeshifting zombies slept during daylight hours. The problem with shapeshifters is they can be any animal—a rat, a dog, a person, your best friend, you. But not during daylight. At least that’s what we were told.

Train in the McCloud Train Yard 002

If we were going to find proof of shapeshifting zombies of the green blooded kind, we had to board these trains with our cameras and get pictures. Kind of scary when you think about it, so we decided to check this yellow train engine first, because how many could be in there?

Yellow Engine in the McCloud Train yard 002

I climbed aboard and got this shot. Didn’t see any zombies. Quick as a rat in heat, I ran along the gangway and looked in that window. Nope, no zombies in there.

Train in the McCloud Train Yard 004

Another sleeper car and a caboose off to the left, some tools of destruction right in front. What do you suppose zombies do with those? And are there zombies sleeping in that sleeper? In that caboose?

Blue Sleeper Car in the McCloud Train yard 005

But first we decided to check out the blue sleeper, because there are several cars in a row. If we were going to find them, then here is where we thought they would be.

Vesta Irene in the McCloud Train Yard

Here’s a shot of Vesta wondering if they’re really asleep. They should be, if we heard right. But what if we heard wrong? What if they’re awake in there? What if they’re waiting?

Another Photo of Vesta Irene in the McCloud Train Yard

All of a sudden, boarding that train didn’t seem like such a good idea. If we’d heard wrong, or if even one zombie was awake, we could be joining the green blooded living dead. Neither one of us wanted to board that train, so we played paper, rock, scissors. I was paper, Vesta was a rock. So she had to go. Because, after all, we’d come all this way.

Vesta Irene in Blue Sleeper Car Looking for Zombies

“Clear,” she shouted out a window. “No zombies here.”

Vesta Irene Still Looking for Zombies in McCloud, CA

Here Vesta is telling me that next time it’s my turn. She seemed pretty serious. I wanted to do the paper, rock, scissors thing again, but she said, “No way!”

Another photo by Ken Dougls of a Blue Sleeper Car in McCloud, CA

Here’s a last shot of that sleeper. No zombies aboard.

Inside a Dead Sleeper Car, by Ken Douglas

I hopped aboard the next car, which was a day car. Saw there were no zombies, took this shot and got out of there. Took me about five seconds.

A Freight Car, by Ken Douglas

Some of the doors on the freights were easier to slide open than others. Some were hard, but when you’re zombie hunting you gotta be prepared to put your back into it. Turns out there were no zombies in this car either.

Looking Through a Freight Car, by Ken Douglas

Here’s a straight through shot of that last car. Unless they’re invisible, it’s definitely clear. No living dead there.

Vesta Irene in a Train Yard, by Ken Douglas

After we slid this one open, Vesta jumped aboard like a true zombie hunting trooper, but the truth is, at this point we were beginning to believe that maybe there were no shapeshifting, green blooded, water mellon eating zombies in this train yard, after all.

Vesta Irene Smiling in the Trainyard, by Ken Douglas

See that big smile on Vesta’s face. She’s sure we’ve heard wrong. “No zombies here,” she said. “None at all.”

Vesta Irene Still Smiling in the Train Yard, by Ken Douglas

“You big fraidie cat,” she’s saying. Then, “Let’s go check out another car.” Boy, once she thinks the train yard is zombie free, she’s braver than all get out. But I’m not so sure yet.

Yellow Freight Car 007, by Ken Douglas

Try as we might, we couldn’t get this car open. So there could’ve been zombies in there. But Vesta didn’t think so. But I wasn’t sure. Turned out I was right to be worried.

Trucks in the Train Yard, by Ken Douglas

Here’s a shot of some abandoned trucks. Though at this point it looks like we won’t be encountering any water mellon eating, shapeshifting zombies, we’re now looking for proof that they might have been here and moved on.

Watermellon Truck, by Ken Douglas

“There’s all the proof we need.” Vesta took a quick shot. “Water mellon crates. They’ve been here!”

I thought maybe they still were. But Vesta was sure they were long gone. Turns out she was wrong.

A Wing and a Prayer, by Ken Douglas

“Look at that.” Vesta pointed. “A wing and a prayer. Bet you needed prayers when those zombies were around.”

Crain on a Train, by Ken Douglas

I don’t know what this is. Vesta thought it was a crane the zombies used to haul up the living, because they liked to watch them wiggle and squirm as they turned into the living dead.

Black Tank on a Train, by Ken Douglas

I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I spun around, took a shot, but it was gone before I hit the shutter. “There’s something there!”

“Nonsense,” Vesta said. “You’re just being jumpy.” But I didn’t think so. There had been something there, over by that black tank.

Red Caboose, by Ken Douglas

Though I wasn’t 100% sure, Vesta was convinced this had all been a wild goose chase and since we’d checked out the engines, the sleepers, the day cars and all but one of the freight cars, it was now time to have some fun tanking pictures of the cabooses.

Red Caboose in McCloud, CA, by Ken Douglas

Again, I thought I saw something move. Over near that red caboose. Vesta wanted to board it, but I said we should check out the orange one first.

Orange Caboose by Ken Douglas

And here’s a shot of the orange caboose. I looked and looked and didn’t see anything over there. It looked safe.

Orange Caboose in McCloud, CA, by Ken Douglas

We checked it out and the Orange caboose was safe, no green blooded, shape shifting, water mellon eating zombies there. So I said it was time to go, but Vesta wanting to check out that last caboose.

Not a good idea, I thought. But when she makes her mind up.

So we climbed aboard. And I must admit, I was beginning to feel a little silly, worried about shape shifting zombies. How stupid.

Vesta Irene Times Two, by Ken Douglas

“Take my picture.” Vesta jumped into the caboose guy’s chair, gave me a smile and just as I brought the camera up to my eye, that freight car door we couldn’t get open, opened. And there she was, another Vesta smiling at us from that freight. She could see us through the window and I could see her.

“Behind you,” I shouted as I took the shot.

She turned, saw herself and then we knew it was all true. There were shape shifting zombies and they were awake. If we didn’t get out of there, we were gonna be hung up on that crane.

You can’t believe how fast we scrambled out of that car. And then we ran, faster than a jack rabbit can jack. We ran and ran and ran.

Train Yard in McCloud, by Ken Douglas

It’s amazing how fast you run out of breath when you’re sprinting that unforgiving minute. But as fast as I was going, like Lott’s wife, I looked over my shoulder and then I stopped, dazzled and dazed, for they were gone. The engines, the sleepers and the day cars, the freights and the cabooses. All gone. Even the water mellon truck. Gone! Like they’d never been.

But we got pictures. We got the proof. So the next time somebody tells you there’s no such thing as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or vampires or zombies, take what they say with a grain of salt, because those stories came from somewhere. I don’t know where, but somewhere, so maybe it’s all true. You never know.

Not Much Left

This is all that was left in that train yard. Just some junk. Everything else was gone and Mt. Shasta was shining off in the distance.

Mt. Shasta in the Distance, by Ken Douglas

Here’s another shot of Shasta with some wood and track piled up where seconds ago that Red Caboose had been.

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When we got back to Vesta’s car, she gave it a giant hug. Can you blame her?.

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