The Bats Are Out

Bats bw

It’s very late and the bats are out. Late and the mood in the Haunted Studio is spooky.

Ah, I forgot, you don’t know what the Haunted Studio is or why I’m thinking about changing my name to Gomez and Vesta is thinking about dying her hair jet black. Come back tomorrow, same time, same place and I’ll show you a photo of this place we’ve rented.

We’ve been looking for a long time for a multi use zoned place in Midtown, where we could set up a studio and live in the back and we finally found one.

We had to rent it as is though and so far we’ve changed out the kitchen faucet, painted the whole inside, cleaned the ugly green carpets, which I’m finally getting used to, put up faux stained glass and we’ve cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and I even ran off a homeless character who I caught with his pants down about to do a number two in the backyard.

And now I’ve found out the shower leaks, so I gotta take off all the old caulking and put on new and this will be a new experience for me.

Haunted Studio in Midtown

And after all that work the outside of the place is butt awful.

A couple days ago Vesta and I sat on the front lawn in our Burning Man chairs and looked at the place and we both knew, though we didn’t want to say aloud, that it was a miserable looking building.

“It looks haunted,” Vesta said.

“It does.”

“Let’s call it ‘The Haunted Studio.”

“You’ve had too much to drink. Besides, we already got a name.”

“We’re still Bootleg Photo and Wedding Shots, but now we work out of the Haunted Studio. We should get a sign to cover that rip in the siding.”

“I have to admit,” I said, “it does look like a smallish version of the Adam’s Family house.”

“Let’s open another bottle of wine and think about it.”

So we did and after we were a couple more glasses into our cups, the name became permanent. Now I gotta go shopping for a sign maker.

JiWan in the Haunted Studio copya

This portrait of the ever lovely JiWan is the very first photo taken in the Haunted Studio. You know, if she hadn’t’ve come by late at night, I don’t think we’d have broken the ice for a very long time.

Well, we have two Christmas shoots next week and a family portrait session, so we’d’ve had to push those shutter buttons pretty gosh darned soon. 

But having Ji Wan made it so much easier.

One would think, Vesta and me being photographers and all, that we’d’ve taken some before and after shots of this building we’re calling the Haunted Studio, but this building was just too damned ugly for us to want to remember it the way it was.

And it’s not very pretty now. But it is getting there.

It’s Midnight now in the Haunted Studio. I’ve been working in Photoshop since 6:00, with the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett and Billie Holiday in rotation. I’ve been glued to my screens with the music loud.

Vesta Irene and Scruffy the Cat asleep in the Haunted Studio

I can’t drink another cup of coffee. Gotta go to bed and look what I found behind me. Vesta and Scruffy the Cat, sound asleep. I guess they got up, cuz they missed me in the bedroom.

I’ll be gosh darned go to Hell. This is what Love is all about. I almost hate to wake them. So, I’ll just write a few more words before I go to bed.

I hope the exterior of our new studio in MidTown doesn’t frighten customers. I hope the new sign will put them at ease. I think it well.

As for our wedding photography, we do that on location and we meet most of our brides for the first time at Starbucks, so our Haunted Studio won’t the their first impression of us. Besides, it’s not that scary. Really, it’s not.

And lastly, I’m going to post a lot of photos and a more detailed story about our Haunted Studio tomorrow. For now, it’s good to be alive in MidTown, good to finally have a studio of our own, even if it is just a tiny bit haunted.

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