They're Taking Me Away

Ken Douglas and the Law. But at least he’s not in handcuffs.

They’re taking me away, ha ha, ho ho, he he.

Seriously though, I used to complain to Reno cops a lot about the wagging, no no finger they’d so often give me whenever I pointed a camera at one of them,

I’d tell them how Sparks cops love being in front of the camera and they’d give me answers back like, “Those guys in Sparks are glory hounds.” Or, “We have a better internal affairs department than they do.”

I remember one time, during Hot August Nights, when Devon as three and I asked a Sparks motorcycle cop if he’d hold him, so I could get a photo of them and his bike.

“I can do better than that,” he said. And he lined up with four other cops and their bikes, with him holding Devon in the middle. Then they all turned their lights on for the photograph. So, is it any wonder that I am in love with the Sparks Police Department?

I remember another night on St. Patrick’s day a couple years ago at Ryan’s Saloon, when I saw a girl taking a picture of a couple Reno cops with her iPhone. But when I asked if I could photograph them, they said no.

So I asked if it was cuz the girl was prettier than me and one of them said that wasn’t it. It was because I had a big, professional looking camera and they didn’t know where the photo would wind up.

That was like a crazy stupid answer, but over the next couple years I found that it was apparently the policy of the Reno Police, cuz they never shied away when I held up my iPhone, but they’d never let me take a photo with my real camera, always the no no waggle I got.

Until last Saturday.

It was like all of a sudden we had a new, friendlier police force in Reno. These guys couldn’t get photographed enough. They were posing with any and everybody, even me, during the Santa Crawl.

Reno cop photobombing a photo at the Santa Crawl, photograph by Ken Douglas.

The transformation was a wonder to behold. A bazillion people turned out for the crawl and they were all talking to, photographing and being photographed with Reno cops. These cops were actually photobombing photos.

What a great deal that is for Reno. We now got the nice cops police department. Still, they do got big guns, so I wouldn’t go thinking these nice cops wouldn’t take down a bad guy. That being said, they sure do make the good guys feel good about Reno.


From YeVonne: We saw a cop on a street corner during the Santa Crawl with a super super drunk girl who was staggering around him. He was on her cell phone for her trying to tell her friends where she was and how to come and take care of her.

She put her arms around the cop and was hugging him and he just smiled and said "every cop out here has been drunk before, we understand". I was so surprised and impressed!

From Ron: Can't see your hands. Cuffs?

From Doug: They must have had an NPPA training session on photographer's rights! (Basically you're free to shoot away in public, whether or not they're happy about it.)

From Michele: Ron - you always were perceptive.

From Dorene: Did you notice none in this pix have mustaches? Just sayin' ? Nice pix by the way. Merry Christmas to you and Vesta.

From Me: I've already started growing my back, Dorene. I'm thinking I might look good with a Boston Blackie one. That'd be different, for me at least.

From Dorene: Nah, my personal opinion.... Do the stache that goes towards the chin and stops short of the chin... I'll try to get a pix. Of course, please Vesta first!

From Eddie: it's because you shaved of your stash....cops don't like facial hair.

From Jane: When Carlos and I met you for the first time, you had just trimmed your mustache and I thought you looked sophisticated. When you photographed our wedding it had grown out as had your hair and you looked a bit like a rogue.

I think I like the rogue look on you, because most photographers try for the sophisticated look. As a bride I want a bit of a rogue in my groom and maybe even in my photographer too. Ha ha.

So you should grow it back. That’s my opinion anyway.

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