The Minister Was a Jerk

Marian and Hugo 192b

I’m not going to write about every wedding Vesta and I shoot here, but some of them I am, because wedding photography is what we do and it can be every bit as exciting, at least for us, as a road race across the Australian Desert or a week out at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert.

Hugo and Marian’s wedding was our first Mexican wedding and it really was an adventure for us in more ways than one. Though we’d lived in Spain for a year, TWICE, our Spanish is not so good.

Our first year in Spain was with our kids and it came after a year in Paris, where we all tried our very hardest to learn French and we did a pretty good job of it. We could order in restaurants, take cabs and get where we wanted to go, shop, understand a lot of what was on TV and even read the newspaper. And I could sorta talk politics in the cafes, sorta.

So when we moved to Mallorca, we really weren’t in the mood to start studying another language right away. And unlike in Paris, where we didn’t know anybody who spoke English, we met tons of English speakers in Mallorca, because we put our kids in the American school and that got us accepted into the expat community like long lost relatives.

We moved back to America after a year, because our money was running out, so we had to work and earn more. Which we did and five years later, after our kids graduated from college, we shipped our car to Amsterdam, got on a plane, then drove back to Mallorca and many of the people we knew from our first year there, were still there. Plus, Mallorca is a favorite holiday destination for the English, so again, we didn’t learn much Spanish.

Marian Juju small 02

Now, years later, we were shooting a Mexican wedding. The bride spoke English like a champ. However, the groom did not and neither did about three quarters of the guests. So we did a lot of hand gestures and I tried with my broken, two-year-old child like sounding Spanish and every single person there did their very best to communicate with me.

We had a great time at the reception, sitting with four other people who spoke not a word of English. And when I say a great time, I mean we had an awful lot of fun.

That’s the first half of our Hugo and Marian wedding adventure. The second half maybe wasn’t as much fun.

The minister was a jerk, a real jerk.

The wedding started about a half hour late and he was really ticked off about it, which I didn’t get, because we’ve never, never ever been to a wedding that started on time and we've been to a lot of 'em. This one was a half hour late and that’s about par for the course. But this guy was plenty pissed off about it, because apparently he had somewhere else he’d rather be.

Just before the bride and groom were to make their entrance, he told me, “My record is four and a half minutes. I’m going to break it today. So shoot fast!"

I don’t think the bride and groom noticed, nor the wedding party, nor the guests and I might not have, had he not said what he’d said, because Hugo and Marian were so doggone happy, that that's all anybody was really thinking about.

All in all, despite the jerky minister, it was a great wedding.

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