The Bargain Bin Sucks

The Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 001

Our friend Kayla graduates from nursing school today and Vesta and I are going to her graduation. It’s gonna be exciting. She’s worked very hard and managed to get through in two years.

She’s a single mom with two kids who works, so that is one heck of an accomplishment.

Her graduation is at 3:00, it’s Friday and we have no work, no engagement shoots, no wedding photos to process. Nothing to do, except see Kayla graduate.

So we decided to kill the morning by going to the Goodwill Bargain Bin. We haven’t been in a long long time.

Vesta and I have lived in Reno for going on six years now and from the very first week, we fell in love with the Bargain Bin on Oddie, next to the Goodwill Store, because it was a nice place for us to buy props and weird stuff for our photography.

The place was neat and tidy, they organized everything very well, for example the men’s coats would be all together on the same garment table. Baby’s clothes, children’s clothes, same thing.

The books were in crates and multi-volumes were kept together, so if you wanted an old encyclopedia set set you could get all the volumes. CD and Records were organized as was everything else.

The Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 002

It was a fun place to shop and we made friends quickly, because we’d see a lot of the same people in there. I remember these two elderly ladies who were voracious readers. They loved going through the books.

Then one day the big wigs from Florida came in and told them they were doing things all wrong. They wanted this store to look like their others. Too much time was spent keeping the place clean. Too much time was spent treating the customers like people. Too much time was spent keeping everything in order.

The Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 003

It was much easier to just throw everything onto these big blue tables and wheel them out. No need to separate anything. No need to keep lamp shades on lamps or printer cords with the printers or book volumes together and so what if everything gets broken.

So that’s what they did. Now they treat the customers like animals. Now the place is always filthy. Now the goods are mostly broken. And now the nice old ladies don’t come in anymore.

The Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 004

And it doesn’t look like that’s not really working for them, because people who work there have told me they don’t take in anywhere near the money they used to. Ah well, now it conforms to their other bargain stores and now it apparently reflects Goodwill’s real attitude toward the goods they get for free and the customers who buy them.

The people who run Goodwill ought to be ashamed of themselves.

The Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 005

This photo really cuts me to the bone. I can’t say how many books we’ve bought at the Bargain Bin. Vesta and I are readers and we’ve found such good stuff here. But now, if you wanna buy a book, well look what you have to crawl through.

I’ve found dozens and dozens of photography books here, but not anymore. They just dump the books into these big blue carts without a care. It’s heart breaking.

Vesta Irene in the Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 006

It’s hard for me to get a photo of Vesta where she’s not smiling. I almost did here, because she was frowning, you don’t wanna see her frown, it’s not pretty, but she was frowning at the sad state the Bargain Bin had sunk to. However, when I brought the camera up to take a shot, she put on her smile.

Vesta Irene in the Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 007

Here, Vesta is holding up an example of the wonderful and weird stuff you can find in the Bargain Bin. Even today, they still have treasures, but they’ve taken away all of the fun of looking for them.

I remember one time we found an old wedding dress. We had to buy it and we had it around for a couple years, before we finally donated it back. The day we bought it, our friend JiWan put it on for a few photos. You can see them by checking out our Many Faces of JiWan album.

Vesta Irene in the Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 008

Check out this mixer. What a wonderful thing. Vesta was gonna buy it, but it was only half there.

Vesta Irene in the Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 009

She found the bottom half in another bin and put the mixer together. However, a nice lady came over and she was so enamored with Vesta’s find, that Vesta gave her the mixer.

Ah well, we got enough stuff in the Haunted Studio we’re trying to get rid of anyway.

Vesta Irene in the Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 010

However, when we got there and I saw how crazy excited a lot of the people were I wished we’d bought the sign.

Vesta Irene and Kayla Jean in the Goodwill Bargain Bin in Reno, NV. 011

And here are Vesta Irene and Kayla Jean, smiling to beat the band at the Grand Sierra Resort, where the Carrington Nursing School graduation ceremony was held this afternoon. Kayla graduated from that school today and Vesta and I were pleased, happy and honored to be able to attend.

Mega, super big, really really huge Congratulations, Kayla.

It’s good that I get to end this post on an upbeat, positive note. I don’t like complaining, like I did about the Bargain Bin above, but sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I can’t help myself.

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