Sophia, Dark and Spooky


Sometimes I like to manipulate a wedding photo, you know, play with it in photoshop, like I did with this one of Sophia.

Most wedding photographers show up on the bride’s wedding day, shoot the ceremony, shoot the posed photos with the bride and groom’s family and friends, do part of the reception, then go home. The next few days they spend processing the photos in color and then they, if they’re prompt, deliver the photos to the happy couple and they’re finished.

And that’s what they’re paid to do and if they do it in a timely manner, they’ve earned their money. I’ve heard of some, actually more than some, who take months and months to deliver their photos, so if you’re a bride and you’re reading this, ask you’re photographer how long it’s going to take you to get your photos. If he or she says it could take up to a month or more, get a different photographer.

Whoops, I’m digressing, it’s just that a couple nights ago we shot Steve and Megan’s wedding up at Lake Tahoe and I met a man who told me his daughter had just gotten her wedding photos the week before. It took her photographer eight months and he was furious.

He asked me how long we took to deliver our photos and how many we usually give our brides and I told him we take a week to ten days and that we deliver about a thousand photos.

“That fast, that many?”

“We’re two people, so that helps.” I told him. “Besides, between the end of May and the First of September we do about a wedding a week, so if we don’t hustle like streaking rabbits, we’d get super behind and our clients would be as mad at us as you are at your daughter’s photographer.”

“You can really process them that fast?”

“Yeah, like I said, we’re two people. So one of us can be processing the ceremony while the other’s doing the reception.

And whoops again, I’m digressing again. It’s just that the topic of photographers taking forever gets me going.

Anyway, back to this photo of Karen. I like to process in black and white and every time I take a photo or even see a photo, I think of how it would look in black and white. We deliver a lot of black and white photos to our brides, we give them the color ones too. And sometimes, I’ve been know to process every single photo in black and white.

And sometimes, like in this dark and spooky photo of Karen in the doorway, I’ve been known to take a bride right out of her wedding and put her somewhere else. Not always so creepy as this, but, usually someplace entertaining.

These kinds of photos, when I do them, always seem to please a bride. At least they tell me they like them, they could be making that up, I don’t know. But still, I like doing it. We do, Vesta and me, what a wedding photographer is supposed to do, but I like doing a little more if I can.

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