No Time Off for Christmas


Jennie and Will’s engagement photo, by wedding shots, wedding photography.

Here are Jennie and Will, who are Engagemed to be Married.

Vesta and I had planned on taking two days off. Two camera free, computer free days. We were going to have an Awful Awful burger at the Little Nugget on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We were going to hang around the Haunted Studio and just read.

However, yesterday, while we were enjoying the Costco Buffet, we got a call from a guy in San Francisco, who wants us do drive up to Lake Tahoe and photograph him proposing to his girl.

At first we didn’t wanna do it, but he’s coming from San Francisco and he just decided at the last minute to propose and did we know a good place up at the lake and could we also photograph him and his girl taking a carriage ride after he proposes and crap, it just sounded so romantic.

So I told him Sand Harbor would be a good place and yes, we’d photograph the carriage ride too. Besides, we work well with Charlie, the carriage pulling horse.

So now we’re gonna drive up to the lake in a couple hours and act like we’re simple tourists with big cameras and when he gets down on his left knee, we’re gonna swing our cameras toward them and shoot away.

Really, isn’t that just romantic as all get out? And besides, who needs two computer free, camera free days.

Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday, we went from the Costco Buffet to the Rancharrah Ranch to do Will and Jennie’s engagement shoot. They are a very nice couple and Will told us he was in the Marine Corps and he has to be back in Virginia on the Third and he wanted to know if there was anyway possible could we have the photos back to them by the Second, so he could see them before he goes.

And Vesta piped up, “Ken was in the Marines.” And Will promptly thanked me for my service and so I said, “Of course, we’ll have your photos for you before you have to go.

But we got a wedding the day after Christmas and a family shoot the day after that. So the absolute only way we can get those photos to Will before he has to go is for Vesta and I to spend Christmas day in Lightroom and Photoshop.

So, we’ll be working these two days we were going to take off, but when you think about it, we’re pretty lucky we like our work. Besides, we can rest when we’re dead, which, God willing, will be sometime around 2050 or so.

Christmas Eve and we’re on our way back from Lake Tahoe. We’ve got a full tank of gas and could go just about anywhere, except we have work, so home again, home again it was for us.

But Vesta said, “You know, we’ve never done the Costco Buffet in Carson City.”

“Yeah, we haven’t.” Usually before holidays, the Costco people go all out with the free food samples and we have no shame. We go to the one in Sparks and eat way more than our fair share. We just keep going around and around till we’re not hunger anymore, then we leave.

We’re on a first name basis with all of the food servers. We know a lot about their private lives and they know ours. We’re almost like -- friends. And, you know, I think we’re the only people who go around that great big store without a shopping cart. We do mostly eat there, so we really don’t need a cart.

Such a deal, forty bucks a year for lunch twice a week a least. Gotta love it. We do.

Buffet finished and we’re road and feeling guilty about our almost friends who serve the food samples in Sparks, so we went there too and chowed down some more.

We got home at 4:00 and because we’d goofed the afternoon away, we were going to have to work till at least 9:00 or 10:00. So we went to our computers, loaded up the photos we had to work on and started.

At 5:06 exactly on Christmas Eve, our power went out.

“Let’s go to the mall and take Christmas Eve pictures,” Vesta said. Which is what we usually do on Christmas Eve, but couldn’t this year, cuz we had so much work.

“We’re outta here.” I grabbed a camera and we were in the car and on our way.

But, as we walked into the mall, a voice came over the speaker telling everyone the mall was closing in half an hour and everybody started leaving, So I only got about six pictures.

Girl in the Mall

And this was one of them. Vesta and I stopped dead in our tracks when we saw this girl sitting in the massage chair. If I’d’a been a movie director, I’d’a discovered her. But I was just a guy with camera on Christmas Eve, taking pictures at the mall. However, I won’t be a bit surprised if I see her face on a movie poster someday.

Vesta Irene with her camera at the Mall in Reno

Here’s a shot of Vesta with her camera. As you can see, there is hardly anybody left in the mall. The stores are getting ready to close, people are leaving, everybody wants to be home with their families.

Fisherman at the Mall on Christmas Eve

This fisherman was one of the few people left in the mall and I saw him just as we were heading out. He has a face that begs to be photographed.

Vesta Irene Smiling in the Mall in Reno

Our Christmas Eve mall shoot over, before it began, we went across the street to Trader Joe’s, bought a bottle of wine, came home and found the power was still out. So we had wine and bread for dinner.


Vesta Irene by Lamp Light

It's only 7:00 or so, the electricity is still out. Here Vesta is lit by only candlelight. It's not anywhere near bedtime, but that's where we went.

Ah well, early to bed and all that.

Happy Christmas everyone and let’s hope someday soon, war will be over.Christmas.

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