Minecraft and Baseball

Devon z01

We did Tristan’s engagement shoot and her wedding as well. However a month before the wedding, she called us and said she wanted to give Eric an album of boudoir photos on their wedding night. So we scheduled a boudoir shoot.

When she showed up with a couple skimpy outfits a week later, she shot me and Devon a quick look and said, “Chiquitas only this afternoon, boys.”

“Devon and I were just going out for ice cream.” I smiled at her, turned to Vesta, “How long should we be?”

“About an hour and a half.”

“How come they kicked us out?” Devon wanted to know as we rode the elevator down. I could tell he was pretty pleased about the ice cream part, because we hardly ever have it, but he wasn’t over the moon at losing some of his computer time, because he has friends in the Minecraft world who count on him.

“Vesta’s going to be taking pictures of Tristan with hardly any clothes on.”

“Naked pictures!” He perked up, very interested now.

“No, almost naked, but not. She’ll have on, like, girl pajamas.”

“Oh.” He was lost in thought till the elevator opened at the lobby. “Then how come we had to leave?”

“Well, some girls are just that way.” We left the lobby, headed toward Argyles and a couple ice cream sundaes. “It’s true,” I said as we moved down the street, “they would have been in the bedroom and the door would have been closed, but Tristan seemed like she’d have been more comfortable if we were out of the apartment altogether.”


“I don’t know, Devon. It’s a mystery.”

“Women.” He sighed. He’s twelve, just turned. That’s way too young to sigh. Isn’t it?

“Yeah, women.” I sighed too.

“Well, at least we get ice cream.” He smiled, then laughed.

“Yeah, there is that.” 

Devon z02

Times have changed, that’s for sure, from with I was twelve to now, when Devon is the same age, but he likes ice cream every bit as much as I did. Sadly, I think sadly anyway, that’s almost us two twelve year olds have in common, me back then and him now. I suppose technology is mostly responsible.

Devon z03

When I was twelve, all I could think about was baseball and I hated school, because it kept me away from it. Devon actually likes school and baseball not at all. He loves his iPad though and is a whiz at Minecraft and he has several online friends that he plays with.

Devon z04

He’s got friends at school too and now he’s on the cross country team, but no baseball, football, basketball or soccer after school.  I should say that we didn’t play soccer, or futball as the Europeans call it, either. We thought it was a girly game. How wrong we were.

Anyway, as I said above, he perked up at the thought of Vesta taking almost naked photos and that’s something else us twelve-year-old boys have in common. Maybe no baseball. Maybe no Minecraft. But ice cream and girls, we got that.

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