Look Outside My Window

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“Look outside my window, there’s a woman being grabbed.” This is the opening line in Phil Ochs’ song, “A Small Circle of Friends.” I miss Phil and his biting political comment. Sadly he took his own life. I just can’t imagine the depression that would lead one to do that.

I look out my window and see this view everyday—morning, noon and night. And sometimes I take it for granted, forgetting just how lucky I am. Depression has never attacked me, no matter how dire the circumstances Vesta and I have found ourselves in over the years. I credit the coffee. I drink a lot of coffee.

As for why I took this photo, last night, it was the sirens. A lot of them. Three cop cars screaming down Second Street, that street you see in the photo below. A fire truck too. Two ambulances as well. Somebody was in trouble deep.

Living downtown, you get used to sirens. Downtown living is not like neighborhood living. People are packed in. Apartments don’t sprawl, they go up. So there are a lot of people packed in a small area, which makes for a whole heck of a lot more heart attacks, accidents and medical emergencies than you’d find on a quiet tree lined lane.

But this was different, these sirens seemed louder, maybe it was because the black and whites were flying. They weren’t going to assist somebody who’d fallen and couldn’t get up. There was something going on now and they were screaming their way there to try and stop it.

The sirens drew Vesta, Devon and me to the balcony and I stayed out there for a few minutes after they’d gone back in and I realized, looking out at this view, that I’m a pretty luck guy. I went back in, got my camera and took this picture.

But I couldn’t think of anything to write about it and Vesta and Devon wanted me to post a photo of us in front of our two Christmas trees. So I did.

Then, this morning, as I was looking at this photo, I thought about Phil’s song, which goes like this. “Look outside the window, there's a woman being grabbed, they've dragged her to the bushes, and now she's being stabbed.” That song also has the great line, “Smoking marijuana is more fun than drinking beer, but a friend of ours got captured and they gave him thirty years.”

But there was no way, I thought, that I could open this little story with the opening lines to Phil’s song, even though both the song and I were looking out our windows.

Then I went to the local news sites to see what all the fuss was about last night and it turns out a thirty-six year old woman was upset enough with her fifty-year-old lover to try and stab him to death, just down the street.

A stabbing? Just like in Phil’s song? Could I possibly tie it all in?


Still, after rereading this, my attempt is weak, at best. However, I am gonna post this, because I wrote it.

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