Joe Wanted to Renegotiate

Lion with 6D

Awhile back a guy named Joe called and said he wanted us to shoot his daughter’s wedding and we said we would. He told us he was a wedding photographer, but sadly, he couldn’t make his baby’s wedding, as he was shooting one in San Diego on her day that had been booked and paid for almost two years in advance.

We went over our packages and he picked our highest priced one and a couple days later his deposit came by post.

However, Saturday last, the day of her wedding, he called as we were ON OUR WAY TO THE VENUE. Vesta answered and he told her he didn’t need us for the whole wedding, as he’d made arrangements with another photographer to do his San Diego job. So now he was planning on shooting his lovely child’s nuptials.

But he still needed us to shoot the beginning of the ceremony, where he gives his daughter away, and he wanted us for the formal photos that he was gonna be in. The rest he would handle.

“I guess we could do that,” Vesta said.

Then he told her, because we were only shooting part of the wedding, that we should renegotiate the price.

“Hold a minute.” She covered the phone and told me what was up. “Let me give you to Ken.”

“We’re ten minutes a way,” I said, “and you want to renegotiate?”

“Sorry,” he said, and he said he wanted to shoot the wedding, cuz it was his daughter and I said I understood and he said cuz we were doing so little work that we should take less and I said I didn’t understand that, cuz a deal was a deal and besides, we coulda booked someone else instead of his daughter and he said something like, “It is what it is.”

Shit, I hate that expression.

Then he offered us half of our agreed on price.

Boy I was steaming. I wanted to tell him to take his daughter and stick her where the sun don’t shine, but, of course, I didn’t, cuz half of something is better than all of nothing and besides, there was no other way we were gonna make any money that day.

But I had to save some kinda faces, so I said, “How about I give you the cards right out of the camera? You know, so we don’t have to process the photos. If you can do that, we’ll do what you want.”

“Deal,” he said and we did what he wanted and after we finished with the formal photos he was in, we gave him our cards and he gave us an envelope with hundred dollar bills in it and we got in our car and headed home.

“He tipped us two hundred dollars,” Vesta said after she checked the amount.

“Well, maybe he’s got a little bit of class after all.”

“It was a pretty crumby thing he did,” Vesta said. “But you have to admit, it’s the easiest money we’ve ever made.

“Well, there is that.”

PS. So why did I use the photo of a lion with my camera? Easy answer, I didn't have a photo of Joe.

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