I Don't Wanna Pay

The Daydream Mural in MidTown, Reno, NV., photographed by Ken Douglas.

You know, I just don’t wanna pay it anymore.

Vesta and I started our day, by making photographs of the DAYDREAM! Mural near the Haunted Studio, because I day dream a lot and I’d been meaning to get a good shot of it.

I could barely fit the whole think into the photo, so I shot it from two different angles. The problem was my back was up against a fence, so I was back as far as I could go.

The Daydream Mural in Reno's MidTown District, photographed by Ken Douglas.

I think I might like this shot better, becasue the word tapers off, sort of like a daydream.

The Hear, See and Speak No Evil Mural in Reno's MidTown District, photographed by Ken Douglas.

I also wanted to shoot the Hear, See and Speak No Evil mural which is just down the street, because when I was a kid my parent’s had a little brass monkey Hear, See and Speak no Evil set I liked to play with.

Matt and Victoria's Engagement Photo at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Photographed by Ken Douglas.

Then after I got my photos, we went up to Lake Tahoe’s gorgeous Sand Harbor to shoot Victoria and Matt’s engagement photos on a cold, windy, overcast day. Overcast is good for photos, but maybe the biting breeze and chilly cold are not so good for the photographers.

However, we made good pictures and had a good time.

Stormy Sand Harbor, photographed by Ken Douglas

But, the sky looked like this toward the end of the shoot. Spooky, cuz a storm is on the way.

And when we were finished, we drove to Costco in Carson City, where we got gas, cuz they don’t have that thirty cents tax on every gallon of gas you buy like they do in Washo County, where Reno, Midtown and where live happens to be.

I swear, George was right, give ‘em a chance, they’ll even tax your feet.

It’s not that I object to taxes altogether, but somehow those folks in Fernly, Fallon and Carson City are surviving just fine without that extra thirty cents going into the local government coffers.

I don’t wanna pay it anymore.

So now once a week I gotta figure out a reason to drive to Carson City, where they got the closet gas station to our house that doesn’t charge that extra thirty cents. That’s thirty miles away. Thirty miles to save thirty cents a gallon. And, of course an hour or so of our time.

But I don’t wanna pay it anymore.

They got Costco in Carson City, but they got one in Reno and one is Sparks and they’re both a heck of a lot closer to our house then the one in Carson City.

But they got one of the better Grocery Outlets in Carson City. Their wine guy really knows his stuff, so they’ve always got a good, inexpensive selection. But they got a fairly good Grocery Outlet in Sparks.

They got a Trader Joe’s in Carson City. We’ve never been, cuz we got a good one in Reno, which we go to about every day.

They got the Laundry Lounge in Carson city, which is a lot like the Duds n’ Suds we got in Reno.

So, if we stopped going to Trader Joe’s everyday. Stopped going to Costco three times a week. Stopped going to Grocery Outlet at least twice a week, oftentimes more and if we took our laundry with us. Well, you get where I’m going with this, don’t you?

We could maybe save enough time is we Costcoed, Trader Joed, WinCoed and Laundryed once a week in Carson to make up for the trip and we could get the cheap gas. Cuz I don’t wanna pay that extra thirty cents a gallon anymore.

Shoezilla in Happy Happy Joy Joy in Reno's MidTown District, photographed by Ken Douglas

Anyway, with my thirty extra cents a gallon gas rant over I can get back to the end of our day. After we got home we walked down to Happy Happy Joy Joy, which is a great toy store in MidTown, because Vesta wanted to get a shot of Shoozilla.

Then we walk home, opened a bottle of wine and worked on our photos.

Victoria and Matt's Forestry, Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe Engagement Photo

Here is another photo of Victoria and Matt, although is was a cold, cold Lake Tahoe day, by looking at this photo, you wouldn’t know that.

Sand Harbor, with its other worldly rock formations, is beautiful and we’ve done a lot of engagement sessions there and for sure, we made a lot of photographs of Matt and Victoria with the rocks and the lake and the sky, but something about them screamed out for a forest like background.

As an aside, some of you reading this have probably figured out, I’m a mega huge fan of black and white and I did this photo that way, but sometimes, not often, but sometimes, no matter how good you think a black and white photo is, color is called for.

Smack me upside the head, but it’s true.

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