Found My Drum

Every Jujuwalker needs a drum. In fact, I think everybody needs one. Bongos, Snare, Bass or African, if you have a drum and aren’t afraid to play it, you can join in with the music on the radio, your CD player or even if you play it on your computer.


If your drum’s portable, you can take it with you to the park, play along with others. We have music in the parks in Reno during the summer, when it’s quite a bit warmer than it is now. You can bring your drum to concerts and play along, however those sitting close to you might want to shut you up, depending on who you were going to see. You might could get away with playing along with the Stones or any band that played loud.

You could put on earphones or earbuds and play along with the music on your iPod, Walkman or cell phone, your iPhone, too, though you might look a little weird, banging away to music others can’t hear.

But no matter how you play your drum, no matter if you play along with Miles Davis, Mick Jagger or Eliot Smith, if you play with the music, you become part of it, it becomes part of you. Try it sometime, get a pair of bongos and bang away. And don’t worry about the beat, if you let yourself go, it’ll come.

All that being said, I lost my drum in the move from Medford to Reno. Truth be told, I hadn’t played it in a long while. Our travail there sort of killed the music. Devon lit up our souls, to be sure, but there was much to depress us.

We’re in Reno now though, and I play music every day and I turn it up loud.

As you can see, it’s snowing, and with March almost here. Anyway the drum in my hand we found last Saturday at a garage sale. The lady wanted three bucks and I snapped it up, because I knew my Mojo, so long beaten down by the bad times, was wanting to move into that double sided West African drum, wanting to move in, so it could be set free.


Just looking at it, it’s easy to see the call it had for me.

Now, when I’m listening to the Traveling Wilburys, the Beatles or the Stones, anything with a beat, I can drum along. I don’t sound so good and it’s better for Vesta if she’s in the other room, especially if I’ve got headphones on. Still, my beating on that drum’s gotta be a whole heck of a lot better than me singing at the top of my lungs, like she does when she’s running on the treadmill. Fortunately she can kind of carry a tune, even though Tina Turner, she ain’t.

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