Fire in the Campground

Ken Douglas starting a fire with lighter fluid.

Some people, when they wanna make fire, take their time, they use kindling and newspaper and they do it the Boy Scout way. Others, just pour a whole can of lighter fluid like stuff on it, than throw a match on it and “boom” instant fire.

No, let me ask you, which way is more fun?

Of course, if you want to keep up the fun, you gotta have three or four or more cans of that lighter fluid stuff, we always get several kinds, and you gotta keep squirting it on the fire. I mean, jeez, how you gonna impress the real campers if you don’t have a real fire.

Vesta, me, Devon and Brogan were the only campers out there at this time, so there really was nobody to impress, but I was kind of pissed off at Ranger Bob, who was a bit of a wheenie, cuz he wouldn’t let me do steel wool fire photography in his forest.

I told him I wanted to go out in the middle of what was left of his lake and do it, no fire danger at all and he still said no.

“Keep the fire in your fire pit, where it’s safe,” he said. And sadly, this Barney Fife guy was like the law out there.

So I drove down the mountain and got more instant fire starter than any camper should be allowed to have, even risking arrest, because the clerk wanted to know why anybody could ever want so much of the stuff and I told him it was for an eternal flame, like the one burning at JFK’s grave and he bought it.

And I kept that fire burning and burning and burning and all the while I was planning on what witty thing I was gonna say to Ranger Bob when he showed up and told me to knock it off. But he never came. Turns out he goes home at 5:00. Ah well, at least we had a good fire.

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