A Playa Photographer

Burning Man Painter

I met this photographer out on the Playa at about 10:00 or 11:00. He’s dressed like a painter, with lights between his two white shirts, which is supposed to represent paint blotches on a white painter’s shirt.

Very clever. He’s making a statement that his photography is art, that he is an artist, just as Michelangelo, Cezanne and El Greco were artists. I got it straightaway, but then I’m a photographer, who thinks what he does is art.

And there were artists galore and art galore too out at Burning Man. If you haven’t been, you should go. At least once in your life, even if you don’t believe in the philosophy of giving or sharing.

For most people, life is about what you own and not who you love and who loves you back. In the end, we’re all sand, not much different then sand out on the Playa, so we should live out our short lives as if they matter. Burning Man is about who you love, not what you have. Who you are the other fifty-one weeks of the year matters not out on the Playa.

Like me, this photographer was out documenting the Playa experience, though he was way more dressed for the part than I was.

I wish I could explain to those who don’t or won’t or can’t understand what Burning Man is all about, but sadly, I’m not able. However, I can say that for one week out of the year, you’re free to be who you want to be.

If you’re a male, main stream Republican, who wants to go out in public in a dress, you can do that at Burning Man. If you’ve had this secret desire to walk in public naked, you can do that at Burning Man.

If you wanna dress like a ballerina, butcher or banker you can do that at Burning Man. If you wanna have beer for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can do that at Burning Man. If you wanna spend the week praying out at the Temple, you can do that at Burning Man.

Nobody is going to judge you out on the Playa. Nobody’s going to talk about you behind your back. Well, they shouldn’t anyway, because judging others in absolutely not what Burning Man is about.

I could go on and on and on about the ethos of Burning Man and why you should go, but in the end, it all comes down to you. Are you willing to believe? I am.

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