A Flower Child

Flower Child copy

Once upon a time, I used to own this painting. I don’t anymore, don’t know where it is or who has it now. It’s apparently worth a pretty penny. I know this, cuz I’ve seen that a couple prints sold lately for a couple hundred bucks.

But that’s how it goes, I used to own a 1935 Martin Guitar too, which is gone now too, like a lot of other stuff Vesta and I used to own. Stuff, just comes and goes, like it’s a mind of it’s own. And it’s good if your stuff has a mind and goes, otherwise, if you let it, it owns you. And when your stuff owns you, you’re locked in place.

Vesta and I got enough stuff to worry about. World Peace. Are aliens real? Who killed Kennedy? Are shadow people real and do that have cats? Global warming. Will we ever get to see the aurora borealis? Will we ever get to live in Nova Scotia and Costa Rica (not big on my bucket list, but huge on Vesta’s)? The perfect photograph. The perfect wine. And with all this important stuff on our plate, how could we ever be bother worrying about things.

Back to this painting, which I haven’t worried about or thought about in years, till today, when Tiffany saw a print of it online somewhere and posted it on Facebook. Now, I’m thinking about it, not because I used to own it, but because she looks happy. Kinda lost, little naked girl hippy happy, but happy, nevertheless.

She also looks like she’s telling me, or whoever looks at her, to be happy as well. She’s kinda young to be doing something like that, but okay, little naked hippy girl. I’m gonna be happy.

There, are you happy now?

I originally posted this on Facebook and it got some interesting and not the kind of comments I expected, so I’m posting them below.

From Maria: This looks like a very apologetic face ! I love her feeling of atonement! I like it.

From Annette: Once upon a time, I had 250 shares of apple stock, sold them with a modest profit, or so I wanted to believe.....i don't even want to think what they would be worth today, after stock splits and meteoric rise..…

From Chris: Ill be happy when ya'll come down to Costa Rica! Some of your "stuff" made it there already! 

From Me: At Jeramie, I don’t think you look like this, but apparently Facebook does, cuz when I posted this photo, FB wanted to tag her as you. So, I went to your FB page to see if I could find the resemblance.

And, I can’t.

She’s way, way cuter, but then she’s just about way way cuter than everybody on Earth.

FB is so confused.

From Lonnie: Ken. I could answer every one of your questions, but there were too many at once...My attention span is not that long.

From Jeramie: I thought she was my twin!!!

From Lonnie: Because I have a moment, I will answer some of your questions:

World Peace: Sadly, people are forever going to be people, and no matter how mature we become as a species, we will always have people who strive to control others. Fundamentally, "world," as in the entire world, will never be at peace. The closest we will get to world peace is when people stop shooting at each other, which will only happen for short periods of time.

Aliens: Yes, they are real. Have they ever visited earth? Not sure about that answer. Probably not, but, I could be wrong.

Who killed Kennedy? Depends on which one. Yes, Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy, and all else is conspiracy theory. Oswald was the Chapman of his time. The only difference is that Kennedy was involved in a lot of stuff, and it was easier to make up conspiracy theories about that.

Shadow People: Yes, they exist, but you do not want to meet one. Do they have cats? Not any cats you ever want to meet. They (the cats and the shadow people) are very secretive. The cats go for your throat, and if they get you when you are lying down, they can kill you. Very nasty.

Global warming: More accurately, climate change. Yes, on average world temperatures are rising, but they are up in some places and down in others. Are we going to fix climate change? Probably not. Instead, we will probably die off in large numbers as its effects spread. Figure billions of people will die because of climate change over the next 500 years.

Will you ever get to see the aurora borealis? Almost certainly.

Will you ever get to live in Nova Scotia? Sadly, no. Costa Rica, on the other hand, that's a definite maybe. On the other want, what’s wrong with Reno?

Perfect photograph: You have already taken many, you were just unable to recognize it. Others already have.

Perfect Wine: No such thing. There are NEARLY perfect wines, and you have already had some.

By the way, the happy hippy girl? She's not happy. She had to pee really badly and the artist told her to hold that pose. She finally just squatted down and let go, after calling the photographer an asshole. She was pretty pissed, actually.

Any other questions? Meaning of life? Are any Stephen King horror novels true? Is Obama a citizen? Will you ever win the lottery? You know. Easy questions.

From Steve: I had a print about 45 years ago.

From Amy:  You have your camera, that’s all a wedding photographer who loves his work really needs and you have your lenses, a wedding photographer needs good lenses. What more could you ask for”

From Pam: 'll bite, Lonnie, will I win the lottery? Or even get more than $2 off a scratcher?

From Lonnie: Pam, the simple answer is yes. However, caveats apply. (1) The presumption is that you continue to play, which is a decision either you make or others make for you, and is thus inherently unpredictable. (2) More than $2 is an easy, generic target. Now, had you asked about something higher, like $1,000, the answer would be completely different.

From Pam: Thanks, Lonnie. Very sensible. Are you a Virgo?

However, the question is, will I "win" the lottery. The easy answer is that if you play, you will "win" to the extent that you will get money from a ticket. However, for the vast majority of people, somewhere around 99.9999%, if you count all money spent to "win," you lose.

So, chose which answer you like. I know I will not win the lottery, so the choice is easy for me. Even the people who "win" have been known to lose. Several people have won millions, and ended up financially in worse shape than they started. Yes, they are to blame for their own, bad decisions, but regardless of the bad choices they made, they ended up losing.

Ultimately, the number of people who come out ahead in playing the lottery is a very small number, number at most in the hundreds, so it is a fairly safe bet to say that you will not come out ahead.

One final word. The lottery people like to say "you can't win if you don't play." I would like to think I do win if I don't play?

I’d actually forgotten all about this Flower Child in yellow, till my daughter Tiffany posted the photo below on Facebook. So I’m including her post here and the comments.

You know, it’s strange the things we forgot about, almost as if they were insignificant, but then something jogs our memories and we go down memory lane with a fond smile.

Van Photo

From Tiffany: Dad, didn't we have that painting?

From Me: Yes, we did, I remember that.

From Tiffany: Mom thought she was creepy, but I kinda like it.

From Me: I kinda wondered where that painting went, but Vesta said she knows, "It went away in that van."

From Alyssa: Wild!

From Tiffany: Hmmm. I wondered where it went too. We saved all the other art from the old house.…

From Me: We bought the painting from the artist. A print of it just sold for $200 dollars. I don't think I paid very much for it. Wonder where it is now, cuz that one in the van is a print laminated on wood it looks like.

From Tiffany: So we had the original?

From Me: It was a painting. The guy was there with a bunch of other artists selling their works. I thought it was the only one when I bought it, so if it wasn't the original, I, at least, thought it was. We bought it the same time we bought the Bridget Bardot one. Remember, how BB's eyes seemed to follow you wherever you went in the room?

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