September 2017

The Arlington Street Bridge, Reno, Nevada

A blue dawn 
Is a good time to reflect
Life starts all over

September 1, 2017

Tomatoes, by Ken Douglas

Tomatoes we eat
Because they are delicious
And good for you too.

September 2, 2017

Cassandra and DJ's Wedding Photo 006

Nothing is brighter
Than smiles on a wedding day
Smiles say, “Forever”

Cassandra and DJ

Posted September 4, 2017.

Cassandra and DJ's, Wedding Photo 001

Look to the future
It comes faster than we think
But love finds a way

Cassandra and DJ

Cassandra and DJ's Wedding Photo 002

Live in the present
The future handles itself
Live fair and love hard

Cassandra and DJ

Cassandra and DJ's Wedding Photo 003

Don’t live in the past
Though it is always with us
Love each other now.

Cassandra and DJ


it isn’t easy for a tailor, when there’s nothing left to sew.


The Groom Kisses the Bride

You can kiss the bride
It’s what the minister said
And so it begins

Deidre and Nick

Posted September 6, 2017

Deidre and Nick's Photo 005

Ring bearer for Mom
Wonderful job for a son
Always in Mom’s heart

Here Comes the Bride

I see a young man
With a future very bright
Two young ladies too

The Bride's Son has a broken arm

It’s a happy day
For a very proud young son
A groomsman for mom

Flower Girls at Deidre's Wedding

Mommy can I be
A flower girl so pretty
On a day so grand

Ken Douglas on the Road

September 7, 2017: On the road.

Vesta and Nieces

Vesta and Nieces
Amber, Dayle and Hanna
Smiles all around

September 9, 2017


Children grow up. Why oh why?


The Bride and Groom have left the room

When you have the blues
You might look for a dark bar
Peace there, for a time

September 11, 2017.

Deidre and Nick at Lake Tahoe Wedding

Girl in a white dress
Guy dressed up to beat the band
Love is in the air

with Deidre and Nick

A Stormy Dawn

A grey stormy dawn
Starts a brisk and cloudy day
Rain is on the way

September 12, 2017


After all these years, now I know it’s true. There really is something to this eating right and exercising business, because if my blood pressure stays the way it was this morning, I think I’ll live forever.


A fallen star who works in a bar, where yesterday he was king. Sometimes, I wonder who this fallen star was singing about. Himself maybe, or?


A White Door in the Wilderness

September 12, 2017. We think it would be wonderful if there were our front door.

Ken Douglas with Camera in Hand

September 13, 2017: Vesta says, "Ken hard at work, or hardly working. I can't decide!"

Vesta Irene and Tiffany

Holy Smokes, Jump Back.
Going thru old photographs
And I scared myself

Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene on Their Anniversary

September 14, 2017: Happy anniversary to us.


About a week ago or so, Vesta and I went to visit Doctor Bobby, because you have to go see your doctor once a year or so if you want to keep your doctor your doctor, so we went. Bobby asked how come we hadn’t been in during the year and I said cuz we hadn’t been sick and I didn’t think it was fair that we even had to come in once a year if we hadn’t been sick.

“You should still get labs done,” he said.

“Really?” I said.

“Yes, remember when I sent you in for that colon thing you didn’t wanna do?”


“They found a polyp and removed it.”

“Okay?” I said,

“And now I wanna look at those red spots on your hands and arms.” He left and came back with a scope kinda thing and checked out some of the spots. “Ten percent of these are gonna turn into cancer inside of a year.”

“That’s not good.” I shivered.

“I should start removing them.” He left and came back with what looked like a can of hairspray with a nozzle thingy on top and he started spraying the spots and it hurt.

I jumped every time he hit me with that spray and Vesta laughed. Bobby did too.

“You guys are enjoying this,” I said.

“Just a little,” he said

“Maybe more than a little,” Vesta said. Then, “He’s got a couple big ones on his back.”

“Off with the shirt,” Bobby said and I took it off.

“See that big one?” Vesta said. It mighta been about a half inch in diameter.

Bobby looked at it. “That’s stucco keratosis. It’s harmless.”

“But I want it gone,” Vesta said.

“One that size will take about four treatments.”

“You should start now,” she said.

“ZZZZTT.” That’s the sound his spray bottle made when he hit me with a long spray.


“I could get rid of it quicker if he can stand the treatments.”

“He can.”



“Oh that wasn’t so bad,” Vesta said. To the doctor, “Do it again.”



“Ouch, the Gestapo sure coulda used you,” I said.



“One more treatment on that one and that should do it.”

“How about those other ones on his back.”

“Stucco keratosis too,” Doctor Bobby said.

“I still want ‘em gone,” Vesta said.





So now I got scabs all over.

Anyway, this morning right, after we photographed Robin downtown, we went to the lab place and had blood drawn to see if there was anything wrong with us we didn’t know about and that’s why I was late with my people post this morning.

And in two weeks I get to go back for another treatment.


Alexis and Austin Lake Tahoe Wedding 001

Alexis and Austin
Joined together forever
Their whole lives ahead

The view from the Honeymoon Condo in Lake Tahoe

September 15, 2017:

Sometimes we need peace
Lake Tahoe, calm, blue and bright
Quiet and peaceful

The Daughter of the Bride, Dancing

If you get up and
Dance like no one is watching
The world will be yours

The Wedding Photographer 001

September 16, 2017:

I am what I am
And that’s all I’ll say, because
That’s all what I am

PS. This is not my own work, obviously. Vesta took the photograph and a very famous sailor man came up with most of the words.


September 20, 2017: Donner Lake.

Alexis, a beautiful bride

A bride so pretty
Dancing on her wedding day
Nothing more lovely

A yellow sunset over the Pacific

Vesta and I lived
For a decade on the sea
We don’t now, so sad

A little river

September 21, 2017

Just a little river
Small maybe, but beautiful
Calming and peaceful

Mother and Daugher, Bride and Bridesmaid

Mother and daughter
On a very special day
Love is all around

A Bride and Groom in Black and White

Girl in a white dress
On a day, sunny and bright
With the man she loves

Jessica in her wedding dress, by Lake Mary

A girl by the shore
Adoring eyes at her man
A love that will last

A Bride and Groom by the Lake

Oh my, what to do
When the groom is eight feet tall
Change it up, that’s what

Twin Bridesmaids in Black and White

September 22, 2017:

Twins in Black and White
Lizzie and Maddie and me
And camera too

Ken and Vesta and Mike and Maggie

Girls very pretty
Guys a little too heavy
Plus a dorky hat

PS: Photographed in Carson City, just the other day. Well, maybe a little farther back than that.

Ken wearing Vesta's Sweatshirt. It's too small.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow Vesta's sweatshirt wound up in my closet.

Vesta in her living room

September 23, 2017:

Wherever you live
Paris, Perth, Reno, or Rome
There’s no place like home

A manure truck on a farm

A manure truck
Hauls horse doodoo off the ranch
Where does it take it?

A lovely bride in sepia

Love in a bride’s eyes
A sweet smile on her lips
Beauty to behold

A father walking his daughter down the aisle

September 25, 2017

A bride and her dad
A soon to be son-in-law
And husband waiting

Kids playing ping pong at a wedding reception

A kid and a game
Women talking by the wall
Just another night

Vesta dancing at Jessica's wedding

Jessica and Ryan’s wedding was winding down. There were a few dancers, dancing on patio above the lake, then the DJ put on the Rolling Stones and the groom’s dad shouted out, “Now we’re talking,” and Vesta handed me her camera and they took over the dance floor.

And this is what happens when the Greatest Band on Earth is played at a wedding in America, even today.

A bride and groom, just married

September 26, 2017:

The look in their eyes
That says it all, as it should
Happily married

Allyson in her lovely wedding dress

Girl in a white dress
A beautiful sight to see
Married and happy

A father with his daughter, the bride


A very proud man
Is the father of the bride
On her wedding day

Early morning at Donner Lake

Lost souls or new ones
Come down waiting to be born
I prefer new ones

Ken and Vesta photogrphed thru a mirror

September 28, 2017:

A selfie made with
A camera and a mirror
And a pretty girl


Not so long ago, but awhile ago, there was this guy named Maynard G. Krebs, who really didn’t like the word “Work.” Whenever he heard it, he’d repeat it in a shivering shrill voice as he, well as he shivered. For a short while, he was my hero. And as heroes go, he wasn’t a bad one to have.


Jessica and Ryan, making smores on their wedding day

Roasting marshmallows
For smores, happy together
That is very cool

Three presidents

Just three guys golfing
A nice game for gentlemen
Smiles all around

Okay, okay, unlike all the other photographs I post here, neither Vesta or I took this one, but I saw it on the news this morning and I liked it. It’s kinda nice.

Vesta outside in the dark

Dark in the City
A time when the fun people
Come outside to play

Ken taking a picture

September 29, 2017:

A guy and his camera.

A Bride and Groom on a pier at Lake Tahoe

A lady in white
A gentleman all dressed up
Happy forever


Gonna wake Vesta up now and we’re going on the road. Three hundred miles to go today. Just another adventure.


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