November 2016

Nov 2016 002

I mentioned in an earlier post that there is this small pond, about six inches deep, at Crissy Field in San Francisco. And if you get your camera down to about a foot above the water, when the water is flat calm, you can get an almost mirror like reflection of the bridge.

However, San Francisco is famous for misty and foggy mornings, so I guess Vesta and I gotta keep going back till we can find a clear and cloudy and orange sky there. Now that would be a photograph.

But still, it’s the Golden Gate and it’s beautiful no matter what the weather, even on misty mornings.

Nov 2016 003

Early Morning on the River.

Nov 2016 004

Ken, early this cold morning in Rancho San Rafael Park. (Taken on November 2nd, 2016. Vesta always makes me look better than I do in real life.)

Nov 2016 001

I almost passed out last night, cuz of hunger, right in front of Elizabeth Warren. That’s right, cuz of hunger, cuz I hadn’t eaten in awhile, cuz I’m kinda stupid.

But I almost went down, with my friends Brad and Carissa right next to me and Senator Warren five feet from me. How embarrassing would that’a been? I was gonna try and tough it out, but I was nauseous, seeing double like a drunk, holding onto Vesta's shoulders, trying to stay on my feet.

Senator Warren had just started to speak and I remembered what happened during President Obama’s speech earlier in the day. Someone fainted and Obama stopped talking and said something like, “He’ll be okay. Give him some air.” The president smiled. “It happens all the time. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”

Well that guy was about fifty feet or so away from the president. He wasn’t on television. I woulda been and that woulda been bad. Not so much for the news guys, but it woulda been bad for me.

So, I told Vesta I had to go. She turned, looked at me, then she led me thru the crowd, saying, “Sick person, make way.” And the crowd parted, like the Red Sea parted for Moses. And she led me outta there.

And I missed Senator’s Warren’s speech and that was too bad, cuz I’m into great orators. John, Bobby and even Ted were wonderful speakers who I loved to listen to. Martin was wonderful too, maybe the best to ever come along.

Ronald Reagan was a great orator and I loved listening to him speak. He could hold an audience of thousands in the palm of his hands with power of his voice.

Today, as far as powerful orators go, we have Barack and Michele Obama and Elizabeth Warren. Vesta and I’d seen Bobby speak five or six times, but we hadn’t seen any of the others, so when I got an invite to go see Elizabeth, I was thrilled.

Now, as to why I almost fainted. I’ve been trying to lose thirty pounds, so I can get off blood pressure meds. My diet consists of two poached eggs over a fish cake and one piece of toast for breakfast and some mornings, a half a banana. A tomato salad for lunch and sometimes a fish cake too. And sometimes no dinner or a banana or a fish cake with a veggie. As for drinking, only coffee and water. Plus, Vesta and I walk three miles everyday.

And the weight’s falling off.

But I’m always hungry, have been hungry since August 1st. Well, we did three weddings last month and the bridal show and I wasn’t hungry during them, cuz I brought sandwiches along and ate. But other than those days, basically, I’ve starving. However, my sense of smell has really, really gotten good. I can smell a steak a half a block away.

And, oh yes, I forgot to mention. I fast from Saturday night to Monday morning. And, I fast during the week when I weigh myself in the morning and didn’t lose any weight from the day before.

And I’d been fasting when Vesta and I walked to UNR to see Elizabeth Warren. We got there two hours early and were the first in line. They started late and by the time Elizabeth started to speak, I’d been on my feet for four hours. I shoulda eaten something, but I didn’t.

However, I survived and when we got home Vesta made me a quick scrambled egg sandwich and I watch parts of Elizabeth’s speech on the news and guess what? If I’d gone down, I really woulda been front and center. I’d’a been the news story and that really, really woulda sucked.

On the plus side, if everything goes according to plan, I should be a thin Ken, eating three meals a day, and BP med free very soon.

Nov 2016 005

With Vesta and me, sometimes it really is all about Amanda. We took this photograph back in March. It had just snowed, not a lot, but enough that it would have ruined Vesta flowers and tomatoes, which she had planned on planting the day before.

We’re not fans of winter, so we’re always hoping warmer weather is right around the corner.

Anyway, back to this photograph, it’s one I didn’t use back in March, but I closed out our March Diaries Page on our website with it.

Five years ago or so, Vesta and I had a few drinks with a witch in a bar in Mexico and during the course of our conversation she told us that we needed to get our lives online, cuz if we did, we’d live to be a hundred and twenty-five.

So we started posting on Facebook.

But guess who we ran into in a bar in San Francisco a couple months ago. You guessed it. The very same witch.

“I’ve been reading your Facebook pages,” she told us, “and I’m thinking you misunderstood me. It’s nice that you post on Facebook, but I meant that you two needed to post together, as one, as a single unit. You should do it on your website. One unit, the two of you. That’s what you have to do, if you want to get to a hundred and twenty-five.”

So we had a couple drinks with her and when we came home I started our Diary Pages in the blog part of our website, cuz Vesta and I don’t wanna take any chances. There’s stuff there that we posted on Facebook and other stuff we didn’t and every now and then there will be a story or two. Anyway, last March is up and you can see it here:

I can’t imagine why anybody would wanna go and look, but I’m gonna post ‘em, cuz Vesta and I wanna live to dance at Devon’s wedding. And wanna go on to a hundred and twenty-five, cuz who knows, by then, maybe trips to the moon will be possible for all and we wanna go.

Nov 2016 021

Vesta and I lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for a decade and it was a great life, but sadly we ran out of money in late 2002 and we needed more. I was writing for two sailing magazines, but the money just wasn’t enough to keep us going.

So, I invented Katie Osbourne, a seagoing cook who’d sailed the world. And I started submitting stories under her name and they were picked up.

The only trouble was, she didn’t exist. Nor did the boat she lived on. And neither did her adventures. I made ‘em up. But after two stories, I started to feel a little guilty, so Katie (who was really me) wrote the magazine, which had published her stories, and asked if she could have a seagoing cooking column and she got it.

The stories that went with her recipes are, of course, fiction, cuz Katie still didn’t exist, but the recipes were real. I didn’t make those up. I stole ‘em from Vesta.

All in all, I wrote fifteen Katie stories and since I have to go through them and do a little editing, cuz Windows back then didn’t play nicely with Macs, so though the letters all translated between them, things like quotation marks did not, for example this, ‘ translated into this Õ, so I’ll fix it every other day or so till I’m done.

Plus, I’m gonna stick a photo of me and Vesta in the Caribbean from 1992 between each story. Anyway, I hope you like the stories and that you try some of Katie’s wonderful recipes, well, they’re really Vesta’s. But they are to die for.

So, if you'd like to read this stories, I posted the first one here:


PS. There is always some truth in fiction and in my Katie story, there is truth. In the scene where Dub and Katie almost collide with the couple having sex in the cockpit, that happened to me and Vesta. I was the Dub character and Vesta, was obviously, Katie.

Nov 2016 022

Fall Flower, by Vesta.

Nov 2016 023

The prettiest girl in the Caribbean, sailing us out of Marigot Bay, on the French side of St. Martin.

And this picture goes with my second installment of “When I was Katie Osbourne, which you can read here:

Oh yes, you have to scroll down past the first story to read the second one. And once again, I’d like to say, Katie wasn’t and isn’t real. I made her up, cuz I needed another magazine writer’s income, cuz back then, mine wasn’t enough.

However, the pictures of me and Vesta and the Great White Wonder (our sailboat) are real.

Nov 2016 024

This photograph of Vesta doing laundry at sea goes with my third posting of “When I was Katie Osborne, which you can see if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see here:

I’d only had this story half finished, when Katie got her cooking column. I’d written it right up to where Katie and her husband saw the boat in distress. I didn’t know I’d left it unfinished, but I suppose right after Katie and me got that cooking column, I must’ve felt like I didn’t have to do anymore Katie at sea stories.

So I wrote the rescue part and the end of it this morning and it was like I was back in the Caribbean, living it all over again.

Also, there are a few terms in the story a non sailor might now understand, so here are there meanings in normal English:

BVI = British Virgin Islands—David’s Weather = A sailor named David used to a weather report in the BVI on VHF radio every morning.—Iron Jenny = engine.

Nov 2016 006

The Huntington Beach Pier on a Summer Morning.

The beauty of the ocean is that you can walk right up to it, put your bare feet in it, look out over it, with civilization and mankind and cars and bars and city streets and houses and big buildings and all your problems and all your troubles at your back, where they’re outta sight, and for a few minutes imagine that they all don’t exist.

For those few minutes, it’s just you and the deep blue sea.

Nov 2016 007

Here’s hoping we can all chill out around candlelight tonight. Tomorrow’s another day and no matter who you voted for, it’s gonna be a better day.

Nov 2016 008

It’s Just Another Day.

For two years, Vesta and I visited the Huntington Beach Pier almost every morning. Our apartment was on the sand, we could see the pier from our living room window and when you see something this glorious, you just gotta go and visit it, to walk on it, to enjoy the people you meet on it.

We live far from the ocean now. But we got a great river we walk along everyday. But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss visiting with the fisherman, the early morning risers like ourselves and the tourists, we’d meet by the Dawn’s Early Light on the pier. We do.

Nov 2016 009

The Beaux Arts Arch.

This is an early morning photograph of the Beaux Arts Arch in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Once upon a time, this arch was part of the Ferry Terminal on Pier 43, but that was in the days of costal schooners. Now, it’s just a wonderful piece of art.

Nov 2016 010

Happy Birthday, Tiffany.


Happy Birthday one more time, Tiffany.

Tiffany 002

Enjoy you birthday popcorn, Tiffany.

Nov 2016 011

Downtown Reno, Just Before Dawn.

Nov 2016 012

Dawn in Fisherman's Wharf.

Nov 2016 013

Here are Sam and Nate and they are Engaged to Be Married.

Nov 2016 020

This photograph of the prettiest girl in the Caribbean at sea, somewhere between Trinidad and Grenada, goes with my fourth posting of “When I was Katie Osborne, which you can see if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see here:

And if you haven’t seen my early Katie posts, I’ll say again. Katie wasn’t and is not real. I made her up, so she could sell her stories to sailing magazines and help us out with the money she got paid, cuz the money I was getting paid for my stories, wasn’t quite enough.

This story is the first of her cooking column and has two excellent recipes for jerk chicken. Though Katie was never real, Vesta always was, so the unreal Katie, stole her real recipes from Vesta.

If you wanna cook chicken tonight, why don’t you give one of Vesta’s tasty Jerk Chicken recipes a try.

Nov 2016 025

Here is Ashley and her new boyfriend. I tried to tell her that Bob, that’s his name, wasn’t right for her, but kids these days, do they listen? 

Nov 2016 026

Everybody wants to be photographed with Bob.

Vesta and I are thinking about doing another year long portrait project called “Portraits with Bob.” We’d load Bob into our car, take him out to our bridge and asks total strangers if they’d like their picture taken with him.

The only problem is that Bob is kinda fragile. We found his foam head at the Goodwill. His body is basically thick dowels, you know like a cross. So he really has no feet. We use our Christmas tree stand to keep him standing.

We got his beads at Mardi Gras and his sheepherder’s coat in New Zealand. His scimitar we found at the Goodwill as well. His hand came with his head. And the chicken bones are courtesy of a few chickens we ate. His rock nose came from a walk through San Rafael Park. His hair came from a pirate Halloween costume. And lastly he’s got a couple Rolex watches which you can’t see in this photograph. They came from China and they’re not real, but Bob doesn’t know that.

We got this brilliant idea from the kids and big people too, who come over. It seems they all wanna have their photograph made with Bob. So, if Bob doesn’t mind, and since he’s got no mind, I don’t think he will, and if we can maybe make him a little sturdier, you might just find us out on the Virginia or Sierra Street bridges with Bob in the very near future.

Oh yes, in the photograph below with Bob are Kaleb and Kylee and can’t you see how happy they are to be with Bob in this photo. They are two of the reasons we’re most likely gonna start this silly project.

Nov 2016 027

Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning. That works for fishermen too.

Nov 2016 028

A selfie taken in Fisherman's Wharf.

Nov 2016 029

Vesta and her sisters, Gina, Janice, Cathie and you know who.

Nov 2016 030

We are fine tuning our Christmas set and in a couple days, we'll be ready to start doing Christmas photos for real. Vesta says, "Oh boy, can hardly wait."

We we did one session, "Thanks, ChristineMichaelAshley, Kaleb, Kylee and Maddie. And we wanna thank Nicole and Nate, for helping us out with our revised set.

Nov 2016 031

I first posted this photograph of Vesta on our new bridge (the Virginia Street Bridge) the morning after it was officially opened, back in April.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping notes and I’ve got photographs from then and I’ve added April 2016 to our kinda website blog. If you’d like to see what we were doing back then, you can follow this link: Who knows, you might like something you see there. It could happen.

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