March 2018


Snow in our front yard

March 2, 2018: Early Morning in Reno.

Ken with cold breath

At least I’m not blowing hot air.

Sundown in the Park

March 3, 2018: Sundown in the Park.

Vesta looking angry

March 4, 2018: Just cuz it’s cold outside and I left my keys inside when I locked the door, is that any reason for me to be in the doghouse? Fortunately, I forgot to lock the backdoor. And why oh why did that make it even worse?

Yellow Sunrise in Reno

March 6, 2018: Yellow Sky over Reno's Virginia Street Bridge

The sunrise downtown this morning was gorgeous and even prettier after I enhanced it. I wasn't going to take this picture, because I've done so many of this bridge from where we photograph out morning faces, but we only have five days left of our morning project, so what the heck.

It's not that Vesta and I won't be out and about at sunrise, we're sunrise people, but we'll be in different places, so I probably won't be photographing this bridge much anymore.

The New Reno Sign

March 7, 2018: The New Reno Sign at Dawn.

Vesta and I have been out and about in downtown Reno an awful lot in the last three years and by this time next week, we'll be a couple days into our break from out early morning photography there, so I thought I should take a photo of the new sign from the north side, looking down toward the Virginia Street Bridge.

It looks great lit up. Sadly, not as good as it used to when the lights are off. Still, we love the sign. Who wouldn't?

The New Reno Sign in Sepia

The New Reno Sign in Sepia.

Lucy and Ezekiel

March 8, 2018: Lucy and Zeke.

Lucy and Zeke one more time

Lucy and Zeke one more time.

Vesta in the Fog

March 11, 2018: Here is Vesta this morning on our bridge in the fog. You can barely see the Virginia Street Bridge in the background. This was a spooky morning which made you glad to be alive. This morning was just glorious. We’ve had a lotta great mornings downtown, but this one for sure is in the top ten, maybe even number one.

Ken with Reno in the background

March 14, 2018: On top of the world. Well, up above Reno anyway.

Trying to free our little Yaris

March 17, 2018: Trying to free our little Yaris.

Ken and Vesta in Trinidad

March 17, 2018: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from me and Vesta in Trinidad. Well, we’re not in Trinidad right now. Also, they do have snakes in Trinidad, so I suppose St. Paddy never made it there, but they still have parties in his honor and even in the Caribbean, people have been known to drink green beer on his day.

We miss Trinidad, land of rum, spices and more fun than you can imagine.

Cigar Smoking Irishman

Vesta and I met this guy tonight on our walkabout. We didn’t get his name, but we did get his message. A lotta people are gonna be drinking tonight, you know, cuz it’s St. Patrick’s day. So be careful out there.”

That’s pretty good advice. We think go anywhere.

Dusk in Reno

March 18, 2018: A Wintery Dusk.

Felicia and John's Engagement Photo

March 19, 2018: Felicia and John.

Vesta at Idlewild Park

Here is Vesta at Idlewild Park. She’s standing on some pretty narrow train tracks. They have or had, I don’t know if it still runs, a kiddie train. We took Devon on it when he was three. It was pretty neat then and if it still runs, it’s pretty neat now. If it doesn’t run anymore, than that’s too bad. 

Vesta at Virginia Lake

Seagull diving for bread

We always say we’re going to bring bread to feed the birds when we go to Virginia Lake, so we can get a couple bird shots, but since we don’t eat bread, we never do. Because if we don’t buy it for ourselves, we’ll be darned if were gonna by it for the birds.

But when we got to the park, we parked in the parking lot in front of a picnic table, which was covered in bread. And apparently the bread leaving people had just left, because the birds hadn’t discovered it yet, so we stole a couple slices to feed the birds along our walk.

But it was cold and Vesta couldn’t put her bread holding hand in her pocket, so as soon as saw some seagulls, she started throwing pieces in the air.

In this photo, this girl is swooping down on one of those pieces. She was pretty quick, cuz she got it. I say pretty quick, because she wasn’t the only gull after it.


Vesta at 17 in a bathing suit

March 22, 2018: The Prettiest Seventeen-Year-Old Girl in America.

And is that a hot bikini or what? Also, I probably should have photoshopped out that person in the background, but he, or she, was just so gosh darned interesting that I couldn’t do it.

Vesta chimping in the snow

March 23, 2018: Looks like she's pretty happy with her photograph.

Two Lover Kissing in the Snow

Two lovers happy
Throwing caution to the wind
Kissing in the snow

Twila and Mike, Rest in Peace

March 24, 2018:

Twila passed away yesterday. She was Vesta's aunt, which was kinda strange, because she was only a couple years older. She lived in San Angelo, Texas and Vesta and I used to drop in and see her and Mike when our road trips took us their way, which was about every third year or so. Mike was her husband and he left us about a decade ago.

He had cancer and only had a few days left when we last saw him. He was optimistic and told us he was going to beat it, but we knew he couldn’t. And he knew too. He smoked and though I long ago had given it up, I smoked with him.

And while I was smoking with him, I told him we were searching for a Texas shaped belt buckle for Devon, who was five at the time, and he told me to leave it to him. He’d find one and send it to us. It came in the mail a couple days after we got home and a couple days before he died.

Now, she’s gone too.

Twila had MS and she had a special Van, tricked out so she could drive around town in her wheel chair. And the controls weren’t all where they should be. However, she explained it to me and the last time we visited her in San Angelo, I drove it around town, while Vesta, Twila and Ruby, Twila’s sister and Vesta’s other aunt, talked away in back and maybe they might’ve even made fun of my driving.

One time when we visited, she was feeling a little down because she wanted to vote and getting to her polling place was gonna be hard for her, because she wasn’t feeling well.

“I know what,” she’d said. “You all could take me.” And we did, even though, I suspect, but I don’t know for sure, but I suspect, she mighta canceled out my vote.

Mike and Twila were mighty fine people and we miss them. The world is a lesser place without them.


Reagan holding a sign

March 24, 2018: Here is Reagan, asking a horrible question. And the sad truth is, she could be.

No Hate in the Silver State

Oh, if Only it Could Be So.

Ken by the Virginia Street Bridge in the Morning

March 26, 2018:

A couple days ago the kids marched against guns. Eight hundred thousand in DC. Marches all over America. All over the world. Vesta and I were captivated by their short speeches. Can you imagine, still in high school and standing before over a third of million people in person and millions more on TV and you’re only fifteen or sixteen or in one girl’s case, eleven?

And they were eloquent and elegant. Kids. They were kids. And a lot of ‘em were attacked on Facebook, on Twitter, on TV, because they want to ban the guns that have been mowing them down. Yeah, there are those who think these kids should have stayed home. Shame on them.

That said, I’ve tried to not be political on Facebook, because whenever you are, there are those who try to bait you into a stupid argument. Usually they have no facts to back ‘em up and when you counter them with facts, they cut and paste their responses from some website which apparently molded their point of view. I guess they do that, cuz it makes them feel smart. However, back when I used to take the bait, I would google their words and when I found that they were dumb boobs without a mind of there own, I’d stop the conversation.

Anyway, I’m still not going to be political on Facebook, at least after this post, because in today’s environment, I don’t think it’s productive. However, I just may have a few words to say about what I believe and I just may comment on what’s going on in America today in my Walkabout posts on our website, so if you don’t wanna see anything like that, please don’t look.

However, I think I should give you just a brief look at what my politics are, just in case you do wanna look at my Walkabout posts. And don’t get me wrong, these posts are not meant to be political and a lot of ‘em won’t be, but I’m not going to shy away from politics like I do on Facebook.

Basically, though I don’t claim to be a Christian, in the sense a lot of people do, I’ve read the Bible. More than once. In fact, only a few short years ago, when I was in bootcamp in San Diego, I was issued a pocket sized New Testament. I guess the United States Marine Corps thought we should be prepared spiritually for the trials we were about to face.

We had five Jews in Platoon 151 at MCRD and I didn’t wonder then what they thought of their pocket sized New Testament’s back then, but I kinda wonder now. And I’m betting they don’t issue those anymore.

I’ve only mentioned the above, because that Jesus guy, whether he was who he said he was or not, really influenced me and I suppose if you’re going to be influenced by anyone, he’s a better influencer than most.

So, this is how I decide which side of an issue I’m going to come down on. I ask myself, what would Jesus say about it. And when I’m in the voting booth, I ask myself each and every time, before I make a mark on my ballet, “Where would Jesus make his mark?” And that’s where I make mine.

So, before you decide to click on and look at my Walkabout posts, which might, sometimes, be about more than pretty pictures, here is where I stand.

1. Abortion - Jesus would be against it, so I am too.
2. Capital punishment - Jesus would be against it, so I am too.
3. Undocumented immigrants - Jesus would forgive them and let them stay, so that’s where I stand too.
4. Gay marriage - Jesus wouldn’t care, so I don’t either.
5. People who look different than me - Jesus believes we’re all equal in the eyes of God, so that’s good enough for me.
6. Guns - Jesus would be against them, so I am too.
7. Politicians who take money from rich people and lobbyists - I think you know what Jesus would think about them.
8. War - Jesus would certainly be against that and I am too.
9. Equal pay for equal work - Same answer as number 5.
10. Taxes - He’d want me to pay them, so I do, even though I don’t like to.

See, it’s pretty easy to see where I stand. I stand with Jesus, even though I’m not quite sure he was who many think he was and even though he lived a long time ago.

And in closing, I don’t like any Bible School or Divinity School or graduate in Religious Studies person or pastor or priest or televangelist telling me what Jesus meant every time he opened his mouth, because I know what he meant and you do to. If you don’t, all you gotta do is read what he said, it’s pretty gosh darn clear.

Little Stream 001

Here is one of the first photographs we took on our walkabout yesterday. —

Little Stream

This is on of the last photographs we took on our walkabout yesterday. —

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