March 2016

March 1, 2016 001

March 1, 2016: Here is Shannon, bravely facing the future, though sometimes it can be a knock down, drag out, ass kicking fight, just to get through the day.

And if you’d like to read the 16th chaptor of Shannon’s Journey, please click on this link:

March 2016 003

March 2, 2016: Vesta took this photograh of me yesterday, March 1st. She said I was a cute guy. Haha. And I say “haha,” cuz my hair looks kinda funny.

March 2016 005

March 3, 2016: Ken goes just about anywhere to take a photograph. This time he didn't get prosecuted.

Virginia St. Bridge 402

This is a test to see if I can process and upload a photo from my brand spanking new Chromebook. It looks like I can, so bye bye MacBook, you no longer go on the road with me.

Virginia St. Bridge 405

Good Day Sunshine.

Virginia St. Bridge 404

And the Dark Blessed Night.

Lee and Marianne at the Wall

 March 3, 2016: Lunch with Lee and Marianne at the Wall.

March 2016 011

Oh my!

March 2016 012

And still another photograph from our  lunch with Lee and Marianne.

Amie and Tyler Engagement Photo

March 5, 2016: Here are Amie and Tyler and they are getting married in a few hours. How cool is that? 

March 2016 015

March 6, 2016: Vesta says, "I just finished this baby quilt which I'm going to give to my Mother for her "Baby's in need" program in Dallas. But I'm not going to have to mail it to her, I will deliver it in person in about a week. See you soon, Mom."

March 2016 016

March 7, 2017: Sealed with a kiss. Just think, with a single kiss a bride and groom become one. That’s what makes wedding photography so gosh darned wonderful, just being there for that moment.

Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter.

March 2016 018

Douglas Alley in Downtown Reno. And this coulda been part of Vesta’s Non Human Series, but apparently she’s only doing motels in that series.

March 2016 027

March 13, 2016: We’re getting our kicks on Routh 66. The old route. And we’re on the road again.

March 2016 070

Here is Kenny’s Barber Shop, somewhere in in the Texas Panhandle. I almost went in for a haircut.

March 2016 029

March 19, 2016: And here is Vesta’s mother Una Faye. She lives in a small town called Krum, Texas, near Denton and about a half hour from Dallas.

March 2016 034

Vesta took this selfie with her brother Jerry, her sisters, Janice and Cathie and her niece Dayle.

March 2016 037

Here is Vesta’s sister Cathie, working on their mother’s quilting machine. That’s one big machine, but it makes making a quilt a whole heck of a lot easier than doing the whole thing by hand.

March 2016 041

Here are Vesta and McKinley, two people who can star in any photograph I make.

Yellow Tractor in Weeds

March 21, 2016: Whoever said the grass is always greener is a big fat liar!

March 2016 043

These kids know who the fun guy is.

March 2016 047

All she wants is a lift every now and then. Is that asking too much?

March 2016 044

X marks th spot in the Arizona Skies.

March 2016 045

A cactus out in the California desert.

March 2016 049

March 23, 2016: I took one look at this photo and I shaved it off again. Hair on your upper lip, I just dunno. Does it make me look young and debonaire. I don’t think so. It’s sorta like a caterpillar, just sitting there, waiting to catch food.

And just the thought of hair coming out of your face every morning that you have to scrape off. What’s that all about? It’s like God’s cruel joke.

Still, I had a full beard for years, when I was younger, and there were a lotta advantages to that. You don’t have to shave. That’s a plus. Plus, it gathered food that I could munch on throughout the day. And it made me look wise.

But I don’t got it now, cuz now, though it would still make me look wise, it’d make me look old and wise. So I kept the stash, but it’s gone again, this time, I think for a long while. After all, James Dean didn’t need one.

March 2016 050

Here is Vesta’s new Facebook profile picture and I really like it.

March 2016 051

When Vesta and I go on the road, we take a lotta portraits. People we know, people we don’t. This gorgeous girl is Kimberly. We know her, cuz she’s our niece, Vesta’s and mine.

We have discovered, me and Vesta, that picture making is a calling. We never go anywhere anymore without a camera and it’s gotta be a pretty crummy, no good, rotten day when we don’t photograph somebody, somewhere, someway.

And I’m not counting our early morning mostly bridge photos. We’re people photographers and we can find people all day long and, on that rare occasion, when we don’t go out, we photograph each other. Well, I photograph Vesta more than she photographs me, but you get the idea.

March 2016 052

The prettiest girls in Texas.

Vesta Looking Frustrated

When Vesta gives me this look, my first impulse is to put my camera down and run. But where would I go? Besides, eventually I’d have to come home.

So instead, I usually say, “I didn’t do it, really.” Then, I fall back on the immortal words of that wise sage, Homer Simpson, and say, “Really, it was like that when I got here.”

I’d like to say the above works, but it never has.

So before she stops gritting her teeth, I generally say something like, “Hey, how about those dishes? I think I’ll go wash ‘em.”

That usually doesn’t work either, but at least she gets clean dishes.

And you know what? The thing of it is, I usually never find out what I did.

March 2016 054

Do you ever wanna just get on a train and ride?

March 2016 056

March 26, 2016: On our way to Ashland, Oregon to visit with Devon.

March 2016 055

Here is Devon taking it easy at the Stratford Inn in Ashland, Oregon.

March 2016 057

March 26, 2016: This is Devon’s Auntie Chris and she gets a lotta props and five stars from me and Vesta, cuz she’s always there for him, come hell or high water.

March 2016 061

Boy that Devon. Who ever put a camera in his hands? Who ever told him he could take pictures?

Wait! It was me. But I didn’t mean for him to photograph my oversized butt. Ah well, you know what they say, “Out of the mouths of babes.”

It appears I have some work to do. Wish me luck.

Ken and Devon Taking a Picture

Devon wants the same photograph as Ken. Always.

March 2016 065

Here is Devon’s cousin Cassie, who loves, loves, loves to have her picture taken. She’s gonna break a lotta hearts someday.

March 2016 059

March 27, 2016: The New Virginia Street Bridge at Sunrise. — Two weeks till it’s officially finished and ready for people and cars.

March 2016 063

Does she look different this morning? I’ll give you a clue. If you wear contacts, your eyes can be any color you want. There was a time when she had purple eyes. That was purple people eater freaky. The blue ones though, they’re kinda nice.

March 2016 064

Most everything I’ve ever owned in this life is gone. Actually, if you’re talking furniture or clothes (not counting Hawaiian shirts) it’s been gone several times over.

We don’t keep stuff, cuz when we get too much stuff, a lotta stuff has gotta go, so we can go or so we can start over again.

We move a lot, cuz new places, even if they’re in the same city (we’ve been in Reno six years and we’ve lived in four different parts of town), are exciting as all get out. And, of course, when we moved to the boat, we got rid of everything.

So when I see an old photo with more than one thing from our past in it that we still have, it’s a rare thing, which is why I’m posting this one.

The painting at the top of the photo, we still have that. And that world clock on the left of the photo, we still have that. And the Kenyan basket behind the clock, we still have that. And the lamp on the right, we still have that. And then there’s the girl, I still have her.

March 2016 069

March 28, 2016: Footprints in Tire Tracks.

Here is our street three hours ago. When we got up to go downtown for our By the Dawn’s Early Light portrait, this is what we encountered. And it was still snowing. A car had gone by, leaving tracks which looked less slippery. And besides, if we walked in them, we wouldn’t pollute the gorgeous landscape with our footprints.

And what do you know, it looks like our footprints, Vesta’s and mine, sorta created unintended art.

March 2016 072

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Felicia and Steven had their one year Wedding Anniversary and we were on the road and I missed it. I shoulda checked, but I didn’t. I should be shot. Well, not shot, but you know what I mean.

So, even though I’m a week late, here goes, “Happy, happy anniversary Felicia and Steven. I hope you have eighty more and that each one is happier than the last.

March 2016 075

March 29, 2016: I know I’ve said I don’t believe in being political on Facebook and I’ve promised that I’d not do that. But sometimes you have to stand up and take a stand, for or against something important. And that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m taking my stand here and now, load and clear, against gum.

They outlawed it in Singapore. We should do it here. We need to know where Donald and Ted and Bernie and Hillary stand on gum, so we can vote accordingly.

I know, I know, there are some of you who don’t think it’s all that important. But you’d be wrong if you thought that way. Seriously, you would be and if you don’t believe me, read on.

Vesta and I were in Singapore when the great gum controversy game to a head. The government was upset, cuz they had to keep spending money to clean the stuff off the sidewalks. So they took out ads in the papers, on the radio and on TV.

They told the people if they wanted to keep chewing, they had to stop dropping it on the sidewalk after the taste had been all chewed away. They gave the people a chance, “If they stopped dropping, they could keep chewing.”

But the people kept dropping and the government had to keep cleaning till finally they couldn’t take it anymore and they outlawed gum. It’s true, we were there.

But in America we’re so used to gum on our sidewalks and under our tables in restaurants that we don’t notice it anymore.

Really, we don’t see it.

Just take a look at this photo. The front part of this sidewalk by the river in Downtown Reno is littered with the sticky stuff, but the behind part, which is new and has not yet been walked on by humans, has no gum stuck to it.

So, I’m asking you, in light of this evidence, where do you stand on gum? And where do our candidates stand? Inquiring minds want to know.

March 2016 076

March 29, 2016: Yikes!

March 2016 077

Vesta and I were staying in Denpasar, in Bali, where we became friends with a guy named Made (pronounced Ma-day). He took us to a lot of places most tourists don’t get to see, including his living room.

One day, he asked us if we’d like to go to an ancient temple, called Goa Gajah, which means Elephant Cave. However, he told us, there are no elephants there, but he knew we’d enjoy seeing it.

We told him okay and he told us he’d pick us up in the morning. And when he did, I couldn’t help but notice a bit of a frown when he saw my attire.

But it wasn’t my fault. He shoulda told me the gods might be unhappy if I showed up in pink shorts. I loved those shorts, I got ‘em in Hong Kong and they went very nicely with my Hawaiian shirts.

However, he was too polite to tell me I screwed up, dress code wise, but when we got to the temple, he and the priests there got me a sarong kinda thing. They looked embarrassed about it, as if I might object. But they all seemed relieved when I put it on.

And after I put it on, Made borrowed my camera and took this picture.

And looking back, I shoulda known, no matter what the religion, pink shorts are obviously not appropriate. Duh!


Vesta and I spent the day painting our studio, which is basically a converted three car garage. It’s a big garage, plenty big for everything we need.

The walls are drywall with this supposedly special drywall tape between sections. The ceiling too is like that.

We wanted a nice white on the walls and ceiling so we could bounce light all over the place. So we went to Home Depot and after talking to the paint guy, we settled on an eggshell white paint from Behr that cost forty bucks a gallon.

And it took a whole gallon to cover just one wall and it soaked into the drywall tape and made it come off, so we had a big stinking mess.

So we went back to Home Depot and told the paint guy what happened and he said, “You didn’t tell me you were covering drywall, you need to prime it first.”

Prime it first. Who knew?

So he sold us a couple gallons of primer and it covered the other walls and ceiling just fine, but it took us twenty minutes to figure out how to open the bucket. And we only figured it out, cuz I finally googled it. You need a special tool. And we didn’t have a special tool, so I used a pair of channel locks.

Which meant we had to use all the paint, cuz I destroyed the top. Which means we don’t have any left to put on that other wall after the mess dries.

So tomorrow we’re gonna go back to Home Depot and get more primer and more paint, so we can prime the one messy wall after we sand it and paint the other walls and the ceiling.

On the plus side, Vesta has really come into her own with the spackle. She’s filled all the screw holes and sanded after and now those primer covered walls are smooth, smooth. The ceiling, not so much, cuz sanding upside down is not in the cards for is. It’s all primered, but it’s not so pretty. However, we’re not gonna be photographing anybody on the ceiling, so we’re gonna live with it.

And now we’re going to bed, cuz every licking, sticking part of our bodies hurts like heck.


March 2016 078

March 31, 2016: Amanda in Her Fabulous Wedding Gown, Part 1.

About a year ago or so, when Vesta and I were photographing Amanda and her kids, we got to talking about her wedding dress. And I asked her if she’d like to do a trash the dress shoot. You don’t really trash the dress, that’s just what a photo session, taken sometime after the wedding, of the bride in her dress is called.

Why they call it that I don’t know, cuz the dress doesn’t usually get trashed. I suppose it could, but this one didn’t. It was her mother’s dress and it wouldn’t have been too cool if we sent her home with it in tatters.

March 2016 079

Amanda in Her Fabulous Wedding Gown, Part 2.

However, we couldn’t do the trash the dress shoot straightaway, cuz the dress was in Colorado, with her mother.

“Bummer,” Vesta said.

“But the next time I visit, I can bring it back.”

And she did.

Amanda, Wedding Dress in the Snow

Amanda in Her Fabulous Wedding Gown, Part 3.

And this photograph of Amanda in her fabulous wedding dress closes out our March Diaries Page. 

Can you just imagine sitting in a church, eyes on the groom, his groomsmen and a bevy of bridesmaids and the organ plays the Wedding March and Amanda comes walking down the aisle in that dress.

Or maybe it’s an outdoor wedding, snow is light falling. A winter wedding, like in this photograph. A wedding photographer’s dream. A bride’s dream too. It’s not chilly, the sun has just come out. A magical wedding. Just imagine. Can you? I can.

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