July 2017

The Road Goes On

July 1, 2017: The Road Goes On Forever. Halfway between Susanville and Reno.

Vesta, Mustapha and Mourad, by Ken Douglas

July 2, 2017: Here are VestaMustapha and Mourad all smiling to beat the band.


In a few minutes Vesta, Devon and I are gonna go see the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie and as soon as that's over, we're gonna see the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, cuz todays a day for sequels.

But tomorrow is not, tomorrow’s a Wonder Woman day.


St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Reno, NV

July 4, 2017: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, lit up this morning by the Dawn’s Early Light.

Vesta in front of Shovel Sculptor

Hey, one of the shovels is backwards. And now I’m wondering if it was sloppy workmanship by the crew who installed the sculptor, or maybe the artist did it on purpose and was just waiting for someone like me to come along and wonder about it?

It’s a head scratcher.

Ken, Vesta and Devon in front of Fireworks

Another 4th almost over. I hope yours was as good as ours, cuz ours was great. So happy almost over 4th of July to everyone out there in Facebook Land from VestaDevon and me.

The Silver Legacy at Sunrise

July 5, 2017: The Silver Legacy, looking more like the Golden Legacy, at Sunrise.

Desert Sunrise

July 6, 2017: Desert Sunrise.

Wedding Rehearsal 101

Tomorrow, Dale is gonna walk his daughter down the aisle for real. It’s gonna be so cool. 

The Keystone Bridge

Here Comes the Sun. Well, Not Quit Yet.

This is Reno’s Keystone Bridge. It looks great and nice and sturdy and able to hold tons of cars, from the top. From beneath, maybe not so much. But since we drive on it a lot, I’m hoping it’s only cosmetic.

Sunrise on the Riverwalk 001

July 7, 2017: Sunrise on the Riverwalk, One.

Sunrise on the Riverwalk 002

Sunrise on the Riverwalk, Two.

Natalie and Seth Kissing on their Wedding Day

July 8, 2017: Here are Natalie and Seth, who got married about a minute and a half before I took this photograph. Can you tell this is the real deal? It was pretty obvious to me and Vesta. These two are gonna be living happily ever after for a long, long time.

Natalie and Seth in an old car

Here are Natalie and Seth on their wedding day. Photograph by Devon Douglass. I swear, that kid’s gonna be a great photographer someday. Oh wait! It appears that he already is.

Natalie and Seth with the Getaway Car

Natalie and Seth with the getaway car, right after they robbed the bank. 

Natalie and Seth kissing their daughter

This is what Happy looks like. 

Girl Fishing

I found this image on a barroom wall awhile back and liked it, so I photographed it. Originally, before I messed with it, it was a small poster advertising some kind of whisky, I think. I don’t remember. Anyway, I took out the words, cropped it, gave the girl longer legs and repaired the imperfections.

And this is my final result. I wouldn’t have posted this blatant rip off of somebody else’s work, if I didn’t really like the picture. In fact, I’m gonna print it out and put it on the wall by my computer to remind me that I gotta go fishing real soon.

Vesta and Devon doing the Cupid Shuffle

Vesta and Devon doing, of all things, the Cupid Shuffle.

Vesta and Devon with Cameras

July 9, 2017: Vesta and Devon, Photographers Two.

Ken and Devon at Virginia Lake

Ken and Devon this morning at Reno's Virginia Lake.

Ken and Devon on the Riverwalk

July 10, 2017: Ken and Devon on Reno’s Riverwalk just before sundown.

Mom Zipping up Kimberlee's Wedding Dress

July 11, 2017: One of the Best Says of a Mother’s Life.

Kimberlee Smiling on her Wedding Day

July 12, 2107: Just About the Brightest Smile a Girl Could Ever Have.


July 15, 2017: I accuse this woman of child abuse. She is Amber K. Douglass, formally Amber Vianos. She married my son, Stephen Douglass and immediately started controlling him. Devon was five when this happened and that’s when the beatings began.

I accuse Amber K. Douglass of child abuse and I will never forgive myself for not seeing it until Devon finally opened up about it.

I accuse, I accuse, I accuse. She is a child abuser and such a good liar. And now, these ten years later, she’s got two more children to abuse. Two little girls, our grandchildren, who we’ve never been allowed to know, who I have never seen.

I accuse Amber K. Douglass of child abuse and if there’s a God in Heaven, he’ll guide the hands of the powers that be in Medford, Oregon and they’ll take those two little girls away from her, because they need a safe place. And hiding in a closet while your mother rages is not a safe place for a two year old girl.

I accuse, I accuse, I accuse. In a just world this woman would have had her vagina set on fire while she was still wearing it. Instead, she has rights.

I accuse, I accuse, I accuse. Burning her alive would be too good for her, because it’s too much like Hell and it might tarnish Lucifer’s name. Even the Devil himself would shun her.

I accuse, I accuse, I accuse. Amber K. Douglass has abused my grandson and is abusing my granddaughters. And, if that weren’t enough, she’s abusing her sister’s kids too, because she’s a good liar and managed to convince the State of Oregon she’d be a good foster mother.

I accuse Amber K. Douglass of being a danger to children. She should be locked away in a dark place and never, not ever allowed to see the light of day. She is so evil, she even makes the Devil weep.


July 17, 2017: I take my blood pressure every morning, but I haven't for the last couple days, cuz I'm afraid if I did, I'd have to check myself into the hospital.


Sharon Olsen Pearson Is Devon with you? Do grandparents have rights? I'm so sorry that you, 
Vesta and the kids are going through this nightmare.

David Badridze I did it once about 20 years ago and it was 60/30!

Barbara Matteoni Stand your ground, those children need your and Vesta's Love and help ... But, take care of yourself too!!!

Marci Ebert Take it now. Take care of yourself first.. You can't help others if you aren't here.

Tina Tillman Please take care of yourself Ken! I care about You & Vesta a lot! You both are good people. Sorry to hear you are going thru a hard time. I think you may remember I also went thru similar things myself 8 yrs ago. It's heartbreaking to say the least.
Please take care of yourself tho. You mean a lot to a LOT of people here. If you didn't realize that then it's up to a friend to remind you . 
You bring the real  of this City & surrounding areas to life in your posts & writings! You make a difference Ken! 

Kathy Kemp Breathe deep mister..

Diane Welch Positive attitude means positive results! Stay POSITIVE! Hugs to you, Vesta and Devon!

Kathy Jo Drake Hang in there and breath. Some things are simply out of your control for the moment. Pray if you are a praying person.

Judy Kunz Do it anyways! Gods with you.xo

Vera Claar My heart is breaking for you, Vesta and Devon!! I'm so sorry that Devon has gone thru this for a long time but am glad it's finally out!! Praying for you all and the two little girls!! May God give you what you all need to get through this very difficult time!!!

John Harroun I can relate to that

Annie Casey Hugs and prayers sent

Andrea Rosney Sorry you're not feeling well.  

Michael Barr Praying for you, Vesta and Devon that Devon can remain with you. Continue to have strength.


The police in Victorville talked to Devon last night, they were polite and friendly and Devon liked ‘em. It’s good to know kids can trust the cops these days.


Tiffany Douglass Said:

HELP. Child Protective Services in Medford, Oregon does not believe us that my nephew is being abused. Even though the police were on our side, CPS has ordered Devon to be returned home.

My brother is driving to where Devon is now and will arrive in 12 hours.

Do any of my friends have experience with situations like this? WHAT CAN WE DO? Do my parents have any legal rights as grandparents of an abused child?

Sheila Mortensen Is his wife coming with him? Can you get people together for an intervention with Steve?

Tiffany Douglass Steve is beyond hope. There is no talking sense in to him.

Sheila Mortensen I don't know... maybe without the control of that awful wife of his around. Somebody might be able to do or say something.

Devon Douglass They're taking me. Help. I don't want to go back. Please.

Tiffany Douglass We are working on finding a way for them not to take you Devon!!

Kate Maloney You have people you don't know wanting to help!!! You are loved!

Barbara Benavides Maybe Bikers Against Abuse Nevada can assist with recommendations/suggestions? http://nevada.bacaworld.org/

Bikers Against Child Abuse NevadaNortheaster Nevada Chapter 3rd Friday every month at 8:30 PM. Stockman's Hotel and Casino 

Barbara Benavides How about an emergency child protective order issued in Reno to stop his abusers from taking Devon back to Oregon?

Tiffany Douglass Barbara Benavides Emergency Protective Order is being looked in to.

Catherine Scheffler How old is devon... what rights do he have....

Tiffany Douglass He is 15.

Catherine Scheffler Call police get them involved have him talk to them tooooooo

Sharon Olsen Pearson Emancipation age is 16 in Oregon. Not sure what the requirements are but it is a thought to pursue.

Tiffany Douglass Not 16 until June 2018

Catherine Scheffler Call the police that you all talked too, ask him

Peggy Harroun He can talk to his teachers when he starts school again. They are mandatory reporters. They have to go to court and get temporary custody.

Meredith Walter Did the police talk to your nephew seems weird?

Tiffany Douglass Police talked to Devon last night. All the police were great and supportive. It is Child Protective Services that does not believe us.

Meredith Walter Tiffany Douglass Lame

Catherine Scheffler If and when the father gets to your parents, they should have the police there with them.. 
( that way there is no he said she said )

Tiffany Douglass I believe that the police will be there as Devon does not want to return.

Catherine Scheffler Have Devon run to the police telling them he is scared, of going back..

Amber Leigh Stradley-Peralta This makes me so ANGRY....i can't even...

Cori Pace I don't know the law in Oregon, but in Washington there are unfortunately no grandparents' rights...my guess is it's similar if they're returning him. Your parents may be able to fight for custody, but it would likely be an uphill battle if they can’t prove the abuse in some way... Also, I hate that your family is going through this - loves to you all and hugs. I am hoping for everything to come out in your family's favor.

Tiffany Douglass It's not a question of proving abuse. The CPS lady had no interest in hearing about any of the abuse that has occured. She flat out said that what's in the past is in the past.

Terry Tabak Holston What?? Child abuse is always in the past!

Amy Deltachiq Elia Kacie can you help??!

Kacie Elizabeth We're the parents arrested? Grandparents could maybe take the parents to court for custody or guardianship. They should talk to a lawyer who knows the laws there.

Tiffany Douglass Parents not arrested. CPS worker decided Devon was lying and refused to open a case. She said what's happened in the past does not matter.

Sheila Mortensen A therapist can help. If he can talk to someone in the next 12 hours, they have to report that he is not lying. Possible cause for an emergency protective order.

Tiffany Douglass Called one who said they cannot help at this point. Will call others.

Leila Veil Attorney General, and everyone has a boss. Keep climbing higher and higher or start at the top. I know in this state a call to the governors office makes people move. Especially if you ask them what happens when this child's story hits the news and they failed to act.

Teri Crow Melody Wilbrecht any advice?

Miles Gillett Any other traits that would work against Steve that could be proven to prove he is an unfit father ? Could delay things a bit for the courts, etc. This is breaking my heart following this. Hold it together Devon, be brave. We all care.

Tiffany Douglass Steve was a drug addict for many years. He's cleaned up from all that though (which I'm grateful for).

Miles Gillett thank god for that

Linda Stone Nelson I find this horrific, that without any true investigation, they return the child to the abusers.

Barbara Benavides Tiffany Douglass: Since you live in Oregon, can you ask to have Devon live with you? This might be a temporary solution for all to consider.

Stëtzel Grüben Michelle Mattern Goodin can you offer some advice for my dear friend?

Michelle Mattern Goodin Have then PM me.

Tiffany Douglass PM sent!

Laurel Burcham I'm so sorry that this is happening to your family Tiffany. I do hope that something can be done quickly to save your nephew!

Nona Carrasco My mom went through this with my nephews and nieces and has now adopted one of my nephews who she pretty much raised and my niece who she's been caring for since she was born %90. It was a very long ordeal and I'd be happy to provide more detail but have to jump off and go pick up a fare. (Working right now). Send me your number in DM if you'd like me to call you on a bit.

Tiffany Douglass I would love to talk with you about this. We just need to make it through tonight first.

Leia Syvertson Berry Love to you and your family. You have such a big heart. Devon and you and your parents are in my thoughts.

Amy Shaw They need to PROVE the abuse, and first and foremost, they should ask Devon about it, he is old enough to speak to this. I can't imagine them doing this without asking more questions... I would call anyone i could and ask, ask and ASK!

YeVonne Allen Vesta Irene Ken Douglas - do you need me to come over? Anything I can do?

Jill Heath Gibson Wish I did!!!

Cheryl Dethlefsen Call a lawyer. Get an emergency temp guardianship order. Has to do this with our grand niece.

Cheryl Dethlefsen Good luck

Steve Behmerwohld Sara Behmerwohld?

Sherry Kelly I was wondering where all the attorneys are, Steve!

Chrystal Roll Call the Senior Law Project and the TPO office at the courthouse ... worth a shot

Teresa Johnson I tried once to save my nephew's from there mother and i got no help from authoritys in Washington they suck. I would suggest for you or an adult to go back with Devon.

Kathy Hapgood Thinking of Devon, and all the children in the household. Praying they can all be saved

Shane Zane Crunchie Hey Tiff, Document and get it front of a judge. Have him talk to someone to get a record going. They need a court order to take over custody. From my experience it is a long haul. Let me know if you need anything. Anything at all.

Benjamin Carlson Hang in there Devon Douglass, we have your back

Mahasti Ousqui This is absolute bull shit!! I wish I could help!

Tiffany Douglass Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions and support. Devon is safe and with loved ones today. He was not made to return home last night. We will continue to do everything we can to make sure he remains safe.


July 22, 2017: Devon is safe for now.


July 24, 2017: It’s no secret VestaDevon and I had a rough couple weeks. We learned a lot about people, a lotta good, some not so good. It looks like everything’s gonna be okay. We hope so. Tomorrow, I’ll pick up my faces project where I left off, with 200 faces to go.

But even though we’re back, things can never really be normal again. Our hearts will always ache. Still, as bad as things were or might be for us, we saw a woman lose her child. She brought her daughter into the ER when we were there and her daughter died.

And she fell to the floor and wailed, her grief an enormous thing engulfing all of us in the ER. Nobody who was there will ever forget. Horrible as our pain was, it couldn’t begin to touch hers.

Annie Casey My heart aches for all of you, prayers and love sent,

Kathy Kemp I feel the pain for all of you.., I'm so sorry

Cindy Sebastian-Broadstock My husband lost his 19 yr. old sister back in 1975. She died in a car accident. His parents were never the same. I've seen and heard the sounds of parents when they lose their children. I worked in a children's hospital for many years. You mentioning it brought back those memories as I sat here with tears in my eyes. Yes...sometimes life is never the same.

Elizabeth Lopez So sorry you are having to go thru this...as a teacher I went thru many cases with parents as a third party witness. The pain and guilt in their eyes was heartbreaking. The guilt was blaming themselves for not knowing sooner. But you can't do that. People who do these horrible things are very good at hiding the signs...even when they were in the same home. Stay strong.

Christopher Kane So very sorry, Ken. Love and Light to all of you.

Lina Litonjua I'm so sorry Ken. (((HUG))) Much love and peace to you all. 

Maria Clark Your presence and reassurance will see Devon through all he's been through . He knows that he has family that will always be there for him ! 

Marianne Ramsey I have been praying for all of you through this difficult time. I'm just a phone call away. ..

Jalen G Wright In praying for you and your family. Love you and hugs!

Margaret Frey My prayers are with u for sure.

Judy Kunz My prayers are with her and you. Prayers will continue always.... 

Kathy Hapgood Life is just so complicated. Thank you Ken and Vesta for sharing your beauty with us as well as sharing your pain we all benefit.


My son caved and signed over guardingship to Devon’s Aunt Chris. He’s gonna be safe from now on.


PS: Three months later they came to arrest me for kidnapping and you can read about my time in jail, becasue Vesta and I went on the lam to save Devon, by clicking on this link: My time in jail for saving Devon.

Ken finally got a phone

July 28, 2017: Ken finally got a phono.

Sunset in the Piney Woods

Sunset in the Piney Woods.

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