January 2018

Rachael and Christian, married on New Year's Eve

January 1, 2018: Christian is having about the best New Year’s Eve a guy could ever have and it shows. Is he happy or what? 

Racheal and Christian kissing right after they got married

The clock had just struck midnight on New Year’s Eve when Racheal and Christian kissed under the sparklers and I can’t imagine a cooler, more better way to start the new year.

Chilly blue morning in downtown Reno

January 2, 2018

A chilly morning
This second day of the year
But wonderful too

The Oldest Church in Reno

January 4, 2018: I saw the word STOP, written on the street in front of the church and wondered if it meant, stop and enter or maybe it was just a reminder to cars that there was a stop sign just ahead. But drivers can see a stop sign, so why write “STOP” on the street?

That makes no sense, so maybe it really does mean, “Stop and go to church.” It could, you know, if you had an imagination.

Anyway, this is the First United Methodist Church in downtown Reno. It’s Reno’s oldest church and once upon a time, I suppose it cut a tall figure downtown. Not so anymore as you can see from building behind it.

Rainbow in Downtown Reno

January 5, 2018: Sunrise Rainbow.

Reno at Six in the morning

January 6, 2018: Downtown Reno at 6:30 in the Morning, January 6, 2018. Red Traffic Lights, Red.

Reno on a Rainy wet morning

Downtown Reno at 6:30 in the Morning, January 6, 2018. Red Traffic Lights, Green.

Reno's Space Whale 001

This is Reno's Space Whale. Sometimes we stand under her and her calf and wait to be beamed up, but it hasn't happened yet. Well, maybe someday.

Ken and Vesta Downtown

From Ali Rivera’s January 6th Facebook post.

A few days ago Veronica Christie asked me if I ever did any Street Portraits. I told her no and confessed my fear of approaching strangers on the street. Enter Ken and Vesta! I was photographing the Space Whale this morning and so were they, and they approached me for a chat. Irene is a wedding photographer and Ken is working on a project called "1001 Days of Faces", where he photographs a new person every day. He asked if I would be his day 983 (Can you believe that dedication! 983 days - my hats off to you Ken!) I of course complied and then I confessed my own fear of photographing strangers. Ken suggested that maybe a 1001 Faces project of my own was just what I needed! They gave me some pointers on getting sharp portraits (hint - it's all in the eyes) and approaching strangers and let me take their photograph.

I'm not sure if I'm up to 1001 days of strangers, but Ken and Vesta have inspired me to try to find a stranger a week to pose for me. 52 weeks, 52 Strangers. In the mean time you can meet all of Ken Douglas's new friends on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ken.douglas.50, and see Vesta's beautiful work on their website - kenandvesta.com

Thanks for the inspiration Ken and Vesta, it was wonderful meeting you!

— Below you can see our photo of Ali when she was day 983 of our 1001 Days of Faces Project. —

Photographer Ali Rivera in downton Reno

Here is Ali, who Vesta and I met just before sunrise by the Virginia Street Bridge, she had a camera in her hands and she was using it, when we first saw her.

We left for Downtown early this morning, wanting to get there well before sunup, because it rained last night and we like photographing Downtown, Anywhere just before sunrise after the rain, because wet streets reflecting the morning lights are gorgeous. We think so anyway.

And apparently Ali thinks so too, cuz she was photographing the same stuff we were. So, of course, we asked her if she’d grace our project and she said yes, though I knew she would, because there are three kinds of people who never say no, anyone under twenty-five, police officers and anyone with a camera in their hands.

So, I took her photograph with our new bridge in the background. It’s funny, I’ll always think of the Sierra Street Bridge as our bridge, even though we started this project on the Bridge which crosses Virginia. But they tore that bridge down right in front of us, forcing us to move over to Sierra Street, where we met most of the people we’ve photographed for this project.

Anyway, back to Ali, she’s a photographer and you can see her work here: https://alirivera.smugmug.com.

After we made her photograph, we talked for awhile, then we said goodbye and started our morning walk. And this morning, we decided to go to Midtown, because it had been a couple year or so since we’d been there on foot, actually I think since we used to live there, and we wanted to see how much it had changed.

And as we were strolling along, Vesta pointed across the street and said, “Look, art, let’s go see.” She was pointing to a gym which had photographs in the window. Apparently they’d had a contest awhile back and these were the winners and since we love looking at other’s work, we spend a minute or so in front of each photograph.

“Look.” Vesta likes that word. “Ali took this one.” She laughed. “What a coincidence.” She nudged me. “Take a picture and put it up with your photo of her.”

And since Vesta’s wish is my command, I did, and you can see Ali’s prize winning photo below.

Ali's Photo.

The Virginia Street Bridge under a red sky

The Virginia Street Bridge Under a Red Sky. 

Geese flying over Virginia Lake

January 9, 2018: Geese over Virginia Lake.

Strome clouds over the Virginia Street Bridge

January 10, 2018: Storm Clouds Over the Virginia Street Bridge. 

Sunrise over the Renaissance Hotel in Reno

January 11, 2018: Sunrise Over the Reno, Renaissance.

Ken sitting on the Sierra Street Bridge

Sitting down on the job.

On Reno's Riverwalk

January 12, 2018: Along Reno’s Riverwalk.

Amy nad Adam. Amy's wearing her wedding dress

January 14, 2018: Here are Amy and Adam at Pyamid Lake.


I have a friend who needs pen pals.

Most of you reading this know that because of Devon’s evil stepmother’s lies, I was arrested and got to spend a few days in jail for kidnapping, before the authorities figured it out and dropped the charges.

Jail’s not for everybody and not even for me, but my blood pressure went way down while I was there and I learned to meditate, so that was cool. But the coolest part of me being a jailbird, even though it was only for a three day weekend, was that I got to meet Cody. He’s twenty-six and he’s gonna be behind bars for a couple more years.

He got a lotta bad breaks in his young life, shuffled from foster home to foster home. And he’s spent a lotta time behind bars. But in early 2019 he’s getting out and I don’t believe he’ll ever be back. He’s a talented artist and a great writer. He’s a young man with a future, I believe that. So much so that I went to court and testified on his behalf. But the judge still sent him away for two long years.

Anyway, Cody would dearly love pen pals. Vesta and I write him, but some of you reading this can do so as well. He’ll write back. He’s never really had normal people friends and I like to believe most of you reading this are not too far removed from normal, well maybe you’re more removed from normal than most, but sill if you write him, you’ll be a positive influence on a young man, who needs all the almost normal friends he can get.

Plus, despite his rocky past, he’s a nice guy, he really is. Write him, you’ll see.

Anyway, here’s his address:

Cody Naylor, Inmate Number 1133556
PO Box 7000
Carson City, NV 89702

If you write him, you’ll be doing a good thing and it’ll make you feel good too.


The Virginia Street Bridge before dawn

January 16, 2018: Blue Morning Before Sunrise.

On the Center Street Bridge before sunrise

January 17, 2018: On the Center Street Bridge Just Before Sunrise. Reno.

Spiritual Advisor, Reno

January 18, 2018: Spiritual Advisor, Early Morning, MidTown in Reno.

Christian Dancing with his mother

January 21, 2018: This is just an awful gosh darned happy picture. That’s what I think anyway.

Early Morning on Reno's Riverwalk

January 22, 2018: Early Morning Along Reno’s River Walk.

Amy in her wedding dress at Pyramid Lake

Sunset at Pyramid Lake.

Vesta in Downtown Reno

January 23, 2018:

Downtown in Reno
On the city’s Riverwalk
A pretty girl smiles


When we were documenting Shannon’s cancer, I thought about asking if I could observe the surgery, but in the end, I decided against it, because I thought I might pass out during it, or be sick. But I wish I would have.

When I wrote DEATH GLITCH, which has a heart surgeon character in it, I needed a chapter which had open heart surgery in it, so I watched a ton of youtube videos before I wrote it and I was fine with it and I think I got it right when I wrote about it.

Well, because of all the time we spent with Shannon, I decided to have the heroine in CLEAN SLATE have the same surgery Shannon had. And because I wanted to get it right again, I’ve watched a lot of videos about it and let me tell you, watching a woman having her breasts removed is a whole heck of a lot harder than watching her have her chest cracked open and her heart being operated on.


Amy and Adam at Pyramid Lake

Once upon a time
In a land of make believe
Two lovers were joined


Vesta in San Rafael Park

January 24, 2018:

A walk in the park
On a cold wintery day
Makes you feel alive


I don’t know why and I’m ashamed to say that I never appreciated Bobby Darin till about two hours ago. He left a lotta work that I gotta listen to. It’s gonna take awhile.


Me and a tree.

We were living nineteen floors up in Long Beach, California, in a building called Pacific Holiday Towers, when, one day, I looked out the window at the street below and I saw this tree like thing in one of those dumpsters that they use when construction crews need to trash a lotta stuff, you know, the ones that are these size of railroad cars.

And this tree was in the middle of the dumpster.

“Hey, Vesta,” I called out, “come see what someone tossed in that dumpster.”

She came to the window, looked down. “You should go get it.”


“Really, I want it.”

“But I don’t wanna.”

“Okay, I’ll do it then.” And I was sunk, cuz if I’d’a let her climb into that dumpster, I’d still be hearing about it today. So I took the elevator down, climbed in among all the trash and stuff and rescued that tree.

“Good job!” she shouted down from the sky above.

I looked up, waved.

And you know what? We had that tree for years. And when we moved to the sea, we gave it to my mom and it grew and grew in her apartment, till it was too big to be there, so she and my brother Tom wound up planting it in front of the house we grew up in, in Lakewood, California.

The Virginia Street Bridge 013

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