January 2017

Vesta Irene in Trinidad 107, by Ken Douglas

January 1, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in Trinidad.

Vesta Irene in St. Martin 108, by Ken Douglas

January 2, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in the Caribbean at Sunset in St. Martin.

I’ve mentioned before that the turn of the century found Vesta and me pretty much broke in the Caribbean. We were living on a sailboat and I was writing for two different sailing magazines, but they didn’t pay enough to keep us afloat.

So, I invented Captain Katie Osborne and she started sending in stories to one of the magazines and they liked her and they gave her a seagoing cooking column. I didn’t have a column. I was freelancing and that meant I usually had to send in three or four stories every month, hoping they’d take one.

But they loved Captain Katie. All she had to do was write one story with a recipe and they published it. No questions. She was like the darling of the Caribbean for awhile. And she didn’t exist. She was me. It wasn’t fair.

So, in a pique of jealousy, I killed her off after a year and a half. Well, I didn’t kill her, but she stopped sending in stories. And that was really kinda stupid on my part, cuz we really needed her money.

Anyway, I’ve posted a few of them on our website and for the next ten days or so, I’m gonna post one, till they’re all up. You can read the latest one here: http://www.kenandvesta.com/when-i-was-katie-osborne/6.html

If you wanna cook up Caribbean or Hawaiian style tuna or ahi or even swordfish, you might wanna give these recipies a try.

Shawn and Heather, by Ken Douglas

January 5, 2017: Here are Heather and Shawn. And this photograph is for my friend Vera. 

Baby, it's Cold Outside, by Ken Douglas

January 6: 2017: Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Yet, Vesta and I met people out walking along the river. They were bundled up, sure. And they were walking very carefully, cuz of the ice. But they were out. Not a lotta people, but some. We weren’t the only crazy ones.

My Kitchen Window, by Vesta Irene

January 6, 2017: Our kitchen window this morning.

Heather, by Ken Douglas

January 6, 2017: Here again, is our new friend Heather. Here she’s photographed with these geraniums we’re keeping warm for the winter in this kinda greenhouse affair we have between hour house and the neighbor’s.

Vesta thought it would be a European look, like Italy, she said. And, you know, they gotta a lotta flowers in Italy, so maybe.

Photographing the Flood

January 8, 2017: Vesta posted this photograph of me, saying: "This might not have been too safe.” But in reality, the only danger was that I got some mud on my shoes.

Vesta Irene in the Snow, by Ken Douglas

January 9, 2017: Would you look at that? I do believe she’s got a man in her pocket.

The Golden Gate in the Fog, by Vesta Irene

January 10, 2017: Just me and Vesta and the Bridge on a foggy Sunday morning. Oh yeah, and about a bazillion runners. We wanted a ghostly Golden Gate photograph, but they were having an early morning marathon. Go figure.

PS: I was driving, Vesta was photographing.

Harry and Tess on their wedding day with their bridesmaids and best man

January 10, 2017: From Vesta’s Vintage Wedding Photograph Collection.

Here are Tess and Harry on their wedding day, which may have been more than a few days ago. I believe they got married at the Mapes Hotel, by the Virginia Street Bridge. The hotel is gone now, and so are a lot of its records. So nobody really knows.

you just love the bride’s wedding dress and the half smile Tess is wearing. Brides and bridesmaids, a groom and his best man, all maybe a little stiff, but that’s how wedding photographers posed people back in the day, when the day was a long time ago.

Vesta Irene, Sailing in a Storm

January 11, 2017. Sailing Thru a Squall, with the Prettiest Girl in the Caribbean.

I have another Captain Katie story up on our website. And still again I’d like to say that Katie didn’t exist. I made her and her life stories up, cuz we were broke and we needed another writer in the family, cuz the magazines I wrote for would only publish one story of mine a month. And that’s why I illustrate the stories with photos of Vesta and me, cuz, you know, we did exist.

This one’s called “Two Ways to Lime.” Yes, lime is used as a verb in the Caribbean, Trinidad especially. And you can read all about it here: http://www.kenandvesta.com/when-i-was-katie-osborne/7.html

PS: If you ever wanted to make key lime pie, I urge you to try Vesta’s recipes, especially the Islamorada Fudge Key Lime Pie. Yeah, it’s Vesta’s recipe, not Captain Katie’s, cuz, you know, she didn’t exist.

November Rain, by Ken Douglas

January 13, 2013. Help Me! Please Help Me.

I’ve never gone begging for book reviews before, never even asked someone to review one of my books. But I’m asking and begging now. My book, NOVEMBER RAIN, is free to download on Kindle for the next five days, starting right now.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app for any device from Amazon for free.

So could you please, somebody out there, please download NOVEMBER RAIN and read it and write a review on Amazon. Even if it’s only a couple lines, I would love you forever and it would help me a whole lot.

Here is the link to NOVEMBER RAIN and you can also download the kindle app from this page as well: https://www.amazon.com/November-Rain-Ken-Doug…/…/B007INHNQG/

Ken Douglas in Downtown Reno on a Cold Morning

January 14, 2017. Downtown Reno on a Cold Morning.

Ice and Wiires, by Ken Douglas

January 14, 2017. Ice and Wires.

Ken Douglas with Vesta Irene in Ireland

January 14, 2017. Sharing a Beer with the Prettiest Girl in Ireland.

The Tree on the Strand, by Ken Douglas

January 15, 2017. The Tree on the Strand.

Ken Douglas with Stach

January 15, 2015. It’s back, but I don’t know for how long. If you look closely, there are only three dark hairs and two of ‘em look like they’re coming outta my nose. It’s just so mortifying. I wanna pluck ‘em, but then I’d only have one dark hair there.

Vicky and Matt, by Ken Douglas

January 16, 2017. Vicky and Matt.

Heneritta and William's Wedding Portrait

January 20, 2017: From Vesta’s Vintage Wedding Photograph Collection.

Here are Henrietta and William, who got married in Reno, because their parents were against the marriage. Henrietta’s mother thought she was too young to be a bride and William’s mother thought Henrietta wasn’t good enough for her son.

Neither of their fathers cared one way or the other.

So they eloped, got married in Reno and never spoke to their parents again.

This photograph was made by the chapel’s wedding photographer and it is the only photograph ever made of them together. And that’s kinda sad, because they lived well into their eighties, but they were both very camera shy.

A Perfect Day, by Ken Douglas

January 21, 2017: Have you ever had a perfect day? The kinda day where you think, “It can’t get any better than this.”?

This was one of those days. We were out and about, me and Vesta and Steve and Tiffany, goofing off, taking pictures and having our pictures taken.

And I know I don’t look like I’m busting out with joy here. But I was. I really was.

Dana Nolisch, by Ken Douglas

January 21, 2017: Here is our friend Dana, out filming the Woman’s March, for Reno Today, yesterday morning. Initially I wrote that 3,000 people attended. I got that from a policeman who said that’s how many folks he believed were there.

But he was wrong, cuz now they’re saying there were 10,000 people marching and, you know, that’s an awful lotta people for the Biggest Little City in the World. It really is.

Ken Douglas and Tiffany

January 22, 2017: Apparently, I went through a dorky period.

Vesta Irene in Spain

January 22, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in Spain.

Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene in New Zealand

January 23, 2017: Sharing the Photograph with the Prettiest Girl in New Zealand. 

Death Glitch, by Ken Douglas

January 27, 2017: This is only the second time I’ve gone begging for a book review or two or a few. If you’d like a different kind of book (it’s a bit strange), you can download my book, DEATH GLITCH for free right now and for the next five days.

So could you please, somebody out there, please download DEATH GLITCH and write a review on Amazon. Even if it’s only a couple lines, I would love you forever and it would help me a whole lot.

Here is the link to DEATH GLITCH and you can also download the kindle app for any device from this page as well: https://www.amazon.com/Death-Glitch-Ken-Douglas-ebook/dp/B007INXH20.

Vesta Irene at the Little Waldorf Saloon 001

January 27, 2017: Three guesses whose birthday celebration started tonight and ends Tuesday at midnight. — with Vesta Irene.

Vesta Irene at the Little Waldorf Saloon 002

January 28, 2017: Still Celebrating Vesta's Birthday. Same bar, same wine.

Maybe we had a little too much wine last night, but, what the heck, we’re still celebrating. However, we have a wedding show to do today at GSR and we just might be dragging a bit before it’s through.

But it’s gonna be a great day, cuz it’s the second day of Vesta’s Birthday celebration. Three to go. So, “Happy Birthday, Vesta. I hope I’m still standing when Tuesday gets here.”

Ken Douglas at the Little Waldorf Saloon 001

January 29, 2017: Me yesterday, celebrating Vesta’s Birthday.

Ken Douglas at the Little Waldorf Saloon 002

January 29, 2017: Me today, maybe I celebrated too much!

Vesta Irene in the snow on her birthday

January 31, 2017: Despite what it says on Facebook, today is Vesta's real birthday and this is Day Five and the final day of our five days of celebrating it and thank goodness, cuz I don’t know if I can take anymore. And yes, they still have some wine left at Trader Joes, but barely.

Just one more night of celebrating. Whew! However, if I don’t post my daily face in a timely manner tomorrow morning, would someone out there please call Nine One One.

The Cover of Ken Douglas' book, CLEAN SLATE

January 31, 2017: This post is for Heather, who let me use her photograph. And for Stephanie and Eileen, who said I could use their songs about a decade and a half ago. And for Vesta and Susan and Donald and Lavada and Lonnie and Annie and Marjorie and Vera and Tiffany and for Shannon for letting me document her journey, which allowed me to give my heroine breast cancer (she’s not real, so it’s not as bad as it sounds). And for the seven or eight others who read what I write. Oh yes, and for Gary Pierre, cuz I used his name on the front cover.

I have posted the first eleven and a quarter chapters of CLEAN SLATE here: http://kendouglas.org/clean-slate-first-draft/. I had a real clear plan when I wrote the first two chapters when Vesta and I were living on a boat in the Caribbean just before the turn of the Century.

Then I set ‘em aside till about a month ago. And now I’m up to Chapter Twelve, with about eight to go. Anyway, if you all (and anybody else who’d care to) could glance over what I’ve written and tell me how you think this novel should end, I’d be eternally grateful.

Cuz right now I don’t know if Kennedy should wind up with her no good husband (who she’s left) or with the psycho killer who’s trying to kill her or the ex con bartender.

I’m going to take a two week break from this book and if anybody has any ideas about where I should go with this or can tell me what they think I should change, I’d be eternally grateful.

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