January 2016

January 2016 001

This is a sight you cannot see if you don’t get up with the sun. So even though it’s been cold enough to freeze the band most mornings lately, seeing something like this makes it worth it. Well, Vesta thinks so anyway. Me, I’m still on the fence.

January 2016 002

I am mostly a people photographer. I’ve never been much good at landscapes, you know, photographs without a person in ‘em. And I hesitate posting them, because there are so many people on Facebook, who are better than I’ll ever be.

My first inclination, when I see something interesting, is to put a person in front of it.

Earlier, I posted a photograph of the sun shining golden on the mountains behind Vesta, but since she’s my favorite person, I did what I always try to do, I put her in the shot, cuz I’m a people photographing person.

But, my New Year’s resolution is to try and get good at landscapes, so to that end, I’m going to try and post one a day. I know I’m not anywhere near good enough at it to get hired by National Geographic or Lonely Planet, but maybe by year’s end, I might be.

PS: And guess what? Since I’ve decided to post a landscape a day, Vesta has too. I hope you all don’t get too bored with us.

January 2016 039

This is Vesta’s first Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 1.

Meet Scout and Arrow. Scout is the Paint, like Tonto’s horse, and Arrow is his sidekick. 

On the first day of the year, Vesta and I went with our friend Mike out into the middle of Nowhere, Nevada, looking for the Tesla Plant, which was under construction.

We found it, but they had guards posted to keep people away. They said it was a hard hat area and that we could hurt. I said that it was a holiday and nobody was working and all we wanted to do was take some picture, cuz we were photographers, but they didn’t let us in. I don’t know why, they’re not doing top secret stuff out there. At least I don’t think they are.

Anyway, since they wouldn’t let us into the Tesla Plant, we went looking for something else to photograph and when Vesta saw these wild horses, she yelled, “Stop!’ and Mike did and she jumped out of the car and took this photo.

Then she got right back in, quicker than a blink, cuz it was awful gosh darned cold outside.

January 2016 040

This is Vesta's second Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 2.

Red House in the Evening. 

January 2016 003

Winter, it’s not for everyone, but it can be awful pretty, in a really cold kind of way.

January 2016 004

Here are Amie and Tyler on a chilly cold Reno evening. Vesta and I are all bundled up. They are not. Vesta is holding their coats for the photograph. And by gosh, they don’t look cold at all. And it was cold, 24°F.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, Amie and Tyler are Engaged to be Married. How cool is that?

January 2016 006

Here again, in glorious black and white are Amie and Tyler, who are still Engaged to be Married.

January 2016 041

This is Vesta’s third Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 3.

This photograph of the Truckee River was made in Idlewild Park on a cold winter's day.


January 2016 042

This is Vesta’s fourth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 4.

This photograph of a ghost like tree was taken at Rock Park, in gorgeous Reno, Nevada. Or maybe it’s in Sparks. I don’t know, Rock Park is like right on the border of Reno and Sparks, but I just tend to think of both cities as just Reno.

January 2016 005

Here’s a photograph of the New Virginia Street Bridge, still under construction, at sunrise. As you can see, it’s gonna give downtown Reno quite a different look. Better? I don’t know. Maybe. I didn’t like the design at all at first, but after watching it go up day after day, I gotta admit, it’s growing on me.

January 2016 007

Baby, it's cold outside!

January 2016 043

Vesta posted: Today I was thinking a lot about living on our boat in the Caribbean. It was always warm and the sun was always shining. This photo was taken off the coast of St. Lucia and I miss it.

You know, living on a sailboat was fun, but it was always challenging. We lived on the water for a decade. And when I say on the water, I mean on the water. Our boat was never in a marina, unless we had to dock for repairs.

One thing about the Caribbean, though, It never snows. Not here where winter can be frightfully cold.

January 2016 008

Vesta and I were out walking in the snow. She shouted, “Hey, Ken!” And I turned to look.

January 2016 044

This is Vesta’s fifth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 5.

Vesta and I were strolling in the snow, enjoying San Rafael Park in the morning cold. Well, we were enjoying it as much as one can enjoy the snowy cold, when Vesta slipped and almost wend down as we crossed this icy bridge. However, she caught herself, then she stepped back and made this photograph.

We’ve done more than out fair share of engagement shoots on this bridge, but always in the afternoon and never in wintery cold. It’s gorgeous in the summertime. The whole park is gorgeous in the summertime.

You know, when I think about that park, I think about Mr. Murphy and his laws. Our back gate opened into San Rafael for three years and for those three years, we really wanted to photograph a wedding there. How cool would that have been? We coulda walked out our back gate, photographed the wedding and reception and when it was all over, walk home.

But alas, it didn’t happen. However, the week we moved, we met a bride and groom at our new place and guess where they were getting married. Yep, San Rafael Park. And three weeks later another couple hired us to photograph their wedding in, yep you guessed it again, San Rafael Park.

That Murphy guy, he knows stuff.

January 2016 009

See the space in the lower right hand corner? That’s where Vesta and I stand every morning at 7:15, waiting to take our daily photo. We only have like three and a half months left, so if you’d like to be in our rogue’s gallery, come on out. We’d love to see you and make your photograph.

January 2016 045

This is Vesta’s sixth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 6.

Our whole block is full of vacant homes. We live near UNR and all the kids are gone for the Holidays. It’s like living in a ghost town. When are they coming back? 

Hard to believe, but we miss the college kids. A lotta people like a quite neighborhood, not so us. We revel in the hustle bustle of the kids parking their cars all over our street and walking by in the morning on their way to school. We wave to ‘em and wish ’em a good day and they do the same back at us.

January 2016 010

“I only have one word for you.“ She looked right at me and smiled.

“What’s that?”

“When are we going on a road trip?”

“That’s a lot more than one word.”

“Who’s counting?”


“Seven dollars for twelve roles of TOILET PAPER?”

“Well, you like the good stuff.”

Usually, when we go shopping, I sorta wander around the grocery store, watching people and sometimes I take a picture, if none of the store people are looking, cuz they always tell me to stop when they see me.

And so I never really get a chance to see how much stuff costs. But today, I was following Vesta around, watching how she shopped, you know, in case she gets sick or something and I have to go to the store by myself someday.

When I got home, I started to think about this toilet paper problem and I figured out a solution. If the government really wanted to help people, they’d take over the toilet paper business and make if FREE. Cuz, you know, it’s not fair that honest, hard working, good people, should have to shell out that much, just so we can wipe our butts.

So, I’m gonna write a letter to FOX news and ask them to ask the candidates during the next debate, what they think about this toilet paper problem and if they think making it free would be a good idea.

And if they do and if one of ‘em gets behind the FREE TOILET PAPER bandwagon, that’s who I’m gonna vote for.


Dustin Brewer: I would tell you to take poops at work, like the rest of us, but you're self-employed grin emoticon

Ken Douglas: Well, Dustin, that got big, big laughs outta Vesta and me. I'm still laughing.

Linda Stone Nelson: Ridiculous, isn't it??

Timothy Henson: kind and loving discourse..without assumption i continued to be both abhorred and uplifted by our species..thanks you for being for me the example of one of those..you choose which one you like...if you like one...just know i don't have to choose..just see and interpret what i see..and feel and believe love to all god bless

Sharon Olsen Pearson: I am shocked at the rise of my TP consumption since I've started working at home. It is a little hidden cost that we don't think about.

Jeff D Wanderlust:  Brings a whole new meaning to this.

Stephen J Cook: I suspect that if they take it over they will then ration it. You will be allotted so many squares per week. I'm not sure that is a good idea. Rationing will lead to black market toilet paper, crime, violence, toilet paper mobsters, and so it goes.

Annie Casey: You must be fun to shop with.

Carol Covato: Ken..even a worse problem with toilet paper...they say double roles and basically they just wind it looser to make it look like more...they know people arent gonna actually count every sheet on a roll.

Nancy Cromell: Too funny!

Maria Clark: Hahahaha !!! You're killin me !

Tristan Ryan-Vance: Don't forget tampons/pads... We didn't choose that either lol.


January 2016 046

This is Vesta’s seventh Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 7.

Vesta said: This tree is across the street form our house. I love how it's covered in snow and I bet I’m going to love just it just as much covered in leaves, when spring comes. Hurry up spring.

And I gotta agree. I can’t wait for spring. Spring is good, but summer, for me anyway, is better. We grew up in Southern California, where they basically only have one season, and it’s a good one. Reno’s got four. Summer’s hot here, but I love it. Winter’s cold here and I don’t love it.

But it’s okay on days when we get to stay inside. Except in the mornings though, cuz we go out to the Sierra Street Bridge every morning at sunrise to take out daily portrait in the Dawn’s Early Light. And some days it’s really cold. One day it was 9°F and that’s cold.

Still, it was awful pretty out. There is that.

January 2016 048

Vesta posted: Last night, I was invited to a Tupperware Bingo party By Jessica . I haven’t thought about Tupperware in years. But I wanted to go see the new stuff they had. I ask Ken if he wanted to go and he said, “Sure.”

I think he really didn’t want to be left home alone. The party was held at the Ramada Inn and there were about 150 people there. Refreshments. Prizes. Bingo. Lots of fun. And look at all the stuff we won. The next Tupperware Bingo is May 12th. I’m going. Want to come with me? Ken just might stay at home.

Ken says: Well, I didn’t stay home and it was actually a lotta fun. If you’ve never played Tupperware Bingo, you might wanna give it a try. Plus, they had a lotta cake and I like cake.

January 2016 011

Vesta down by the River.

January 2016 047

This is Vesta’s eighth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 8

This is the California Building in Idlewild Park. Ken and I have done several wedding receptions here, and whenever I see it, I smile.

Sierra Street with snow on it

Sierra Street, as viewed from the Sierra Street Bridge on a cold, cold Saturday morning. And now, I think I’m gonna reward myself with an early morning nap.

January 2016 013

Here are Amanda and Luke, who are Engaged to be Married. How cool is that? Way cool, that's how cool that is.

January 2016 014

Today is not her day. Not yet. But someday soon.

January 2016 050

This is Vesta’s ninth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 9.

These ducks came paddling up to me when I got close to the river. Too bad Ken and I didn’t have any bread or chips.

January 2016 015

Today, Vesta and I are working the wedding show at the Nugget and this is how our new, aqua blue, simplified booth looks. We have a smaller car now and we were getting tired of making two trips to set up.

As for the aqua colors, Vesta said no more brown for us, so we’re aqua people now.

January 2016 051

This is Vesta’s tenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 10.

This is my running trail in Idlewild Park, well when there is no snow on it. This evening, Ken and I took a long walk and wound up here.

January 2016 016

At work.

January 2016 051

This is Vesta’s eleventh Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 11.

Ken and I took a walk in the park this evening.

January 2016 052

This is Dr. Sowjanya Reganti, she saves lives and she is our friend Shannon’s oncologist.

When I was writing about her in Shannon’s Journey, I said that I’d never been in a room with a more elegant human in my whole life and that she reminded me of a Kaminoan. And if you’re not a Star Wars person, those are the tall elegant people who tend the clones on the planet Kamino.

And I said, “Dr. Reganti, if you’re reading this, that’s a compliment.”

As it turns out, she’s seen the Star Wars movies and knows about the Kaminoans and she took it as a compliment.

Anyway, the news she gave Shannon wasn’t exactly what she wanted to hear, but Dr. Reganti delivered it in a kind and caring way and she assured her that she will get better. The journey’s just gonna be a little harder and a little longer then first thought.

January 2016 017

I don’t know exactly what I’m trying to say with this photograph. But it was important. I’m sure it was. I just can’t remember what it was.

January 2016 053

This is Vesta’s twelfth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 12.

Here is Mister big nose, he lives at our neighbors house. I call him Mr. Big Nose anyway, Ken and a few of my friends have a different name for him.

January 2016 054

This is Vesta’s thirteenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 13.

I just finished this quilt and I’m going to send to my Mom for her “Baby’s in Need” program in Dallas.

January 2016 019

Sometimes life and the early morning are just too awesome for words, even if it is cold outside.

January 2016 018

If you’re willing to brave it, winter can be wonderful. But baby, it’s still cold outside.

January 2016 056

This is Vesta’s fourteenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 14.

This afternoon, in this particular spot, the Truckee River was absolutely calm.

January 2016 058

This is Vesta’s fifteenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 15.

I saw this wind chime in a tree on our morning walk and thought it would make a nice picture.

January 2016 057

This is Vesta’s sixteenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 16.

Vesta posted that she missed palm trees and so do I. We grew up in Southern California, mostly in Long Beach and they have palm trees galore. We’ve spent a lot of time in Hawaii and they got palm trees too. And we lived on a sailboat for a long time, more palm trees.

Palm trees like it where it’s warm all year round and so do we. So why did we end up in Reno? It’s the people. The Biggest Little City in the World, has the greatest people in the world living in it. — This photograph was taken at Wente Vineyards, in California, where there was no snow.

January 2016 059

This is Vesta’s seventeenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 17.

Oh No! Yellow Snow!.

January 2016 020

“Rain, rain, go away,” Vesta said. And it did, but only for a few minutes.

January 2016 021

At the end of this hall, through the last door on the right, you can get biscuits and gravy and hard boiled eggs. Waffles, oatmeal and yogurt. Toast and English muffins too. It’s that not so good, but okay free motel breakfast you get when you’re on the road.

But if you were there, would you wonder who’s behind all those doors you pass and what they’re doing inside those rooms?

Are you passing by a young high school couple making love for the first time? Or a forty-five year old salesman in town selling medical supplies? Or a young woman dying of cancer, seeing America on the cheap, before she dies? Or a poet down on his luck? Or a young ballerina in town for a two night performance?

Or are you so wrapped up in your own life that all the wonder has gone out of it?

Children wonder. They wonder a lot. Big people, not so much.

January 2016 022

Guess who’s taller than Vesta. And guess who shaved his mustache off (again), shortly after this photograph was made.

January 2016 060

Here’s a photograph of Devon, taken down by the river in downtown Medford, Oregon.

January 2016 061

This is Vesta’s eighteenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 18.

This was taken at the Roxy Ann Winery in Medford, Oregon.

January 2016 062

This is Vesta’s nineteenth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 19.

This was also taken at the Roxy Ann Winery in Medford, Oregon.

January 2016 023

I Come in Peace.

January 2016 024

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing the message the Reno Government people are trying to get across here, is that the bridge is out and that you can’t go any farther.

But just in case you can’t figure out what all that orange stuff is all about, they got a human at the end of it with a stop sign, which she’s fully prepared to wave in your face.

Oh yeah, she stops pedestrians too. We know, cuz she’s stopped Vesta and me more than once.

January 2016 025

Here are Mimi and her people, Chandler and Jason. Mimi bought them to us so we could photograph them, because they are Engaged to be Married.

January 2016 026

Once again, here are Mimi and her people, Chandler and Jason. It was awful nice of Mimi to bring them along for the photograph.

It’s true, Mimi is a person of the doggie persuasion, but unlike many of her four legged friends, she’s not the least bit camera shy.

So, Mimi, if you’re reading this, come by anytime, cuz our cameras just love you.

January 2016 063

This is Vesta’s twentieth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 20.

Ken and I were with Shannon this morning at Renown Hospital. I saw these hearts and and thought of my photograph for tonight.

January 2016 027

The other side of those doors, the morgue. — Okay, okay, so sometimes my make believe mind overpowers my real one.

January 2016 064

This is Vesta’s twenty-first Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 21.

Just one more heart. This was taken outside the Renown hospital entrance.

January 2016 065

This is Vesta’s twenty-second Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 22.

I took this photograph of the hillside vineyards at the Roxy Ann Winery last weekend, when we were in Medford, Oregon..

January 2016 028

The sun was not quite up yet and Vesta and I were out by the Virginia Street Bridge, where we started our 365 Days of Faces Project two hundred and fifty-one days ago, when Vesta lifted up a chain which had a sign attached to it, which said: Warning, General Public Keep Out. Authorized Personal Only.

“The sign says we can’t go there,” I said.

“Don't be silly. They don’t mean us. We’re not the general public.” She laughed. “We’re photographers.”

“Oh yeah! I forgot.” So I followed her to where general people can’t go, but photographers and others who are authorized can and I made this photograph.

Then we took several more of the new bridge, which is gonna be done in a couple three months.

January 2016 066

This is Vesta’s twenty-third Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 23.

.A nifty shadow on the wall.

January 2016 029

Here are Mallory and Clayton and they are Engaged to be Married. And that is too cool for words.

January 2016 030


I was going through scans of older photographs that Vesta and I did with a cheap scanner, after we came back to America. We had so many photos and we wanted to cut down on our stuff, so we scanned ‘em all, or a lot of ’em anyway. Then we sent the photos to family members or to the people in the photographs.

And I came across this one of me and my friend Mark and all I could think of was: Ah, Mexico.

January 2016 031

I’ve never posted a second photo of someone Vesta and I’ve photographed on our bridge. Well, I have a few times posted one in the comments, but never a separate post, till now. But now, I am, cuz Charles was wearing this great camel hair coat that looked like it was right out of the fifties or maybe a very cold East Coast.

And Vesta’s long coat just seemed like the perfect match. So here they are, looking like they just stepped out of a Sears and Robuck catalog.

January 2016 067

This is Vesta’s twenty-fourth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 24.

This is a 2015 Burning man art structure named Pentamonium. Well, the top part of it. It has six bells you can ring, each with a different tone. Its new home is in front of the Lear theater in downtown Reno. And this evening, Ken and I rang all the bells.

January 2016 068

This is Vesta’s twenty-fifth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 25.

.I saw this beautiful fish on our walk today. It’s in front of the Lear Theater, just flying there all by herself.

January 2016 032

Vesta posted this photograph of me, with the words, “This is the handsome man I married.” And I have to admit, I was pretty shocked when it came up in my Facebook feed. You know, that she called me that.

However, I remember this day. My friend Mark Hannaford and I were fishing off the coast of Loreto, which is on the gulf side of Baja. I caught a trigger fish that day and boy are they hard to kill.

That night, one of the maids at our hotel, turned it into ceviche and Mark and I and about eight locals had it with chips at the bar. And I picked up the tab. How I roped into that, I still don’t remember.

January 2016 033

And here again, are Malory and Clayton and they are still Engaged to be Married. One of the benefits of being a wedding photographer is that you get to meet people like Malory and Clayton at one of the happiest times in their lives.

January 2016 069

This is Vesta’s twenty-sixth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 26.

Ken and I have walked this trail along the Truckee river hundreds of times and I have never seen this little duck sign. It’s pretty cute.

January 2016 034

We had lunch with Marianne and Lee at a burger joint called Juciy’s, which always has fifties music playing on the jukebox. They’ve got great hamburgers and I always get the same thing, cheeseburger and fries when we go there.

January 2016 070

This is Vesta’s twenty-seventh Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 27.

Here is an artists rendition of me eating a Juicy's hamburger.

January 2016 071

This is Vesta’s twenty-eighth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 28.

I saw these beautiful metal flowers at Renown this morning. They are lining the entrance to the hospital.

January 2016 035

Is there anybody who doesn't love a girl with a hula hoop?

January 2016 036

One of the advantages of getting up before the sun is that you get to see sights like this. It only lasts for a short time, the transition from night to day and it’s a wonder to behold. And though you can see yellow and orange skies when the sun sets, it’s not really the same.

Sunrise holds the promise of a new day, a new beginning. Sunset, not so. When the sun goes down, the promise of the day is over.

Of course, you still got wine and bars and parties and if you live in Reno or Paris or London or New York or Rome or Tokyo or a few other good places, you got an evening of fun to look forward to.

Yeah, there’s lots of promise in a sunset too. But sunrises, I just like them better.

January 2016 037

I’m about to send off Chandler and Jason’s Engagement photos and start on another couple’s. Usually, I only post one or two photos right after we take ‘em. When we finish, we’re finished and on to something else.

But this dog. You know Mimi. Look at the way she’s looking at the camera. She’s just too gosh darned cute. All I had to do was say her name and she looked right at me.

I know a lotta big people who are harder to photograph than she was.

January 2016 072

This is Vesta’s twenty-ninth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 29.

This is my first attempt at making pepper jelly. Ken and I were introduced to pepper jelly, when we lived in Trinidad. They served pepper jelly on everything. But the way I liked it best, was with cream cheese on a cracker. I don’t know how long I have to wait to open these jars, or how long the jelly will last, guess I’ll go on Google and find out.

January 2016 038

Meet Nellybelle. She’s a therapy dog who works at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada. Renown is a huge hospital and it’s very easy to get lost in it, which happened to me and Vesta this afternoon.

And while trying to find our way, we found Nellybelle. She’s nine years old and she is huge. Her dad was a St. Bernard and her mother a giant poodle.

Her human partner told us she spends a lot of time with children and if I was a kid in the hospital, I’d just love to spend time with her. She’s just as wonderful as you could ever imagine a dog being.

Of course, if she were a normal person’s pet, you’d have to take out a second mortgage just to feed her, but other than that, she’d be great to have around.

Someday, I’ve got it on my bucket list. I’m gonna call the Renown folks and see if they’ll let me photograph her with the kids. Maybe that’s not possible, but if it is, I’m gonna do it. If they’ll let me.

January 2016 073

We have water in the river. Oh Happy Day! We have water in the river.

January 2016 074

Kasen stopped by this morning to have his photograph made. He’s two, but even at this young age, he’s working on that movie star look you see on the covers of all those magazines by the checkout counter at Safeway.

January 2016 075

Here is Mallory. 

January 076

Here is Clayton.

January 077

Here is the new Virginia Street Bridge. Though it’s still under construction, you can get an idea of what it’s gonna be like. And as a bonus, it’s got water flowing under it.

And, I’m going to admit, right here and right now, when I first saw the design, I hated it. Maybe that was because I loved the old bridge.

But this one has grown on me. Now I like it and I’m betting once they get those wires running under it and traffic on it, I’m gonna love it.

See, people can change.


January 2016 078

This is Vesta’s thirtieth Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 30.

Ken and I went shopping at Trader Joe’s to pick up a couple birthday bottles of wine, because tomorrow is my birthday. Not my Facebook one, my real one. And I saw these beautiful birthday flowers.

January 2016 079

We got just a little bit of snow last night.

January 2016 080

It’s winter in Reno and, baby it’s cold outside. But I don’t care, cuz I’m in Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World.

January 2016 081

Here are Carrie and Darren and they are Engaged to be Married. 

January 2016 082

Happy, happy anniversary, Maria. I hope you and Greg had a wonderful day.

January 2016 085

This is Vesta’s thirty-first Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on January 31.

I saw these avocados in Trader Joe’s, Ken loves them. I’ve seen him eat one right out of the shell. But not these babies, they were way to hard.

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