Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene sailing aboard The Great White Wonder.

Mostly this is a photography site. Vesta and I are wedding photographers after all. So that means we spend most of our working photography shooting couples or portraits However, it wasn’t always so. We were travelers before we started photographing weddings. We didn’t start doing that till we moved to Reno, about a decade ago. Weddings, engagements and portraits are our lives now, but as I said, we were travelers first and I was and still am, a writer.

I’ve written a lotta words over the years and I wanted a place to put them in order, mostly for my benefit, but if you’ve landed here, please feel free to look around, because writers write for other people.

Also, I should mention that I’ll be adding to this section of our website everyday, but I don’t think I’ll be posting our diaries in order. They’ll be in order below for sure, but I’ve got a lotta months to post, so I might, for example, put in April 2001, then March 1993, then January 2013 and so on and so on till I get ‘em all in here.

I’m doing it that way, because we don’t really want to remember our lives in the order we’ve lived them.

Ken Douglas looking worried, but his Hawaiian shirt is amazing.

Vesta has a knack for capturing the perfect moment. Here, I just lost the third of three games of chess to my brother John. He really was a lot better at it than I was and is a lot better than I am. In fact, I’ve had to come to the realization that I’m not very good at it at all. Actually, I think I just figured it out in this very moment this photograph was taken.

I’m pretty sure that’s the case, cuz I’ve never played since and I don’t think I ever will again. Checkers, that’s more my speed. How do you get kinged in checkers? I can’t remember.

Vesta Irene when she was nineteen, driving a 1959 Chevy.

Here is nineteen year-old Vesta piloting a 1959 Chevy Biscayne. We bought that car for like twenty-five bucks and drove it for a couple years. Then one day, Mr. Williams, the guy who drove the big truck that picked up our trash knocked on our door. He was a nice guy and we waved at him every week and sometimes we’d talk a bit. Anyway, he wanted to know if we’d take a hundred and fifty for it.

So we sold it. We told him that it took a quart of oil every time we got gas, but he didn’t care. We told him the driver’s side window didn’t roll up and he said he didn’t care. We told him the tires were bald and he said he didn’t care. So we took his money and said goodbye to our car.

About six months later he came by with the car and it was looking showroom new. It turns out that when they got married, he and his wife bought a car just like it, only it was brand new. And he wanted to give his daughter a car just like it for a wedding present when she got married, which she was doing in a week’s time.

He’d restored the car, not for a hobby and not to make money off it, but for his daughter. How cool was that?

Ken Douglas looking pensive in an Hawaiian Shirt.

Vesta Irene, beautiful as always.

Ken Douglas in a black and white photo. He's wearing an Hawaiian shirt and his record collection is behind him.

Vesta Irene on a picnic, flashing her beautiful smile.

Ken Douglas and his daughter Tiffany on her graduation day.

Diaries 010

Vesta Irene, smiling for the camera. She's always smiling.

Ken Douglas behind the wheel in Belmont Shore.

Vesta Irene riding shotgun in Belmont Shore.

Ken Douglas wearing an Air Zimbabwe shirt in Long Beach, California.

Vesta Irene, smiling in her kitchen.

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