February 2018

Truckee Tributary

February 1, 2018: Truckee Tributary, Downtown Reno.

Ken taking a picture

February 3, 2018: Hard at Work.

Vesta on a Baseball Diamond

February 5, 2018: First Time on the Field.


Young baseball team

February 8, 2018:

Baseball is America
Or is it
America is Baseball
Both, it's both

The Truckee River in Verdi

February 9 2018: We went to Verdi to get a different photo of the Truckee River from a different bridge.

Ashley and Brett

February 11, 2018: So, we were wandering about San Rafael Park taking photos of Ashley and Brett here and there, when Vesta had this idea. She wanted Ashley to stand on this bench, facing the camera and Brett was supposed to stand in front of her and she was supposed to wrap her arms around him, hands under his chin, showing off her ring.

And they did this. How cool is that?

Snow on the Space Whale

February 12, 2018: Snow on the Space Whale and Her Calf.

Chilly Cold Vesta

A Little Chilly this Morning. Some Snow too.

Man on the Bridge Span

February 14, 2018: We took a short, very cold walk this morning after we photographed our face for the day. And as we were heading east on the Riverwalk we saw a drunken, crazy guy, climb up on top of one of the Virginia Street Bridge’s arches.

I took his photo and you was about to take some more, but he saw me and started dancing and shouting, so I put my camera down, cuz I didn’t wanna be responsible for him falling and breaking his neck.

Vesta called 911 and we waited for the police, but the COPS DIDN’T COME, which I really don’t understand, cuz we see cops all around downtown in the morning. So where were they today?

Anyway, he danced around up there, shouting at the top of his lungs, posing for me and wanting me to take more photos, but I didn’t. Instead we turned away from him and pretended we didn’t know he was there, cuz he was getting crazier and wilder and we just knew he was gonna fall.

But apparently he had an angel who thought he deserved a second chance, cuz he finally came on down, smiling to beat the band. He waved, then went on over to the plaza and began shouting again.

Vesta wanted to call 911 and let the cops know he was safe now, but I told her not to bother, cuz they apparently weren’t interested, which is very surprising, cuz a couple years ago, when saw a girl who looked like she was gonna jump from the bridge, Vesta called 911 and they were there in less than a minute.

Maybe there was something really important and dire, which required all our police this morning. I sure hope it wasn’t a new donut shop.

Vesta bundled against the cold

February 16, 2018: All bundled up.

Vesta under the Reno Sign

February 17, 2018:

The Lady and the Sign.

Right off the bat, Vesta decided she wasn’t going to like the new refit the Reno Sign was getting. We watched as they blocked off the street and painted it.

“That blue is awful,” I liked it the way it was,” she said. And I agreed.

But this morning she said. “I love it, it’s gorgeous.

“That’s not what you said the other day.”

“Maybe I just don’t like change.”


“Okay, maybe I do.”

Amber and Nick's Engagement Photo

February 23: 2018: Amber and Nick are engaged. Are they cute or what?

Nick and Amber kissing

Lovers on a Bridge.

Ashley and Jonathan's Engagement Photo

February 26, 2018: Here are Ashley and Jonathan, who are happily engaged to be married.

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