February 2017

Vesta Irene Sad, by Ken Douglas

February 1, 2017: Here is Vesta, a little sad yesterday, because our five days of married couple, birthday celebrating debauchery are over. She’s gotta wait a whole ‘nother year to have this kind of fun again. And it was fun. Even the wedding show we did on Day 3 turned out to be a lotta fun.

We ate out and drank great wine. We ate in and drank better wine. We ate the cheeseiest pizza ever made. We played loud music and we took quiet walks. We got hangovers, but we survived. And we made some new friends.

I can hardly wait till next year, so we can do it all over again.

The Strand in Reno at Dawn

February 6, 2017: The Street Where We Live at Dawn.

It was early morning. I was in the shower, enjoying the hot water cascading down my neck, when Vesta bursts into the bathroom.

"Ken, get some clothes on, quick,"

"Who died?" I grabbed a towel.

"You have to go outside and take a picture."


"Just hurry," she said, so I did and this is what she wanted me to photograph.

Just before the rain, by Ken Douglas

February 20, 2017: The Street Where We Live, Just Before the Rain.

Butch and Cathie, by Ken Douglas

February 20, 2017: Here are two of my favorite people. One of them has a Facebook account, one does not. Somebody’s gotta get the one who does not onboard.

Kristine, by Ken Douglas

February 20, 2017: Baby Kristine is having a baby. Some people say she’s too young. But, you know, I’m not one of ‘em, cuz when Vesta was her age...

Ken Douglas with Purple Hair

February 20, 2017: Notice anything different about me. If you look real close, you can see I'm starting to grow my mustache back. 

Ken Douglas and Dayle Sunshine

February 20, 2017: Here are Dayle and me, showing off the quilt Vesta and Cathie made for Dayle’s grandmother’s birthday. We’ll she’s Vesta and Cathie’s mom too. And she’s only twenty-nine.

Actually, Vesta took two photographs of us and I couldn’t decide which one to use here, so I flipped a coin. The loser is in the photograph below.


Ken Douglas and Dayle Sunshine 02

February 20, 2017: Here is that losing photo.

Texas Girls, by Ken Douglas

February 21, 2017: Texas Girls. — with Kristine Swearingen and Karry Lynn.

On the Road, by Vesta Irene

February 21, 2017: On our trip to Texas we drove 4,062 miles and a lotta the roads were just like this.

On the Road with Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene

February 21, 2017: Just give me and Vesta a 1950 Plymouth, an atlas and let us go. Is that asking too much? We’ll leave the cell phones and GPS at home, fill the trunk with wine and hit the road.

Una Faye at 29, by Ken Douglas

February 21, 2017: Here is Vesta's mother last week at her 29th and holding birthday party. -- Happy birthday, Una Faye.

Ken Douglas with purple hair and a friend

February 22. 2017: Vesta took this photograph of me and my friendTom the other day in Pilot Point, Texas, at her mother’s birthday party. And looking at it, I’m drawn to Tom’s hair. What’s up with that?

Route 66 Sign, by Ken Douglas

February 22. 2017: Sometimes, Vesta and I like to get our kicks on Route 66. And we can do it for only $1.99 a gallon. Such a deal.

Chemical Truck on Route 66, by Ken Douglas

February 22. 2017: Riding On Down Those Miles.

Dayle Sunshine, by Ken Douglas

February 22. 2017: Here is Dayle, who is going to be a star one day. I just know it. 

Butch and Tiffany, by Ken Douglas

February 22. 2017: Tiffany and her Uncle Butch. Sometimes I think she likes him better than me.

February 23. 2017: Is Train a great band or what? -- And for reasons I don't know, I didn't discover them until about an hour ago. -- Does that mean they didn't exist till I found out about 'em? -- Well for me it does. Guess I've been living in an alternate universe.

February 23. 2017: So, my version of Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 phoned home and stopped working for no known reason and it only took seven support people and an hour and a half to figure out why. And that’s not including the twenty or thirty minutes I spent on hold.

Actually, only six support people, cuz person four and seven wound up being the same person. Ah well, all’s well between Word and my Mac now. For now!

Ken Douglas with Marrion Gibbons on Great White Wonder, Smiling

February 23. 2017: The girl on the left is Marion. She’s in the wind and Vesta and I miss her and Army. She got me six units of blood when I was in hospital, in Trinidad. She had to forge a few blood donor papers, but she got me the blood. The other girl, I don’t know.

This photo was taken during one of our Great White Wonder pot luck parties. You see, we didn’t have much money, none actually. And we liked to eat. And drink. So when we pulled into an anchorage, we’d dingy over to every boat with an English speaking flag on it. America, England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and invite them over for a pot luck, bring your own booze.

And they usually left what was left of their own booze when they went back to their boats and that was usually a lot, cuz Great White Wonder was sixty feet and could hold a lotta party goers.

We were a decade on the water and for the last two years, we were pretty much without much money most of the time. So we had the parties and didn’t go hungry. We didn’t get thirsty either.

And one of the ways we made money was the sailing stories which I got paid a pittance for. So I invented Captain Katie Osborne. As many of you know, she WASN’T REAL. I made her up, so she could sell her stories and give us her money. Again, SHE WASN’T REAL. The stories are fake. But her recipes are real.

So, when you read the next story in the Katie Osborne saga, take it with a grain of salt. But if you ever wanna cook up Tandoori Chicken, well the two recipes of Vesta’s at the end of this link are to die for: http://www.kenandvesta.com/when-i-was-katie-osborne/8.html.

Ken Douglas with Friends in Jerome, Arizona

February 24. 2017: Waiting for a train, or a bus, or to have our picture taken, or maybe just resting before we head off to the next winery or tasting room. Probably a bit of the last two. Anyway, here we are, Vesta and me, with our friends Mike and Addie Mae in very small, but very nice, Jerome, Arizona, where they got a neat touristy street with a couple tasting rooms. Plus, there’s wineries nearby.

So, maybe you might wanna put visiting Jerome on your bucket list. It wasn’t on ours, but going back is.

February 24. 2017: It’s no secret that most of our income comes from our wedding photography. We usually do three shows a year and each show usually gets us two or three weddings. The others we get are from referrals. But the last show was crazy good for us for reasons I don’t know why. We booked thirteen weddings from it so far and have appointments to meet several other brides.

This has never happened before. Were we just discovered? Did God just smile on us? Did all the other wedding photographers in Reno just retire? Anyway, whatever the reason, it’s allowed us to skip the Squaw Valley Wedding Show we always do, which is happening the day after tomorrow. So if you’re a bride, expecting to meet us there, I'm very sorry, we’re not gonna be there.

Deidre and Nick's Engagement Photograph

February 27. 2017: Here are Deidre and Nick, who are Engaged to be Married. I know, this isn’t your usual kind of engagement photograph, it’s more a a portrait, really. And I know they’re not smiling to beat the band, but despite all that, you have to admit, they are one gosh darned handsome slash beautiful couple.

Ken Douglas with BobbiJean in San Rafael Park

February 27. 2017:  I posted a photograph a couple days ago in my 1001 Days of Faces Project of four girls having more fun than most humans know how to have and BobbiJean, who was one of ‘em, took this selfie of her and me. I posted it in a comment, but I’m posting it again, cuz I just like it so much.

Morgan and Richard's Engagement Photo, by Ken Douglas

February 27. 2017:  Here are Morgan and Richard and they are Engaged and that is so cool. You know that they’re getting married. Vesta and I are a big fan of getting married. We did it. It worked for us. I guess that’s why we like it so much, you know, being married.

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