February 2016

February 2016 001

I come bearing gifts.

February 2016 002

Here are Carrie and Darren again and they’re still Engaged to be Married. And I have to say they are troopers, cuz halfway through the session, it started to rain and not just a sprinkle.

Vesta asked if they wanted to finish another day and Carrie said she was fine with the rain, so we kept going.

February 2016 007

This is Vesta’s 32nd Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 1.

I saw these icicles outside my kitchen window this afternoon. It’s sad in a way to see the snow melting, but lovely to see the icicles.

February 2016 003

Hooray, hooray, hooray, the Bridge is almost finished. Obviously they’re ahead of schedule, cuz they’re not working today. I suppose cuz it’s colder than ice cream at the North Pole.

The street in the bottom part of the photo, on both sides of the fence, has just been finished. Next they gotta put it on the bridge. And I’m hoping they get those gosh darned wires outta the sky and under the bridge real soon, cuz they ruin my photos. And it’s not just me, they ruin everybody’s pictures.

February 2016 004

Here are Deidre and Erick, who are Engaged to be Married. — It's February and I'm thinking maybe I made this a little too Christmassy, but I didn't notice it, till I posted it. Maybe I'll go back to the drawing board with this one.

February 2016 008

Once again here are Deidre and Erick, who are Engaged to be Married.

February 2016 009

Here are Vesta and Shannon yesterday afternoon. We had just come from Shannon’s oncologist, and I’ll have a post about that soon, when we passed this white wall on the ground floor with gorgeous cloud filtered sunlight coming in the window opposite.

And I had a camera, so—

February 2016 010

This is Vesta’s 33rd Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 2.

This tree is across the street from our house. It’s not the first photo I have taken of it. There is just something magical about it, well I think so, anyway.

February 2016 012

I pulled out of our driveway at 6:40, on our way Downtown, to take our morning portrait on our bridge, when Vesta shouted, “STOP!” Scaring the you know what outta me. I looked both ways for the semi that must’ve been bearing down on us.

When Vesta said, “Look at the sky, you have to take that picture.”

And after I regained control of my bowls, I did.

February 2016 013

Is it just me, or does she look a little ticked off at me for dragging her out on this cold, cold morning. — 

February 2016 014

If you’ve been following Shannon’s Journey, you know she spent a bad couple days in the hospital last week in considerable pain. However, that’s over, for now. It looks like she was afflicted with a trifecta of ailments all at the same time. She had a miserable urinary infection, a reaction to the Neulasta drug which caused her back pain and spasms and she also had a reaction to the chemo, which caused the nausea’s and vomiting.

If you’d a seen her, you’d a cried, she was in such bad shape.

But she's better for now and that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I have Chapter 13 of her journey up, which you can see here: http://www.kendouglas.org/shannons-journey/13.html 

February 2016 011

Happy 21st Birthday, Dayle Sunshine.

February 2016 015

This is Vesta’s 34th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 3.

February 2016 016

I was going through old photos this morning and I came across this one of me and the prettiest girl in Florida.

One day in 1992, my friend Trevor called from England and asked could we pick him up at the airport.

“When are you getting here?” I said.

“Two weeks from today. We’re landing in Sarasota.”

“Hell, Trevor, that’s three thousand miles away.”

“The plane gets in at 10:30.”

“Okay, we’ll be there.”

Trevor’s a smart guy. He was a police officer for crying out loud. He knew how far away Sarasota was. But Vesta and I had a great road trip getting there and once there he surprised us with the best vacation ever.

He’d rented a house on the beach and we had a whole floor to ourselves. I can’t remember a better two weeks.

Twenty Some years later he called again. “You wanna go on a cruise? We can meet in Vancouver.” So we went on another road trip. Not quite as far this time. Unless, of course, you count the miles on the big boat.

And those two weeks were as as good as the two in Florida, all those years ago.

Friends, if you got good ones, keep ‘em close, even if they’re far away, and never let ‘em go.

PS: If you look close, you can see Trevor inside Vesta’s glasses, taking our picture.

February 2016 017

This is Vesta’s 35th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 4.

While Ken and I were out this morning, I took this photograph of the walking area alongside the Truckee river. In the summertime the waterfalls are running and it's spectacular. I just can't tell you how pretty it is.

February 2016 018

Vesta got me these Vans for Christmas three years ago and I hated ‘em. But, of course, I told her I loved ’em and I wore ‘em everyday for a month or so, then I went back to my Chucks.

I’ve been wearing Chucks for as long as I can remember. Black ones. Yeah, you can get ‘em in other colors and I’ve toyed with the idea, but I’ve never made the plunge.

Vans you can get all kind of which way with all kinda designs, Chucks now too, I guess.

These Vans are black and grey and that was cool. But the checks? Come on! But now, actually, they’ve grown on me and I wear ‘em a lot.

See, people can change, even me.

February 2016 019

The Calm Before the Storm.

This was taken just a half day before the last storm filled the river with water rushing to beat the band. It was pretty gosh darned exciting, seeing all that water.

February 2016 020

The Calm After the Storm.

This was taken three days after the storm. The water still reaches from bank to bank, but it’s sinking way too fast. Boo hoo.

February 2016 021

The Prettiest Girl in Singapore.

February 2016 022

This is Vesta’s 36th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 5.

This is the Reno Motel. We have a lot of motels like this downtown and they have some great signs, so for the next month or maybe more, my non human photographs are all going to be motel signs. I hope you enjoy these photographs.

February 2016 027

This is Vesta’s 37th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 6.

Here’s the Rancho Sierra Motel on Third Street in downtown Reno. I love the mountains on the sign and at night, when the neon is on, it reminds me of another time and place..

February 2016 026

This is Vesta’s 38th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 7.

The Castaway Inn, what a wonderful name. Here in Reno, on Fourth Street..

February 2016 023

The Biggest Little City in the World in the Dawn’s Early Light.

February 2016 024

Here are Sam and Mark up at Zephyr Cove on Lake Tahoe’s eastern shore. The sun has just gone down, it’s chilly cold. But they don’t care about the cold, cuz they’re Engaged to be Married.

They know the cold is there, cuz cold has a way of making its presence felt, but they shrug it off, cuz they know they’ll be coming back in the summertime, when a cool breeze coming off the lake on a warm evening, will cool a girl in a white dress on her wedding day.

February 2016 025

Here again are Sam and Mark.

February 2016 028

This is Vesta’s 39th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 8.

This is the Sunset Motel on Fourth Street in Reno. I’ve seen this motel countless times and I've always wanted to stop and take a photo, today I did. I even got to meet the owner. A nice Sikh man, who doesn't speak English. But he's learning.

February 2016 029

Vesta and I were standing on our bridge this morning, waiting for a passerby to photograph, when I saw a puff of smoke coming out of the Old Arlington Towers on the left and I wondered why.

Either they’d just elected a new pope, which was highly unlikely, or someone had just died under suspicious circumstances and the bad guys were illegally cremating him, her or them. Brrr.

Still, if you have to be illegally cremated, you couldn’t pick a prettier morning for it.

February 2016 030

Here are Julie and Dan and they’re Engaged to be Married. Though their wedding day is a year away, they’re planning ahead.

February 2016 031

Here again are the future groom and beautiful bride, Julie and Dan.

February 2016 032

The prettiest girl in Vermont.

February 2016 033

Ladies and Gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, welcome back to the show that never ends and here to photograph it all, may I present, Je vous présente, the ever lovely Vesta Irene.

February 2016 034

This is Vesta’s 40th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 9.

Here is the 7/11 Motor Lodge on Second Street in downtown Reno. I couldn’t find out when it was built, but I know it had to have been a long time ago because of the “CAUTION LOW MOTEL SIGN” out in front. And that sign looks as if it might have been hit a few times by trucks and buses, or even a large SUV.


I have had our tax info taking up a third of my desk for the last three weeks. Just sitting there, messy and ugly, waiting for me. If I didn’t wanna stay out of jail, I’d take a match and burn it.


February 2016 035

Shannon got a haircut. She got mimosas too. The mimosas were fun and from the looks of the photos, one might think the haircut was too. That’s what a brave face can do, it can take the pain of cancer away from the rest of us. Shannon’s good at that, you know, not making us feel sorry for her, just cuz she’s sick.

Anyway, if you click on this link: http://www.kendouglas.org/shannons-journey/14.html, you can see the latest chapter in Shannon’s Journey.

February 2016 036

Here are Redet and Mike and they are Engaged to be Married. Just looking at them, you can see that Redet, who is beautiful, will absolutely stun her guests in her wedding dress. When Mike stands next to her in church, the pair will steal everybody’s eyes. Their wedding photography will be beautiful, how could it not be.

They’re going to have their reception at the Grove, which is one of the best venues in Reno. And after the reception, they’re going to make their lives here too.

Reno, it’s a wonderful town to have your wedding in. It’s a wonderful town to live in. And you couldn’t ask for a finer city to raise your children in.

February 2016 037

Here is a photograph of the prettiest girl in Belmont Shore, California. We got married young and for the first few years we lived in Bellflower, then we moved to Lakewood and finally to the beach.

Every young couple should be able to live at the beach, in opinion anyway and I’m sticking too it. In fact, if you can have your wedding ceremony on the sand, with the waves crashing in the background and your reception around a fire under the stars and your honeymoon in a beachside cottage, well nothing can beat that.

Well, unless you’re related to the Queen of England and your wedding is in a palace. Still, as a wedding photographer, I’ve rather photograph a beach wedding, with the setting sun in the background.

But if I had the opportunity to shoot a royal wedding in a palace full of the rich and famous, I'd do it.

February 2016 038

This is Vesta’s 40th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 10.

The Carriage Inn on Fourth Street in Reno was built in the 70’s. And how nice to have a Market right there on the property. I liked this old neon sign.

February 2017 040

Baby, it’s gonna be warm today!

February 2017 041

On the Street Where You Live.

February 2017 042

This is Vesta’s 42nd Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 11.

This is the Ponderosa Hotel on Virginia Street in Midtown Reno. Prices start at $14.00. Now that’s cheap, or is that for 10 minutes?

And this is my 42nd Non Human photograph of 2016.

February 2016 043

Every sunrise deserves a photograph.

February 2016 044

This is Vesta’s 43rd Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 12.

This is the Ho Hum Motel on Virginia Street in Reno. It was built way back in 1953. It’s small but charming, that’s what the sign in the window says. On the sign pictured you can see when the motel is full, because it reads “Full House” in neon. Isn't that cute?

And this is my 43rd Non Human photograph of 2016.

February 2016 045

The Prettiest Girl in California.

February 2016 046

It's straight up noon in Reno. The weather is wonderful. And Kim and Dan are Engaged to be Married. 

Vesta and I made their engagement photography in Reno’s always gorgeous Rancho San Rafael Park. As I’ve said in a lot of places on this website, we shoot there a lot. And if you’re a future bride or groom planning your wedding, you might want to look at Rancho as a venue. Well, if you’re guests number between fifty or seventy.

February 2016 047

Meet Randy and Brian, two nice guys.

I think civility is important and it would be a whopping wonderful thing if we could inject it into our politics, like these two men injected it into our living room, Vesta’s and mine.

It’s important to me that I can support Hillary Clinton and my neighbor can support Donald Trump and that we can sit down over a glass of wine and talk about them and our differences without coming to blows or even shouting and not even name calling.

Because, let’s face it, politics is not worth losing friends over. But in the last couple decades it’s changed. People just plain get angry at you if you don’t think like they do. And really, none of us like what’s going on in Washington and most of us blame either the president or congress, depending on our point of view.

And the people really responsible is us.

But enough of that. Just a few minutes ago our doorbell woke us from a nap. Vesta and I were between engagement shoots and we wanted to rest up, because we have two more to do today and tonight we are going to make phone calls for Hillary.

So I got outta bed to find Randy, a Hillary volunteer and he wanted to know if we’re gonna caucus and if so would we be caucusing for Hillary. I told him we’re volunteers too and I invited him in, cuz I took a photo of the last walker for Hillary who came by.

And as soon as he was in the doorbell rang again and lo and behold, it was Brian, who was walking for Bernie. So, I invited him in too. And I made a photograph of the both of them. And then they debated and I have to tell you, Vesta and I enjoyed it to no end.

This is the way politics should be. People out canvasing for their candidates and when they run into one another, they’re friendly and civil and fun.

Now if there was only some way we could get the folks in Washington to talk the way these two men do, you know, with each other rather than at each other, we’d be well on the way to fixing what’s broke in D.C.

February 2016 048

This is Vesta’s 44th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 13.

Here is the Vacation Motor Lodge in midtown Reno. It’s on Center Street, but this sign is on Virginia Street, a half a block away. And it has COLOR TV, nice.

February 2016 049

The Prettiest Girl in the Caribbean.

February 2016 050

Here are Lesley and Austin, smiling on a warm sunny Saturday in the middle of winter. Only in Reno. But they’re not just smiling cuz of the nice day. They’re also smiling because they are Engaged to be Married.


So, I’m listening to this band called Trampled by Turtles and they’re singing this song called, ‘Where is My Mind,’ and as you can probably guess, the repeating chorus goes, “Where is my mind. Where is my mind.”

And, you know, I gotta answer. I don’t know. I think it got up and left. My mind that is, not the Trampled by Turtles people’s minds. Well, maybe their minds are gone too. Maybe if they find theirs, they’ll find mine.


February 2016 051

These two gorgeous girls are Jade and Lila. I had them in front of my camera and they were smiling and hugging to beat the band.

Then I said, “You know the look the movie stars have when they’re on the cover of magazines?”

Both girls: “No.”

“Well they smile with their eyes, but not their mouths, no teeth and no laughing either. Can you guys do this?”

And this is the result.

February 2016 052

Here are Mark and Danielle and they are Engaged to be Married. 

February 2016 053

Here are Stefanie and Eric and they came to beautiful Reno today to have their Engagement Photos taken.

February 2016 055

This is Vesta’s 45th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 14.

Here is the Donner Inn in beautiful downtown Reno. It’s been around for a while. Even has King size beds and a suite.

February 2016 056

Vesta is fond of saying that I can’t do two things at once. Well, here it is, proof that I can.

February 2016 057

This is Vesta’s 46th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 15.

Here is the Flamingo Motel in downtown Reno. It’s located on Center Street. I’m thinking it’s days are numbered, because the motel next to it is closed and looks as if it’s ready to be torn down. Sad for the old Flamingo and that “heated pool.”

February 2016 058

I wanted to try out a new lens yesterday and I needed a model. 

February 2016 060

This is Vesta’s 47th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 16.

This is the old Coach Inn sign, which as you can see by the fence is now closed. It’s on Center Street in downtown Reno. Some of the reviews for the inn wore not so good. Little things like bed bugs, mold, dirty showers, filthy carpets, cracks in the walls and the parking lot was full of potholes. Yipes, well, I liked their sign anyway.

February 2016 062

The snow is gone from our neighborhood. But I’m thinking it’ll be back soon.

February 2016 061

Vesta changed her Facebook Cover photo.

February 2016 063

This is Redet and she is going to be married later this year. All heads will turn when she walks down the aisle in her wedding dress, that’s for sure.

February 2016 064

Here is Redet one more time. She is a photographer’s dream subject, because the camera just loves here. The cameras and cell phones will all be clicking and the flashes will be popping on her wedding day and everybody will take away beautiful photographs. How could they not?

February 2016 065

This is Vesta’s 48th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 17.

February 2016 066

"Take me to your leader," the creature said to the tree. But the tree didn't answer.

Ken Douglas in the Snow on a cold Reno morning.

Vesta took this photograph of me right after I took the one of the Alien above at about 7:15 on a snowy morning. Looking at the photo I gotta wonder if I was blinking or do I just have one big eye?

Vesta Irene in the snow on a cold Reno Morning.

"Hey, Mister, you wanna come up and see me sometime?"

“Heck yeah, when?”

“How about right now. It’s cold outside.”

Michael Franks in Black and White on a cold Reno Morning.

This is our friend Mike. Vesta and I see him at least once a week, when we’re out on our bridge and come rain or come shine or come snow and below freezing cold, he saunters on by in shorts.

One morning, when it was sixteen degrees and Vesta and I were bundled up like Eskimos in Alaska, he comes by on his way to the gym, still wearing those shorts. You know, maybe he’s not human. Maybe he’s a zombie, with embalming fluid in his veins instead of blood. That could explain the shorts.

Anyway, here he is in glorious black and white.

Stefani and Eric are about to kiss during the Engagement Session at Rancho San Rafael Park.

"This is what Love is all about.” This photograph was taken during Stefani and Eric’s Engagement Session at San Rafael Park.

Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene.

Our friend Don took this photograph during a Thursday evening gathering of Reno photographers at the Museum of Fine Art. We went cuz we’re wedding photogrpahers and we wanted to meet others who shoot brides and grooms for a living.

Ken Douglas and Mike Green

This photo of Mike and me was also taking by our friend Don at that Thursday gathering of Reno wedding photographers.

February 2016 073

This is Vesta’s 49th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 19.

This is the sign for the Desert Rose Inn on Fourth Street in downtown Reno. It has it all, great rooms, pool, many hot tubs and Wi Fi too. I wouldn’t mind staying here for a few vacation nights.

February 2016 074

“I’ll let you take my picture if you let me drive.”

February 2016 076

Tiffany posted this photograph to Vesta’s FB timeline with the words, “You have a car!” And I know Vesta would want one, but sadly it’s made by Lada, the Russian car company and you can’t get them in America.

February 2016 077

Here is Shannon, looking wistful, in front of her plastic surgeon’s office.

I know I’ve been delinquent in up dating her journey and I’m sorry. We’ve been swamped and I’ve suffered a bit of writer’s block regarding now I want to proceed. Writer’s block is unusual for me, cuz my fingers usually just tap out what I’m thinking, before I think it.

However, I’m over it now and I’ll have a couple chapters (maybe I’ll combine them) of her travail up before this day is over. Right now Vesta and I have to go and vote in Nevada’s convoluted caucus voting process and we have an engagement shoot right after, but when that’s over, these fingers are going get her journey up to date or I’ll eat my shoes and that would be a problem for me, cuz I got big feet.

PS: You can read about Shannon’s fight again breast cancer here: http://www.kendouglas.org/shannons-journey/

The Star of Reno Motel in Downtown Reno.

This is Vesta’s 50th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 19.

Here is the Star of Reno Motel. And I bet it was in it's day.

Ken Douglas acting as Precinct Captain on Caucus Day in Reno. Naturally he was Caucusing for Hillary Clinton.

A couple months ago, we were invited to see Hillary Clinton speak at a middle school and we went. I thought we’d get there a bit early, get a seat and see her talk and then go on to Trader Joe’s, get a bottle of wine and go home.

But it turned out to be an all day affair. We waited forever and we didn’t get to sit, as there was standing room only and they really packed us in. But we liked what she said and decided to volunteer.

However, Vesta and I work long hours and we work everyday, but we told the campaign we could give ‘em Tuesday nights, between 4:00 and 8:00 on the phone. So that’s what we did. We went to Hillary’s Reno campaign headquarter and called voters from the lists they gave us. It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t much. But it was better than nothing.

Flash forward now to February 20th, Democratic Caucus Day. Our caucus was at UNR. We knew we had to be there before noon, or they wouldn’t let us in and we wanted our vote to count, so we left early.

But just before we got to the door, my phone rang. It was a Hillary supporter, wanting to know if we were gonna caucus. I told her we were and that we were Hillary volunteers too, so she didn’t have to worry about us. She said thanks and hung up.

And we started our walk. Five minutes later another call from another Hillary volunteer, and I told her the same thing. I also told her we got a call just a few minutes ago and to please, don’t waste time calling me and Vesta, cuz we were on our way to vote and she could better spend what little time there was left before the caucus, calling someone else. She said she was sorry and hung up.

“If they call again, I’m gonna give ‘em an earful,” I told Vesta.

“You should,” she said.

And just then, the phone rang again.”

“Is this Ken Douglas,” the guy said.

“It is.” I was gonna blast him the second he said he was calling for Hillary.”

“This is Eric Garcitti,” he said, “and I’m calling from the Hillary Clinton campaign and we were wondering if you were going to caucus for her today?”

But I didn’t blast him. Instead I said, “The Eric Garcitti who’s the Mayor of Los Angeles?”

“That’s me.”

“We’re on our way right now.”

“Oh gee thanks,” he said. “We really appreciate your support.”

And we said goodbye and that was it. You just don’t blast the Mayor of L.A. if he came all the way up to Reno to help get out the vote for your candidate, that would be stupid. And also he knew my name and he’s got like eight thousand cops working for him.

At the college, we found a long line, mostly students and they were like ninety-nine percent Bernie people. No way was Hillary gonna win this one.

But we stayed and just before they opened the doors, Julie Ritchey, who is one of the local KUNR news people asked me if I would go on the air with my opinion about the caucus. It was a short interview and basically I said that the caucus system was a dumb way to vote and that it appeared to be designed to get mostly the dedicated and the crazies out to support their candidates.

When we got inside, they separated us by precincts and ours was directed to a chemistry lecture hall. They had all the Bernie people go to the left side of the hall (which was very appropriate) and the Hillary people to the right. The Bernie people had a precinct captain, we did not. But they were like a hundred and something and we were six. So I figured we could soldier on without a boss.

But it was not to be so.

This girl in her twenties came in our chemistry hall and talked to the nice yuppie couple in front of us and I saw them shaking their heads no and I knew what she wanted and I wanted no part of it. Then she saw me and Vesta, but a glance at my patchy pants had her passing us over like the angel of death passed over the homes marked with lamb’s blood, and she asked the woman behind us, who also said no. Then she asked this young guy who was reading a paperback and he said no as well.

Then she came to us, cuz we were all that was left, and said, “We don’t have a precinct captain here and we need one and as I was shaking my head no, Vesta said, “Ken will do it. He likes talking to people.”

The girl looked at me and said, “You’re Ken Douglas. That’s great, I didn’t know that was you.” Then she said, “Okay, good luck, I’ll be off.” And she left. Just like that.

And I was the precinct captain, leader of six. And how the heck did she know my name? And how did she know that just last week, Vesta and I played hooky from phone work on Tuesday night and snuck into precinct captain school? We were at the back of the room. We just wanted to see what it was all about. I didn’t wanna do it. I didn’t sign in or anything. We didn’t say anything. We just watched.

And now this guy who was with the Democratic Party, tells me that since I’m the precinct captain, I gotta stand up in front of the room with him and Bernie’s precinct captain for about two hours and there were like a hundred and fifty people there and I was wearing a sweatshirt and my patchy pants, cuz all I was gonna do was vote and go home when it was all over.

Now, if there were any undecided voters, I was gonna have to convince them after the first round to vote for Hillary. Yeah, I was maybe gonna have to give a speech. Or maybe I’d have to debate Bernie’s precinct captain, who I’d debated in my living room just a few days ago and it didn’t go well for me, cuz he’s a real sharp guy.

A few more people came in and I counted heads. Twelve in all for Hillary and a hundred and thirty-nine for Bernie. I asked the Democratic Party guy if we could just concede and all go home, cuz I knew when they did the math, Bernie was gonna get all eight delegates from our precinct, Hillary was gonna get zero.

But he said no. He had a booklet about what he was supposed to do and while I was standing there, I read it, cuz I like to read and I’m good at it. Fast too. And what I read, confirmed what I already knew. It was gonna be Bernie 8, Hillary 0.

But they dragged it on. Then Democratic guy says that we have fifteen minutes to make our case to the voters present. Brian, who was Bernie’s guy, was gonna have to speak and try and convince Hillary’s people to switch if they wanted. And then I was gonna have to try and convince eight of those dedicated college students, all who were wearing Bernie buttons and carrying Bernie signs, to switch to Hillary, so she could maybe get one delegate.

Well, if you’d’a heard these kids, screaming and shouting and clapping every time Bernie’s name was mentioned, you’d’a known that was never gonna happen.

So I went up to my people and told ‘em the deal. No way on God’s Green Earth was one of those kids ever gonna switch, much less eight, and I had no intention of trying to get ‘em too, cuz it just wasn’t gonna happen. So, I told ‘em if we all switched, the outcome would be the same and we could all go home. And they said okay. So that’s what we did.

I just stood up there with them and shouted out that we were all switching to Bernie and those kids started shouting and clapping and whooping and then it was all downhill after that.

In closing, I’d like to say to my Republican friends. The Democratic Party didn’t have a clue about how to run the caucus. It is a really, really dumb way to vote and our guys had tons of delays and we had only had two candidates. I just don’t know how you’re gonna do it. However, they did it in Iowa, but I think they must be more used to it then we are here. Anyway, tomorrow night, I’ll be watching to see how you did. Good luck and may the force be with you.


PS. It’s getting late and I’m drinking wine, so I didn’t proof read, so please forgive any errors.

The 777 Motel in Downtown Reno. — Photo by Vesta Irene.

This is Vesta’s 51st Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 20.

This is the 777 Motel on Virginia Street. And their address is 777 Virginia Street. It was built in the 70's, and now has it's own mini mart. According to the sign it's full up.

Andrea and Justin posing for the camera during their Rancho San Rafael Park Engagement Session. — Photograph by Ken Douglas.

Here are Andrea and Justin in glorious black and white. And they are smiling to beat the band, because they are Engaged to Be Married.

Andrea and Justin's San Rafael Park Engagement Photo. — Taken by Ken Douglas.

Here again are Andrea and Justin. Are they happy or what?

February 2016 081

They're coming! Run!

Vesta Irene riding an elephant in Thailand.

The Prettiest Girl in Thailand and Her Elephant.

When Vesta and I were living on Great White Wonder in Trinidad, we’d spend a lot of time anchored off Five Islands, which were a little group of five tiny islands about a mile or so off the east coast of Trinidad in the Gulf of Paria.

And we didn’t have a lot to do there, except watch the birds and read. We taught ourselves how to juggle and sometimes fishermen would come on by in their little boats and talk to us.

And maybe every two weeks or so, we’d sail to the yacht club and get our mail. And one day, my friend Kate, sent me a disk with Photoshop 4 on it. No manual, no instructions. Just the program. And I fell in love. I spent hours and hours learning it. And this was the photo I worked on the most.

I took a picture of Vesta and she took one of me at an outdoor market in Pattya, which is in Thailand, back before we bought our boat, and I wanted to combine them.

But it wasn’t so easy back then. I had to find a guy with a scanner and scanners were few and far between, especially in the Caribbean, but I found someone. After I scanned the photo, I diligently traced Vesta on this kid’s elephant and put them in the photo with me.

Yeah, I said, “this kid’s elephant.” The kid was like twelve and he told Vesta that if she bought some bananas, she could feed the elephant and even ride it. Well, heck, that was a super deal, cuz the bananas cost next to nothing. But I did give the kid five bucks afterwards. He didn’t ask, but I got a great photo, so I was more than happy to part with the cash.

I’ve been going over old work a lot lately and found this photoshopped photograph and I added the sky last night. It still looks photoshopped, but I still like it.

Rancho San Rafael Park, photographed by Vesta Irene.

Vesta took this photograph on our walk to lose weight in San Rafael Park this evening.

The Gatekeeper Inn in Downtown Reno.

This is Vesta’s 52nd Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 21.

The Gatekeeper Inn is on Fifth Street in downtown Reno. It was built in the 80's has lots of parking and even gives senior discounts. Yahoo!

The Virginia Street Bridge at Sunrise.

The wires are finally gone. Hooray!

Kaylea and Nick's Engagement Photo. Photograph by Ken Douglas.

Here are Kaylea, Nick and Quinn and they are Engaged to be Married. Well, Quinn’s not engaged, she’s still looking for a fella.

Megan and Ferris are embracing in this engagement photo. They are smiling too, because they are going to get married. — Photo by Ken Douglas.

Here are Megan and Ferris and they are smiling to beat the band, cuz they are happier than kids on Halloween, cuz they are Engaged to be Married.

The In-Town Motel in Downtown Reno on a clear, but chilly winter morning. Photo by Ken Douglas.

This is Vesta’s 53rd Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 22.

Here is the In Town Motel. They have doubles, kings and queens. Oh yeah!

Oh no, Yikes I think I’ve been photo bombed. He wasn’t there when I started to take the picture.

Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene's Patchy Pants

This doesn’t happen often, but this morning Vesta and I both put on our patchy pants.

Vesta Irene when she was nineteen in a cornfield

What she’s doing among the corn, I don’t know. Maybe she’s making crop circles. Where the corn is, I don’t know either. The date on the photograph says she’s twenty-five. The paper the photo was printed on is stupid.

But I gotta say, she’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in a cornfield. And it looks like she’s awful gosh darned excited about getting just the right ear of corn.

Back then I used to really like corn. Today, not so much. Well, if it’s popped with lots of butter, then it’s okay.

The Reno Royal Motor Lodge in Downtown Reno. Photo by Vesta Irene.

This is Vesta’s 54th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 23.

Oh Yea, the Reno Royal. Sounds like a James Bond movie.

The Two Prettiest Girls in California, Vesta Irene and Maggie Green on the street in Long Beach.

The two prettiest girls in California. Vesta Irene and Maggie Green, happy on the streets of Long Beach.

The City Center Motel in Downtown Reno. Photo by Vesta Irene.

This is Vesta’s 55th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 24.

Here is the City Center Motel. It’s on Fourth Street in Downtown Reno. I love all the colors and the neon.

Nicky and Melvin's Engagement Photo. Although the photograph is in sepia, they will be in color on their wedding day.

Here are Nicky and Melvin in sepia, but they’ll be in full color on their wedding day.

Vesta Irene's sister Kathy, making a wedding quilt

Vesta posted: This is my sister Cathie making me a quilt on my Mom’s gigantic quilting machine. If you think you’re seeing all the thread and material she uses in this photo, you’d be wrong, she has lots and lots more. And if you check out the three mini quilts on the wall, I hope like them, because I made them.

The Coed Lodge near UNR

This is Vesta’s 56th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 25.

This is the Coed Lodge on Virginia Street, right down the way from UNR. Another nifty old neon sign.

A Yellow Moon over a Witchy Tree. — Photo by Ken Douglas

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble and do it all under a Witchy Moon.

A yellow sunrise over the New Virginia Street Bridge in Downtown Reno. — Photo by Ken Douglas.

Sunrise Over Reno.

Aleah and Nevelle's Studio Engagement Photo. They are smiling and happy here, like they are already married.

Here are Aleah and Nevelle, two very nice people, who Vesta and I had the pleasure of meeting today. And also, they are Engaged to be Married. How cool is that? 

The Mardi Gras Motor Lodge in Downtown Reno. — Photo by Vesta Irene.

This is Vesta’s 58th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 26.

The Thunderbird Motel in DownTown Reno

This is Vesta’s 59th Non Human Photograph of 2016. Posted on February 27.

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