December 2016

Vesta Irene in San Francisco 001

December 1, 2016: The prettiest girl in California, underneath a really famous bridge.

Ken Douglas in front of the Golden Gate

December 1, 2016: And Vesta posted, here is Ken, with our new bridge in the background.

Dead Flower in the Trash, by Vesta Irene

December 2, 2016: Dead Flowers in the Trash, by Vesta Irene. Actually, Vesta said about this photo, "I saw these dried flowers in the trash. I would have put them in a vase.

Ashland Creek, by Vesta Irene

December 3, 2016: Ashland Creek as seen by Vesta and a slightly overcast day.

Street Car in San Francisco, by Ken Douglas

December 5, 2016: I jumped out in front of this streetcar, cuz I like to get ‘em on the move. But it’s not like running with the bulls, he was going real slow. But when he threw his hand in front of his eyes, I got the message, either he didn’t want his picture taken or he was just gonna keep going and run me over and he wouldn’t be responsible, cuz he couldn’t see me.

Or maybe both.

So, I clicked the shutter as I crossed in front of him and gave him a five fingered wave as he went by, but the wave he gave me back was kinda strange. I’m thinking maybe three of his fingers and thumb must’ve been broken, cuz he sorta had ‘em in a fist. Thank goodness his middle finger wasn’t broken too, or he wouldn’t’a been able to drive that thing.

Ocean Beach, by Vesta Irene

December 5, 2016: Vesta took this photograph of San Francisco’s Ocean beach with her Samsung s5. We both had cellphones on this trip, but right after we got home, mine went on Craigslist and it’s gone now. Our contract was up and since my phone hadn’t left my desk in over a year, we thought maybe it was kinda dumb to keep paying for having it. You know, since I wasn’t using it.

But Vesta uses hers a lot. And she takes a lotta pictures with it. All our lives she’s always had a little camera in her purse or or backpack, now she’s got a phone and she knows how to us it.

Early Evening Along the Truckee, by Vesta Irene

December 6: 2016: Early Evening Along the Truckee. Vesta made this photograph as we were on a chilly walked along the river.

Daybreak at Fisherman's Wharf, by Ken Douglas 001

December 6, 2001: Day Break On the Wharf and All Is Calm.

Russell Smith, by Ken Douglas

December 7, 2016: This is our friend Russ. Vesta and I have known him for half our lives and three quarters of his. He came to Reno to visit and after a lotta wine, Vesta coaxed him into letting me make his photograph.

Actually, it wasn’t all that hard, cuz we’re all set up to take spontaneous portraits.

What most people call a garage, we call a studio. But to get there, you gotta go through our home office, down some steep steps, through another home office and into our studio, where we got lights and backdrops and all the regular studio stuff.

And when we take people there, they know we are about serious photographic business. Even if we’re just leaving from out living room to make the thirty second trip down to the studio, it’s not like a spur of the moment thing.

So we got this lamp, one like almost every home in America had in the Fifties. You know, it’s got a three-way bulb in the center, which is surrounded by three normal bulbs. It’s got a switch you turn, so you can have none, one, two or three of the outside lights on alone or in combination with any of the three degrees of light put out by the three-way bulb, which is controlled by another turnie switch.

And it’s got an antique lampshade. You get the picture.

And Vesta and I get the picture too, cuz we put special photographic lights in the lamp, instead of ordinary light bulbs. And the lamp’s by a white wall. So we can get portraits in our living room in about a second, cuz we keep a camera there ready to go.

And this is our very first spontaneous portrait taken of anybody lit up by that lamp, who isn’t named Vesta.

Sundown on the City by the Bay, by Ken Douglas

December 7, 2016: Sundown on the City by the Bay.

Early Morning Fog on the Wharf, by Ken Douglas

December 8, 2016: Early Morning Fog.

Ken Douglas on his way to work, by Vesta Irene

December 8, 2016: Vesta took this photograph and called it, “Ken On His Way to Work.” But it doesn’t feel like work, even if we do get paid for it.

Just a City Street in Winter, by Ken Douglas

December 9, 2016: Just a City Street in Winter.

Tammy and Burke on their Wedding Day

December 10, 2016: From Vesta’s Vintage Wedding Photograph Collection.

Here are Tammy and Burke on their Wedding Day in Reno, Nevada at the Mapes Hotel on December 10th in 1947. They came from San Francisco to Reno, becasue they didn’t want to wait and in California, they would have had to wait. In Reno, they didn't. You see, Burke proposed and right after Tammy said, “Yes,” she said, “When?”

And burke said, "How about now?”

And Tammy said,”Now’s good.”

So they bought a dress and headed east. The got to the Mapes in the early afternoon and right after they checked in, Burke asked the bellhop about a florest, because he wanted his bride to have flowers. And as you can see in this photograph of the happy bride and groom, she does.

Ken Douglas and Devon in a heated pool

December 11, 2016: This photograph of me and Devon in the heated pool at the Springfield Suites in Medford, Oregon was taken on December 11, 2016, five years ago. It showed up on Vesta’s Facebook page as a memory. She made this picture with an iPhone 3 with a tiny 3 megapixel camera. But she’s always said, the best camera in the world is the one you have with you.

Leigha and Jake's Engagement Photo, by Ken Douglas

December 13, 2016: Here are Leigha and Jake, who are Engaged to Be Married.

Morning in the Truckee

December 15, 2016: Morning on the Truckee, after the rain.

Ken Douglas Making a Photograph, by Vesta Irene

December 16, 2016: Ken taking a photo of his bridge this morning.

The Virginia Street Bridge by Ken Douglas 101

December 16, 2016: And this is the photo he took. “High water under a cloudy sky. Winter is here. But at least it’s not snowing.

Cathie's Christmas Wreath, by Vesta Irene

December 17, 2016: Cathie’s Christmas Wreath. Well, it’s our Christmas wreath now. Every year, Vesta’s sister, Cathie, makes Christmas wreaths and sends them to people she cares about. We get one every year and Vesta photographs them. This one arrived today.

Camille and Greg, by Ken Douglas

December 18, 2016: Here are Camille and Greg, who are Engaged to Be Married. How cool is that?

Just After Sunrise on the Wharf, by Ken Douglas

December 18, 2016: Just After Sunrise on the Wharf.

I posted a photograph of these boats a couple weeks ago, which is very similar. This one has a bird in it though. Her name is Doris.

A Baby's in Need Quilt, made by Vesta Irene

December 19, 2016: One more quilt for Vesta’s Mother’s “Baby’s in Need program in Dallas. Vesta makes one or two of these every month and sends them to Texas. Her mother makes them too, as do some of her friends. It’s a good program. Mom’s who don’t have much to give their newborns, get to take them home with a brand new quilt for their crib.

Fifteen Minutes Before Sunrise, by Ken Douglas

December 19, 2016: Fifteen Minutes Before Sunrise at the Wharf.

Vesta's Out of Orange, by Vesta Irene

December 20, 2016: Vesta says, "I started a Christmas project this morning and out of the hundreds of yards of fabric I have, this is my orange stash. Oh my Gosh!” — I’m guessing, she’s running out of orange.

A Beautiful Boy, by Ken Douglas

December 20, 2016: We were strolling on Jefferson Street, in Fisherman’s Wharf, in the Early Evening Light, when Vestanoticed this beautiful boy in front of us. “He’s looking at you,” she said.

So I gave him a smile and made his photograph.

And gosh, how wonderful it would be to be him. Just think, he might go to Mars. Stuff is moving so fast now. He’ll see wonders in his life, we can’t even imagine. I am so jealous.

Plus, on top of that, he’s devilishly beautiful. He’s gonna be a lady killer.

Vesta Irene in Guadeloupe, by Ken Douglas

December 20, 2016: We hadn’t had any bread in awhile and somebody wanted to make sure she got her fair share.

Jody on her Wedding Day, with her Bridesmaids

December 20, 2016: From Vesta’s Vintage Wedding Photograph Collection.

Here is Jody, looking a little quirky on her wedding day. And the look on some of her bridesmaids is simply to die for.

Vesta Irene between two funny telescopes at the Golden Gate, by Ken Douglas

December 23, 2016: Here she is again, the prettiest girl in San Francisco.

Vesta's Christma Gift, by Vesta Irene

December 25, 2016, Christmas Day: Vesta says, "In with the new out with the old. Christmas gift from Tiffany. She made this box just for me!” Tiffany must have spent hours and hours organizing this. It’s just amazing, it really is, just amazing.

Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene on Great White Wonder 102

December 31, 2016: Coming into Trinidad on New Years Eve with the Prettiest Girl in the Caribbean. And from that day to this one, we wish you all a glorious and wonderful New Year. May 2017 find you all healthy and wise and may it be the best year of your lives.

That’s what we’re shooting for, Vesta and me.

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