August 2017

A Smiling Vesta and Devon

August 1, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in the World with the Happiest Kid on Earth.

As to how Devon’s doing now, to quote the Rolling Stones, “It’s alright now, in fact it’s a gas.”

Ann and Tommy on their wedding day

Here are Ann and Tommy, who both said, “I do,” three days ago.


He saw a sign for a stock car race, one thousand dollar prize it said.


Valeria and Travis on their Wedding Day

August 2, 2017: Valeria and Travis, Celebrating their Wedding Day.

Valeria Dancing on her Wedding Day

August 2, 2017: There's Dancing— And Then There is Dancing.

Couple sleeping in a dingy on the Truckee

August 3, 2017: The Truckee River is back to being a safe and fun place to recreate in Reno. Kids are playing in it downtown and people are rafting it. This couple pulled over to the side for a nap halfway through Idlewild Park, before continuing their journey downriver to who knows where.

“I wish we were them,” 


 said when she saw them.

“I’ll second that.” And I took this photograph and we continued on our evening walk.

Ken in our pool

August 4, 2017: Ken in our pool.


Vesta: Hey Ken, it’s raining.

Me: Let’s not go for a walk right now.

Vesta: Come on. It’ll be fun.

So, here we go, it’ll be fun (and wet I think).


Again Valeria on ther Wedding Day

August 6, 2017: A Lake Tahoe Sunset on a Very Happy Day.


Roy Rogers, Roy Rogers, Oh you were my hero,

A man made of steel on a horse made of gold

Together we rode through the days of my childhood

Memories like heroes, they never grow old.


Sunrise Over the Dead

August 9, 2017: Sunrise Over the Dead.

Vesta in Pink, Smiling

August 12, 2017: Here is Vesta the day before yesterday evening at the Eddy, Reno’s new in spot downtown. We were there to collect on my five dollar bet with Linda. You know, the one were she didn’t think I could go a day without being on my computer.

But when I held my hand out for the money she said, “You cheated.”

“Did not.”

“You posted that thing on Facebook and don’t try to tell me Vesta shared it, cuz that counts.”

So we decided on double or nothing and one more day. So yesterday, all day long I was off my computer and you know what, it was kinda fun. And since Linda isn’t on Facebook (she follows me through her daughter’s account), I’m posting Vesta’s photo with this explanation of why I wasn’t on at all yesterday and barely (cuz it was probably cheating) the day before.

So, I won the ten bucks, but Linda said I could use it to help pay the evening’s bar bill, cuz I did cheat (just a little). And that bar bill was fifty-five bucks and change, so maybe I’d’a been better off not betting at all.

Krista Laughing

August 14, 2017: Joy.

This is Krista, who was a guest at Ann and Tommy’s wedding. I didn’t know her name, when I first posted this, but I do now and I know the expression on her face and it is Joy.

Overcast Morning

Idlewild Park, Dawn on an Overcast Morning.

Ken and Devon Walking in a Cemetery

Ken and Devon on an early morning walk through a cemetery.



Vesta in Mexico

August 15, 2017: Ken and Devon on an early morning walk through a cemetery.

Early Morning in San Rafael Park

August 16, 2017 Early Morning in San Rafael Park.

Sometimes, after we photograph our face for the day, Vesta and I go back to our car and drive to San Rafael Park and walk around it, just because we don’t want to live every morning like the last one.

Okay, okay, it’s not the adventure of a lifetime, but walking around a park can be fun. Plus we do meet the odd goose or duck or bunny rabbit along the way, who always seem glad to see us.

Vesta in Spain

The Prettiest Girl in Spain.

Casino Dawn

August 17, 2017: Casino Dawn.

Enjoy written on the sidewalk

Somebody wrote this on Reno’s Riverwalk sidewalk. I think it’s good advice.

Be Nice

Jamie Clendening: Saw this at Idlewild the other day.

Sunrise in Downtown Reno

August 18, 2017: Sunrise, Downtown Reno.

Sunrise in Reno

August 19, 2017: Sunrise, Downtown Reno.

Amanda a Year ago

Amanda a year ago today on the Virginia Street Bridge.

Roxanne on her wedding day.

August 20, 2017: Roxanne on her wedding day. Is this girl happy or what?

The Eclipse

August 23, 2017: We drove all night, me and Vesta and Tom and Ben, from Reno to Baker City in Oregon, slipping through the dark, on our way to be in the totality of the eclipse.

We got to our motel just after dawn and, of course, our rooms weren’t ready, but we paid anyway, told the guy we’d be back after it got dark, then light again. It was good we booked in advance, cuz everything was sold out. The world it seems, or a lot of it, was making it’s way to the path of totality.

We left Baker, found a place east of Huntington by a lake. A photographer was set up. There were a couple RVs there. We stopped and talked. The photographer was an asshole and we didn’t drive all night to spend the eclipse with an asshole.

We drove to a place called Lime, which Google Maps said was smack dab in the middle of the totality. Two minutes and fifteen seconds. We wanted every second we could get. But Lime was a dead town. They used to make cement there and all that was left was an abandoned cement making place and some long ago used buildings. And about five hundred eclipse watchers.

It didn’t look like it was gonna be much fun.

So we made our way to Huntington, where maybe we were gonna lose a second or two of dark, but it had a great bar and about two thousand or so (my best guess) eclipse watchers. And they all seemed like fun people.

So we went to the bar, which opened early cuz of the eclipse and we had a couple Bloody Marys all around, well Ben had beer. And then we walked the town and had fun with fun people. Back to the bar, we had more Bloody Marys and met more people.

About a quarter hour before the event, we strolled the main street. Found a good spot. Waited. Then the ground shimmered and everything got eerie. Then quicker than you can imagine, it got dark and it stayed dark for a few seconds past two minutes and I took a picture of the Moon in front of the Sun. Then it got light. And it was great.

So great that we went back to the bar and had another Bloody Mary. Then we watched a country singer sing for awhile, till we thought we could drive. Then we headed to Baker City. Found a restaurant. Had pizza and another Bloody Mary for lunch. Then we got ice cream. Then we checked in to our motel and slept all night.

And what an adventure it all was, cuz we drove all night, then we had the best two minutes you could ever imagine, surrounded by a day that was as good as any day could ever get.

Vesta in Eclipse Glasses

Waiting for the Sun.

Tie Dye Tee Shirts

I saw this rack of tie dye tee shirts, just before the eclipse, and I made a mental note to go back and buy that blue, Captain America looking one, but I got so excited, that I forgot and I didn’t remember till I processed this photograph about ten minutes ago.


Space Whale

August 25, 2017: Space Whale and Calf.

Here is Reno’s newest art edition. You can find this Space Whale and her Calf in Reno’s Plaza, downtown, next to City Hall. Vesta and I met this pair awhile back and Vesta photographed them. But I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to wait till sunrise this morning, cuz it took me that long to get to them with a camera.

Sometimes I’m slow.

Ben, Ken and Tom

Vesta Irene: Here are three good looking guys, who I found hanging around downtown. — with Ben Douglass,Ken Douglas and Tom Douglass.

Ruben and Roxie on their wedding day

Roxy and Ruben on their Wedding Day.

Vesta Photographing a wedding reception

Vesta at Work.

Cassandra and David on their Wedding Day

August 26, 2017: Here are Cassandra and David, who are getting married this evening. And the pretty lady photobombing the photograph, she’s gonna marry them. How cool is that?

The Mural at the Eddy

August 27, 2017: The Mural at the Eddy.

Reno has a new hot spot and it’s hopping every night. Recently, I don’t know how recently, because I haven’t been behind the Eddy recently, they added a mural and here it is.

Vingage Trailer

Vesta Irene: Maybe Ken and I will drive this rig to Mexico. Or do you think we’d look better going down the road in the rig below?

Cassandra ready to beam up

Most girls, when they’re about to get married, don’t get a chance to see the stars instead. But Cassandra did. The aliens came. They asked her did she wanna beam up.

She thought about it, because it was an awful tempting offer. But she loved her guy, so she told the aliens to come back in twenty years or so, after she and DJ had kids and they were grown and gone, then they’d both go together.


Vesta IreneLook what Mike brought over for us.

Another Reno Sunrise

Sunrise, Downtown Reno, 08/29/17.

Roxy on her happy Wedding Day

Just a Girl Having Fun on her Wedding Day.

Ken and Alma on at Roxy's wedding

August 30, 2017: So, I asked her daughter, can Alma be my mom too, cuz she is just so cool? Only problem is, I’m old enough to be her dad. Alma’s dad, not her daughter’s.

And, oh yeah, looking at my goofy smile helped me decide to grow IT back.

Roxy smiling on her wedding day

Smiling through the veil
Eyes sparkle bright in sunlight
Summer when she smiles

A New Day

August 31, 2017: Sometimes, a new day can make you feel like anything is possible.

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