April 2017

Vesta Irene feeding a camel, by Ken Douglas

April 1, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in England and her New Camel Friend

There’s this guy on the Isle of Wight, who saves and raises big cats. If you have a lion or a tiger at a zoo somewhere and for one reason or another you can’t handle it anymore, maybe it’s sick or old or temperamental and can’t be managed, this guy will take it in.

He’s got a camel too. At least he did when Vesta and I stopped by a couple decades ago. He also had a couple lions from Kenya, a mountain lion from America and several tigers and a couple tiger cubs. He was a nice man and I think, if you go there, you can still meet him, still see his big cats and maybe his camel is still there too.

So if you’re going to England, you might wanna take the ferry to the Isle of Wight. You’ll be glad you did.

PS. I just googled it and he is still there. Now his place is called, The Isle of Wight Zoo and Tiger Sanctuary.

Vesta Irene topless, by Ken Douglas

April 2, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in California.

Fallon, by Ken Douglas

April 2, 2017: Here is Fallon, who has the same name as a small city in Northern Nevada, but she’s not from there and she wasn’t named after there. She’s young and pretty and we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph her on several occasions and if you wander around on our website, www.kenandvesta.com you can find more photos of her plus lots of other neat stuff too.

Ken Douglas sticking his tongue out, by Vesta Irene

April 2, 2017: Ken's problem is, if he makes a face at me, I just might post it on Facebook.


Me: This is the best tea I’ve ever had.

Vesta: How is it any different than what you had yesterday?

Me: I used TWO teabags!

Vesta: You rebel, you.


Vesta Irene looking stern, by Ken Douglas

April 3, 2017: Uh Oh, Busted.

We were babysitting my brother’s girls and Vesta went to the store to get something, I don’t remember what. And while she was gone, the girls and I mighta been playing set stuff up and knock it down. I’ve found that’s a game kids really like, cuz you get to make a big mess all over the floor.

And you keep finding more stuff you can set up and knock down and the mess keeps getting bigger and bigger and the kids laugh and laugh. It’s just so much fun.

And I mighta been down on the floor with them, taking their pictures as they whacked at the stuff and let it go flying all over the living room.

And somebody might not have seen all the humor in what we were doing when she got back.

Go figure.

Reno's Virginia St. Bridge with a Pink Sky, by Ken Douglas

April 4, 2017: Vesta and I got to our bridge just before sunrise this morning and were greeted with a pink sky, so at the risk of being known as that bridge guy again, I photographed the sky with the bridge in the foreground.

So this is not a bridge picture. It’s a sky picture, which just happens to have a bridge in it.

Vesta Irene in the Pink Dawn, by Ken Douglas

April 4, 2017: Since we had a pink sky and Vesta's hair has that kinda pinkish, purplish streaky thing going on it it, I took her photograph in the Dawn’s Early Pink Light.

Downtown Reno with Yellow Sky, by Ken Douglas

April 5, 2017: Yellow Dawn, Downtown Reno.


Think of all of the advantages of buying online, like from Amazon.

1. You save a little money.

2. Your purchase is delivered to your doorstep.

3. They keep a record of your transactions forever, so incase anybody wants to check on what you bought, they can.

3. You don’t have to go to the store. Wait! All the stores are going bankrupt, cuz everyone wants to save a little money. But that’s okay, cuz who needs retail stores anymore, anyway.

4. You’ll have a lot more neighbors to play cards with, cuz all the retail stores are going bankrupt, so all those people who had jobs, are unemployed and can play cards with you.

5. All of our towns will be full of derelict buildings, where stores like Payless and Sears and Penny’s and Mom and Pop stores used to be, so our young people can go there to hangout and do drugs.

6. Since our young people can’t find those retail jobs, cuz we’re all buying online, they won’t be moving out, ever. So you’ll have the pleasure of having your children’s company till you die.

I’m sure there are more reasons to shop online, but I guess saving a little money is the reason most of us do. But you know, my favorite camera store in Ashland, Oregon is gone and that’s too bad. I coulda bought my 6Ds from them, when they were around, but I got ‘em on Amazon and saved a couple hundred bucks.

I guess the enemy really is us.


Vesta Irene in Downtown Reno, by Ken Douglas

April 5, 2017: “I don’t wanna go in the street,” she said.

“It’ll be fine.” I dragged her out to the middle of Virginia.

“You know I hate it.”

“It’s fine, we’re in the suicide lane.”

“Suicide, that’s right. Let’s go.”

“Smile, Vesta.” She did, cuz she always does.

Rebel Ken, by Vesta Irene

April 6, 2017: Rebel Ken.

Vesta Irene with hair blowing in the wind, by Ken Douglas

April 6, 2017: Breezy and Brisk. Storm’s Coming.

Alice the Wharf Seagull, by Ken Douglas

April 7, 2017: Here is Alice. She’s a Wharf Seagull and she was pretty ticked off at me when I made her photograph. When she first spied us from on high, she swooped down and landed right next to me as I was taking a picture of a fishing boat.

She gave me a friendly look, but when I turned my camera toward her, she sorta scowled. And right after I took the picture, she took off.

“What’d I do?” I said.

“Don’t you know anything?” Vesta said. “She wanted something to eat.”

“Like I’m supposed to bring bread or something?”

“Well yeah.”

“She’s just a seagull, she’ll get over it.”

She flew over us and squawked. “I think she’s trying to tell me something,” I said. “But I didn’t get it.”

“I did,” Vesta said.

“Well, what’d she say.”

“Remember ‘The Birds’.”

Vesta Irene in the Park, Monkeeing around, by Ken Douglas

April 7, 2017: So, these three were sitting on this bench in the park, when I said, “Hey, you know what those monkeys do, you know, the Hear No, Speak No, See No ones. And instantly they all put their hands where they are in this photograph, without me saying another word, without looking at each other and coordinating who was gonna do what.

What are the odds?

Vampires in the Park, by Ken Douglas

And fire unquenched, unquenchable,
Around, within, thy heart shall dwell;
Nor ear can hear nor tongue can tell
The tortures of that inward hell!
But first, on earth as vampire sent,

Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent:
Then ghastly haunt thy native place,
And suck the blood of all thy race.
My blood is his and his is mine.
Our love together is divine.

mostly, by George Gordon Byron

The Virginia Street Bridge on a Wed Morning, by Ken Douglas

April 7, 2017: The Virginia Street Bridge On a Wet Morning.

When Vesta and I got downtown this morning, we found our bridge cold, quite and deserted, so we walked over to the new Virginia Street Bridge and it was a ghost town there too. So I took this photograph, before we headed toward the casinos, where we can always find somebody to photograph.

Vesta Irene at Work, by Ken Douglas

April 8, 2017: Here she is once again, not only the prettiest, but the hardest working photographer in Nevada.

Yellow Sunrise over the Virginia St. Bridge, by Ken Douglas

April 9, 2017: There was a chilly wind this morning that made 29°F, the temp gauge in out car said it was outside, seem like 29° below. It was cold. Maybe the coldest Vesta and I have ever seen out here and we’ve been in this very spot in 9°F in the snow.

Still, seeing this yellow dawn made the cold seem like yesterday’s news.

Vesta Irene on the Phone in 1970, by Ken Douglas

April 9, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in California, Caught Off Guard.

A few months ago, well maybe a few more than a few, I was trying out my brand new, used 35mm Pentax Spotmatic, when I walked into the bedroom and saw Vesta on the phone. She looked so intense, which, if I could get the shot, would be so different from all the smily Vesta photos that I had.

And I got it and she didn’t even know about it till it was developed. And when I asked her what she’d been talking about, she couldn’t remember. And she still can’t. Still, it couldn’t have been that bad, cuz if it had been, she wouldn’t’a forgot.

Unless, she was telling one of her sisters about some stupid thing I’d done. She mighta fibbed to me about that.

The River is Wide, by Ken Douglas

April 9, 2017: The River is Deep. The River is Wide.

The Truckee Under an Overcast Dawn, by Ken Douglas

April 11, 2017: The Truckee Under an Overcast Dawn.

Vesta Irene, Baby it's Cold Outside, by Ken Douglas

April 11, 2017: Baby it’s Cold Outside.

Down by the River with Vesta Irene, by Ken Douglas

April 11, 2017: Down by the River with Vesta Irene.

Believe, by Ken Douglas

April 12, 2017: BELIEVE.

Vesta and I first met the BELIEVE sign out on the Playa. People were in it and on it, standing and facing the sunrise and we photographed it a lot. Now we have it in Reno. And this morning, as we were walking by it from the other side of the river, Vesta had this idea. “Why don’t we photograph it, then reverse the photograph so it you can read it from the river.

So that’s what we did.

The Alien Downtown, by Ken Douglas

April 12, 2017: The Alien Downtown.

I have photographed the Alien in Downtown Reno on several occasions in the past, but always in the snow. This is the first time I’ve presented her when she wasn’t surrounded by a sea of white.

Vesta and I like her very much and we hope she likes us back.

Vesta Irene Out In the Rain, by Ken Douglas

April 12, 2017: Out in the Rain, Looking for Someone or Something to Photograph. 

Vesta Irene Downtown in the Rain, by Ken Douglas

April 14, 2017: Here is another picture of you know who, out on our bridge in the morning rain. I was gonna post it yesterday, but I’d already posted one of her. In fact, she was day 707 of our project yesterday, cuz it was raining and downtown was like a ghost town. Just me and Vesta and the invisible wandering souls.

Down Reno Just Before Dawn, by Ken Douglas

April 14, 2017: Just Another Dawn in the Biggest Little City in the World.

Dani in the Snow, by Ken Douglas

April 14, 2017: I was looking at this photograph of Dani and, all of a sudden, I realized the photograph I posted of her and Ray in my 1001 Days of Faces project didn’t convey the white out weather we got about twenty minutes in to the photoshoot. This one does.

Can you tell how cold she is? But she didn’t give up. And to this day, this is my favorite photograph of 2017. Thank you for that, Dani.


Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star.
And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are.

Mill Street, Reno, by Ken Douglas

April 15, 2017: On Mill Street, Looking West at Sunrise.

Dreaming of Warmer Weather, by Ken Douglas

April 16, 2017: Dreaming of Warmer Weather.

Another Day, Another Dawn, by Ken Douglas

April 17, 2017: Another Day, Another Dawn.

I made this photograph at about 6:00 this morning. We don’t get sunrises like this everyday, but when we do, they just put smiles on our faces, Vesta’s and mine.

Pink Dawn Over Park Tower, by Ken Douglas

April 18, 2017: Pink Dawn Over Park Tower.

Here is a photograph of Reno’s Park Tower at dawn. The sky is kinda pink and though this is just a photograph of an old building, I think that pink sky and the pink hue on the river make it photo worthy.

Vesta and I moved to Reno six years ago, but I met this building when I was a child. My dad had business here and he took me with him on a father and son road trip. We stayed in a cheesy motel, but it had a pool and I loved it.

Anyway, this building was brand spanking new then and the person he was meeting lived there, so I got to spend the afternoon with the guy’s wife (I was like twelve), while they did their business and being a Southern California kid, from a place where all the buildings were pretty much flat, I loved being in that building, loved the view and I loved the river.

Back then I didn’t have a clue about much and I never could have dreamed I’d live in this wonderful city one day. But I do now and I see this building all the time and every time I see it, I think of my dad and that road trip.

Ken Looking All Serious, by Vesta Irene

April 18, 2017: Here is Ken, looking all serious and everything.

Early Morning at the Wharf, by Ken Douglas

April 19, 2017: Early Morning at the Wharf.

Blue Dawn Over the Wharf

April 20, 2017: Blue Dawn Over the Wharf.

A lotta fishing boats come by these warehouses, which jut out into the ocean in the evening to unload their daily catch. And some come by before they go out. Vesta and I have walked among them a lot in the Dawn’s Early light and they are rife with early morning activity. We like to watch the hustle and bustle of people who are up and working before the dawn.

Fisher folk work hard, but they get to see the sunrise just about every single day. And they’re a friendly bunch, at least they’ve always been friendly to Vesta and me and if we lived in San Francisco, we’d be photographing somebody at the Wharf every morning for our project. That would really be cool.

Ken and John, by Vesta Irene

April 21, 2017: Ken and John.

Ken Douglas loooking into the Sun, by Vesta Irene

April 22, 2017: “Hey, Ken! Look this way.” I did, right into the desert sun and Vesta took the picture. Maybe not my best portrait. But heck, I’ve had worse.

The Aging Keystone Bridge, by Ken Douglas

April 24, 2017: The Aging Keystone Bridge on a Bright Evening.

Vesta and I shutter every time we drive over this bridge, cuz we walk under it a lot on our walks along the Riverwalk and it looks like it’s badly in need of repair. At least to our untrained eyes it does.

Great White Wonder Anchored off Trinidad, by Ken Douglas

April 24, 2017: Great White Wonder, Anchored off Trinidad.

Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, I wish I was still out there. Today is one of those times.

Vesta Irene, the Prettiest Girl in Morocco, by Ken Douglas

April 25, 2017: The Prettiest Girl in Morocco. 

Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene in Jamaica

April 26, 2017: Ken, With the Prettiest Girl in Jamaica.

I don’t know if I’ve posted this before. Maybe I have, but it would have been a long time ago. Anyway, I like this photograph, so here it is again, if I’ve posted it before. If I haven’t, here it is for the first time.

On another note, a friend of mine asked me just how many photographs I’ve taken of Vesta. Actually he said something like, “If you did a Prettiest Girl Somewhere photograph everyday, how long before you’d run out of pictures of her.”

“About a thousand and twelve years,” I said, “give or take a couple of years.” So, I won’t be running out of photographs of her for a long, long time. Plus, if I did live that long, you know, a thousand and twelve years, I still wouldn’t run out, cuz I’m still take photographs of the prettiest girl in the world.

PS. Regarding this photo, I know my bathing suit says “It’s Better in the Bahamas.” But that was a different trip.

On that one we were way, way out in the water when something bit me. I remember that I shouted out, “I’VE BEEN BIT!” And I started struggling to get to shore in waist deep water. And you can’t run very fast—especially when you’ve terrified a whole bunch, and I mean a whole bunch, of happy vacationers, who are all fighting to get to shore too—in waist deep water.

And when I got there, everybody gathered around me, expecting to see a great big shark bite. And they were mucho upset when I pointed to my little toe, which barely had a mark on it.

Mother and Child, by Ken Douglas

April 27, 2017: Mother and Child.

Vesta and I went to the Yelp Event, Yelp's Mercado Mexicano, last night and we took our cameras along. We took about eighty or ninety photographs there and this is my favorite one.

There were several other photographers there, but since we’re primarily portrait photographers and since I’ve had this long love affair with the human face, it was mostly portraits we took.

But we didn’t feel so bad about do it, because the other photographers were covering the food and the venders.

All in all, it was a pretty nice event. We met Fran Pritchard, the woman behind Killer Salsa and that was cool, cuz, we’ve been enjoying her salsa for a long time. In fact, we were so impressed with her, that she’s going to be our Seven Hundred and Twenty-Second face of the day tomorrow.

And we ran into Jessica and Justin, who we’ve photographed in the past and we did have some great Mexican food. So, we had a great time and took some portraits too. Life doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

Anyway, if you’d like to see some of the photographs we took and I’m hoping you do, you can click on this link: www.kenandvesta.com/yelps-mercado-mexicano.html.

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